On a Big Apple Dawn

After an evening of dinner, a show, and some dancing, we returned to our cabin for the final night …
… only to rise early for the special treat from the deck to the east …
… but the show we came to see was to the west …
… as we approached the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge …
… which the ship cleared with a little to spare …
… to eventually dock on the New Jersey of the river with a wonderful view of Lady Liberty and the Manhattan skyline featuring One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, and the morning clouds getting ready to make a break.
From the dock, our return home started as we went directly to the airport, so we couldn’t connect with NYC area bloggers as Lame, Guapo, Kay, and Weebs. But if you are late joining this trip, click here to get you to the start, plus each post will end with the next stop.

70 thoughts on “On a Big Apple Dawn

    • Carrie,
      I think “cool” is still used! … if not, at least those of us who know what it is accept it! :) . The moon shot is interesting with the reflection toward the ship. Ahhhhhh …. it seems so long ago.

      • A good thing to try & do if & whenever you can. We try too as well. This year – my vacation was my new patio. I waited patiently for 10 years for this – LOL
        But – we did get the boy a trip to Boston for his 16th bday (Red Sox destination trip vs. those who shall not be named). It was a boy’s trip – so hubby went with him :)
        The girls survived on passes to Six Flags for the summer. And – one of them had hockey camp. So – it’s all good.

    • Bulldog,
      I’m no photographer, so for a point-and-shot guy, I’m thankful for luck … and the fact that digital cameras allow users to take and delete! Glad you enjoyed the last one the best!

    • Hey Bulldog … In a comment to Robin I posted a pic of the Statue of Liberty with the Great Hall (from the immigration wave on Ellis Island) in the background. I don’t think it is as good of a pic, but it adds a bit more history.

      • Why are you shooting down your photography… that photo is just brilliant… it give NYC a look of mystique ,,, when we visited NYC the day we went to the Statue it was all misty and wet… I got some brilliant photos of Manhattan Island… not the bright shiny ones, but those with a little mystery to them…

        • Thanks Bulldog. I simply marvel at what those of you can do with good equipment … so it’s a matter of perspective … but I am able to frame a shot! ,,,, and I’ve heard others say that cloudy days are golden for photographers.

  1. Somehow, she isn’t changed much… I do remember my first time there, I was 20 yrs old… now, only the scar at Ground Zero make me feel sad… and I wish to take there my husband and kids too! Thank you for thise lovely photos…
    Serenity :-)claudine

    • Claudine,
      Even though this was my first time seeing the new building, I could help think about that horrible day …. yet Lady Liberty provided some solitude … and seeing Ellis Island near her (not shown here) reminded me of my paternal grandparents who went through the Grand Hall.

  2. WOW, that last shot! Could I get a print of that to frame? It’s so good to see the One World Trade Center Building soaring above the Stature of Liberty with the Empire State Building in the background. I was in NY City two weeks after 9/11.

  3. i was up through NY recently, this past sunday, driving my daughter back up to boston where she attends college. will also be up there in a few weeks for thanksgiving and then christmas.

    • Marina,
      It was a beautiful dawn indeed … and given everything, I was eager to see because of personal reasons as my paternal grandparents entered the US through NYC harbor … My mother and I (at 3 months) entered the US for the first time through this harbor – and at that age, something I can’t recall. So I was anxious to see the magnificent skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island from a ship …. and given the morning clouds and the approaching sunlight, it was all good.

      I recall the magnificent approach into Venice at 7 am in a cruise ship. Sure it doesn’t have the tall buildings as Manhattan, but that day was also spectacular … and then do go right down the large canal to do a U-turn near St Mark’s Square in order to dock beside the sidewalk. Here’s a pic.

  4. These photos are stunning. I’ve never approached NYC from the water. My father travelled through there from Ft. Kilmer army base in New Jersey on his way to Germany in 1953. I suspect things looked a bit different then. I don’t remember seeing any pictures of his.

  5. Frank, these are great shots. I have to say, I’ve never seen someone who dances so much! I must follow your lead (pun intended). Life is meant to be joyful. Have a good one. D

    • Oh no … I’m going to try my memory … Deborah .. am I right?

      Glad you enjoyed the pics … and it was a wonderful trip. … Dancing is both fun and good exercise. I have a post in the archives about its benefits!

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