Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 200

New Header
The time is right for a header change, so I return to deep space. This is from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory photo gallery, which actually is a computer-stimulated image of a star’s gases falling into a black hole. My header collection is on the Past Headers page (or click here).

I also changed my theme from MistyLook to the update version called Misty Lake, so I imagine adjustments will be necessary. If I don’t like it, I’ll be either switching back to Misty Lake or go for a new look.

On Politics
I didn’t know about this death benefit for families of members of Congress.

Put Congressional Democrats and Republicans in a room to discuss the budget is easy. Getting them to make policy decisions about the budget may not be difficult – but they would have to ignore the big obstacle also in the room – Politics – because policy and politics are not the same, but quite different.

Cheers to ongoing Senator Olympia Snow (R-ME) for this comment: If we (voters) allow our political system to be subjugated to the fringe factions or to ideological interests or the podium-thumping belligerents that we’re witnessing today, then that’s the government we’re going to get.

There is an interesting battle in my state (Ohio) regarding Medicare Expansion between our Republican governor and the Republican legislature.

Republicans using the debacle at healthcare.gov to criticize the Affordable Care Act makes as much sense as Democrats making excuses for healthcare.gov. Meanwhile, a Congressional hearing on the matter is nothing more than political theater.

Given the previous statement, this one from The Onion will lead you into The Onion’s headlines for the week: New and improved Obamacare program released on 35 floppy disks

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Child sees no reason why Iron Man costume can’t be worn at grandfather’s funeral
  • Proposed immigration law calls for US to shut down border slide
  • Weird man begins every morning by dousing his naked body in water
  • Republicans announce plan to go after Obamacare
  • Mom breaks into son’s apartment to administer latest flu vaccine
  • Johnson & Johnson announces new Leave-In Q-Tip

Interesting Reads
See the video and the article about the person behind Humans of New York
Interesting editorial about fixing Social Security
Eight unlikely animal friendships
How black holes work (timely with my new header)
A book review about Ben Franklin’s science
Enjoy these bioluminescence images
See Jim’s good explanation of timing a launch to Mars

On Potpourri
Think about this one. What if you were from Sudan then came to the US to play basketball and get an education. Six years later, your passport is no longer good because you are from South Sudan, which now has independence. Then recently, you learn that your father died. Here’s the story.

A writer at DeadSpin ranked 51 regional dishes (50 states and DC) and ranked my beloved Cincinnati Chili #52 – behind being hit by a car.

Time: The Musical returns next week featuring short time (a minute or less). I announce the planned date on the next Monday Morning Entertainment, (probably Tuesday). Thinking outside the box is important for this act, but dealing with a tyrant producer is a challenge in itself.

Texting + driving = matches + gasoline … thus begs the question WHY? Here’s an interesting post IAMM3Z about the pair.

Here are your reasons to celebrate this weekend

  • (Friday) International Artist Day, Sourest Day, World Pasta Day, Bandana Day, Breadsticks Day, Greasy Food Day, Punk-for-a-Day Day
  • (Saturday) Make a Difference Day, Mule Day, Forgiveness Day, and Mincemeat Pie Day
  • (Sunday) Cranky Co-workers Day, Mother-in-Law Day, Reformation Sunday, Visit a Cemetery Day, Potato Day

The next Saturday Morning Cartoon post will feature a well-known character – and the post is ready!

This is the perfect occasion to thank ABtwixt for this comment: I’d never willingly deprive myself of your OITS, it’s better than the Sunday paper!

To send you into the weekend in honor of Time: The Musical, here’s one that does not qualify for the next act, but could have been in Act 1: the ‘70s hit from The Babys: Isn’t It Time. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

67 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 200

  1. I like your new header image. And, did you change your blog theme?

    That was an interesting set of suggested reads. (Thanks for mine :-)) Did I miss something in the church/sex story. It seemed to be about something else.


  2. 3 comments: (1) I like your new header, (2) I think Health Care is now a Right included by the majority as part of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” (3) they’ll have to take Cincinnati Chili out of my cold, dead mouth!”


  3. I’m thinking that we could benefit with far more women (sensible ones like Snow) in Congress. We desperately need calmer voices of reason.


  4. Header choice is beautiful – a light left on in the universe’s window gives a bit of hope and encouragement. (35 floppy disc…what a hilarious observation)
    Oh, well, all stand up and sing :Tomorrow, tomorrow,….(it’s got to be better)
    Wings over Texas Air Show vintage plane battles over my roof this weekend…with Disney’s cartoon Dusty. And motorboat races on the lake. (One if by land, Two if by sea?)
    Have a great weekend, Frank


  5. #52? Really? grrrrrrrrr…. I was thinking let’s go medieval – Off with their Head! – then i was thinking, nahhhh – not worth the morbid effort – then I was thinking – hmmmm, i need to eat a bowl of my homemade Cincy chili. WHY? because it is like a magic ball – I can see things – read the beans and cheese shreds. I know my chili will speak to me and tell us what we should do. 🙂 I will keep you posted……


    • Kimberly,
      What does that writer know? Nothing!!!! It’s OK not to like it, but to bash it the way he did was unnecessary … so send him to the pit! … and cheers to making your own!!!


  6. Child sees no reason why Iron Man costume can’t be worn at grandfather’s funeral–love this one! More of the absurd. 🙂 I immediately had a song come to mind for the musical challenge, but I’ll have to see what precise rules the tyrant producer has for us! 🙂

    Your new look is great, Frank. I like the clean lines and the fabulous header. I have a very busy weekend planned with so much going on at my house, but in between and as I can, I have already picked out a few headlines that look very interesting! Enjoy your weekend, too. Raking leaves?


    • Debra,
      I hope you wrote that song title down in order not to forget it!

      Your house seems to be a hub of activity. Good luck with it.

      I only rake leaves out of the beds … otherwise, we have so many it’s a process for the riding mower … cut them once to the ground … then mow again to bag … then empty in the compost pile. … but I will pass this weekend because of the low temps.


  7. I love your reasonable take on politics and the issues, Frank. Maybe you should be the one in office. Unfortunately, the sensible types like you aren’t eager to get caught up in all that vitriolic waste (and wisely so), which leaves us with mostly power-seeking whackos.


    • Carrie,
      Thanks for the kind words about my views. One key is trying not to get caught up in the rhetoric of politics … and gosh knows there is a lot of it … and much of the rhetoric is a misconception or an overgeneralization. … and yes, too many whackos!


  8. I like the header and the new theme. Love the Onion this week, they are all in all the time. Being a Texan who makes a slammin’ Chili, well I am partial to ours and to mine.

    Love Olympia Snowe and her take on things. I am sorry to see her retire, voices of reason are so few and far between these days.


    • Val,
      Thanks for your feedback on the new look. Regarding the chili, both may have the same name, but the Cincinnati and the Texas very are not comparable … thus apples and oranges.

      Voices of reason in Congress are either getting covered up or they refuse to step up. It’s crazy!


    • Cayman,
      Glad you like the new look as I’m still deciding.

      I’m OK with Price because the pitchers respect him a lot. They say he is very analytical and detailed. As for his lack of managing experience, everyone starts somewhere. Two bottom lines – time will tell and managers are hired to be fired.


  9. Cool new header. I visited your header page too. Love the colorful variety!
    Thanks goodness cranky co-worker day falls on a Sunday. Means I don’t have to deal with crankies. Or – would that be others dealing with me? Nah – it’s them – not me – LOL


  10. nice space header and i like this new theme. also how you filed all your past headers. 🙂 sourest day? what? who is behind these way out days??? ha-ha. i pass on the politics – hurts my head and The Babys video – hmm. interesting. nice makeup on lead singer. 😆 happy weekend.


    • Sunshine,
      Thanks for the props on the new theme and header … and glad you liked the past headers page because I’m proud of my choices.

      In terms of the celebrations, many of them involve some sort of product promotion, but hey – we get some interesting days! Did you like sour candies as a kid?

      Regarding singer John Waite, I saw one video that he looked a bit more bizarre (to me).


      • Frank, not too keen on sour candy – chocolate and wine are better. ha-ha!

        on your header images – just curious if they are your own collection. i’m always looking for images to use (without copyright worries)
        on John Waite – hmm. enough said.
        now have yourself a great weekend 🙂


        • Most of those header images are from space agency photo galleries as Hubble, Chandra, European Space, etc … I give acknowledgement in the description. Not only do I like them, but they are very me. …. and I’m not into sour candy either.


  11. Love your new header, Frank. Do you think I should change mine too? 🙂 All the Onion Headline this week are so funny, but now I’m wondering if the the fact that I have a shower every morning, makes me weird too. 😕


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