On a Monday Sport

Hi there. How was your weekend? What did you do? Did you have good weather?

We weren’t racing around like other weekends, but we still got in a night of ballroom, a dinner-group evening with a Mediterranean theme, visited my mother-in-law as she continues to gain strength and confidence, and a low-key Sunday watching football and walking two miles.

Time: The Musical is the next post with Act B – Brevity, featuring songs with time words as minute(s), second(s), moment(s), tick(s), and other possibilities.

Here are this week’s celebrations

  • (Week) Magic Week, Peace Friendship & Good Will Week
  • (Mon) Chocolates Day, Lung Health Day, Separation of Church and State Day, Ochi Day (Greece)
  • (Tues) Cat Day, Republic Day (Turkey), Gnocchi Day, Pancake Day, Basketball Coaches Day,
  • (Wed) Checklist Day, Candy Corn Day, Zero Tasking Day, Haunted Refrigerator Night
  • (Thurs) Halloween, Caramel Apples Day, Magic Day, UNICEF Day, Knock-Knock Jokes Day

To start your week with a chuckle, Viveka (our Swedish humorist, photographer, chef, and former dancing maiden) says this is her favorite commercial. Enjoy … and have a good week!

80 thoughts on “On a Monday Sport

  1. That commercial was hysterical! I had a busy weekend with water polo all day today in the Bay Area. But it was fun! My son is really getting strong.

    Frank, isn’t every day Cat Day? Magic Day and Halloween fall on the same day. This seems very appropriate!


  2. Frank, even your light weekends sound busy for old country mice such as I.

    Here, the weather was completely, utterly, deplorable. Even the squirrels, took a few days off from nut collecting and soccer practice. Rain, sleet, snow and hail made worst by severe winds; in someways this time of the year can be worst than a traditional hardcore winter.

    My apologies for not being here in quite some time. Back in April I felt it necessary to scale back, instead of quitting all together. Life throws us curves which make us focus on what matters. I felt bad about neglecting so many fine and talented people. I hope to be around a little more frequently.


    • Hudson,
      Blogging is a delicate trick to manage. At one end where it becomes consuming, addictive, and pressure-packed, and at the other end fleeing from it all. …. Balance is important, but everyone has a different balance point and a different way of managing it.

      No need to apologize. To go along with my previous comment, let’s add pressurized to the list … but that is actually self-imposed pressure, whereas the audience (as a whole) is much more understating, thus the pressure is actually self-induced. Hang in there … and good to see you back on the circuit.


  3. That was hilarious Frank!
    We’re wrapping up a weekend in Austin meeting blogging friends face to face for the first time. It has been one of the best weekends ever, and the weather has been amazing! Back to the rain on Tuesday.


  4. Now, that is one amazing squirrel! If only I had that kind of coordination!

    And who knew there was a Knock-Knock Joke Day!

    Guess what Sara and I did this weekend? We built a bed out of scrap lumber, and I sewed a set of curtains for our guestroom. If that doesn’t sound like Lesbian Martha Stewart Day, I don’t know what does! I can joke about that, being a lesbian and all. Juan and David mocked us mercilessly when we told them Friday night we were building a bed this weekend. Juan said, “You are such lesbians!” Leave it to Juan!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      Many cheers to your effort. I must say that I cannot find a record for any Lesbian Martha Stewart Day, so which is it going to be – Oct 27 or the last Sunday in October … now write it down, and then remind me a 10 days before the event next year so I can proclaim it here.

      Cheers to Juan … and I hope he saw my last hello on your post.


  5. Love the commercial!

    Your weekend sounds exhausting but wonderfully fun. Mine? Trying to catch up, this travel schedule of mine makes my weekends fly by as I try to crunch everything ‘necessary’ into two days.


  6. We woke up to a big storm in our area on Sunday morning. The best part of the weekend daughter, SIL and GS2 were with us. SIL checked the weather on his phone and reported 40-60 mph gusts. He went out to Starbucks–who always has power it seems–and brought home one of those box containers of coffee…how we appreciated that as we eyed our dead coffee maker that of course can’t make anything w/out power. No power for 8.5 hours.


  7. ooo…what kind of generator is that? I will have to tell my husband who is generator poor. Our generator(s) run(s) on gasoline and requires hundreds of feet of cord. It seems to me that someone who has two generators would know about the kind that “kicks on” after 10-15 seconds, did you say?


  8. I love these squirrels 🙂 so much…. Thank you dear Frank. This weekend the weather was so nice…. we walked with my love. And we drove our car outside of the city… I took many pictures…. Thank you, have a nice Monday and new week, love, nia


  9. Good day to you, Frank – just waiting for Wednesday to roll around. Excited to see what falls out on the Haunted Refrigerator Night 🙂 ha-aha, cute squirrel


  10. Now I’m here …. and thanks for posting my choice of video – I just love it – must have seen it 1000 times, I think it’s so well done and funny. *smile
    My weekend was very quite – worked through my nearly 6000 photos I have taken since the end of May. So my butt has been hard working. *smile
    Nothing else – home alone, cooking … and taking walks with the camera.
    I wish there had been some ballroom dancing – but I have been watching, Dancing with the stars … wow, there is some stars on the floor this year. Love it. We have the same show, starts soon – but nothing likes yours.


    • Viveka,
      This season’s DWTS does have its share of skilled dancers (so unlike last season). Another episode is tonight! Meanwhile, cheers to your photo work.

      … and the ear is no longer itching!


      • Not yet .. hope it doesn’t happen tonight … when I want to sleep *smile
        I haven’t followed the other seasons … but seen some videos on YouTube – that pussycat girl … she was just amazing.


  11. Where does one find such a talented squirrel? I will share that one with a young man who is an avid soccer fan.

    We had a good weekend. Saturday was a good day to watch the Hawkeyes win a football game in OT. We also put 3 gallons of apples through our peeler, slicer, corer crank machine. Froze many for later pies and such. Made tubs of applesauce to freeze.

    Sunday we went for a good morning walk in the 30˚ temps, got some groceries, did 2 more gallons of apples, napped, and went to the food pantry Stone Soup Supper fund raiser. In the evening, I played some pretty good blues guitar with JJ Cale, Eric C, etc. Then, we watched a strange Bette Davis 1944 movie Mr. Skeffington.

    Golf this afternoon. Could be the last time. Maybe not.


    • Jim … aka Mr. Apples,
      Wow … quite the work weekend dealing with the fall harvest. Apple farms nearby? … Glad you were able to get together with some friends for a guitar fest! Hit ’em straight!


      • Not a farm. Future daughter in law parents have a couple of very laden trees this year.

        Me and my friends hang out a lot. They like coming over.

        Just a touch windy and cool. I will need to dress for it at 55˚.


      • Good evening! No pies from me. Jim is the baker, usually. Okay, in truth we’ve been mixing that up more. Still, the tote board on pie-making gives Jim the edge.

        He told you part of the story. Rest of the story includes going to dinner Friday evening, ahead of my birthday celebration on Saturday. Celebration consisted of bathroom cleaning, laundry, and other basic chores. Also got to speak with all 3 kids, which was a treat.

        Sunday we not only processed apples, we made yogurt. And I peeled, cooked, and mashed the last of the potatoes, and put that in the freezer.

        Now the freezer is full. Rhubarb, tomatoes, apples, chickpeas, black beans, bread, stock, chili, hummus, jalapenos, habaneros … All homemade or homegrown. And already chopped and ready to use, onions and garlic. And Jim cut up a butternut squash a couple weeks ago, which is in there, too. Along with a big meat purchase a couple weeks ago, I won’t need to buy groceries for weeks! Just milk and bananas and salad stuff.

        That is how I spent my birthday weekend.


        • Melanie,
          That is quick the weekend prepping the freezer for the culinary delights that lie ahead. Now about that pie, will two pies be delivered to Cincinnati for the taste-test competition?


  12. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend I have had nothing really going on this weekend just hanging with the family. Ballroom dancing how exciting!


  13. Glad your mother in law is doing better! Had a rainy cold weekend (good for a fire and homemade soup!) I’m anxious to start reading Doctor Sleep…
    Cute commercial to share!


  14. Busy weekend – but – fun. Gotta’ love kids. They keep me young at heart & keep my mind off of the blahs in life.
    I so love how you go ballroom dancing. I need to find a place around here that does that so that hubby & I can go. Well – I guess I will need to find some time first.
    Can’t wait for Halloween. I’m hoping people at work decide to dress up – because I’m ready! I just don’t want to be the only one. I will find out tomorrow if anyone else is dressing up. I so hope so!


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