On a Favor

Here’s one of my favorite  John Mellencamp songs to serve as background music during this short read … enjoy Paper in Fire.

Not sure I’ve ever requested anything from readers before, but heck, there’s always a first time.

Several of the reasons I changed themes were a wider use of space and the potential for adding subpages. For instance, I added a Schedule subpage to the About page (which you can see if you wish).

Now my favor request for the willing. I’m not an all about me type of person, nor a good self promoter, but I want to add another subpage to the About page labeled Testimonials for newcomers – so, I’m seeking submissions … and yes, selected ones will be linked. I say “selected” because I do have some editorial control.

It can be about anything pertinent to this blog. Some may prefer about a favorite topic as politics, religion & science, travel, life or whatever. Others may prefer to focus on regular features as Monday Morning Entertainment, Satire Bits, Opinions in the Shorts, or Saturday Morning Cartoon Classics.  And yes, you can even submit something about me … but the bottom line is that it’s coming from you and about whatever ….. and originality in your own style or quirky nature is a plus!

Writing them in the comments is fine with me, unless one prefers to use email. In advance, many thanks to my WordPress community.

58 thoughts on “On a Favor

  1. Frank, how do you want folks to do these testimonials? In comments, via email? I will be glad to write something. For example:

    AFrankAngle is written by a man who likes to look at all three sides of any issue. Serious, whimsical and cartoonish. Once you become part of Frank’s ‘sphere you will find yourself a touch more willing to think that there is more than one side to an issue. Because Frank makes you think while making you smile.


  2. Testimonial

    I love Frank’s page. I always laugh, & he ALWAYS “takes me back” via his cartoons and videos. We must be the same age-ish, because I always recognise the oldies & goodies he puts up there.

    Best thing about Frank is he’s down to earth … well, frank, really. And regular with posts (so I’m guaranteed some entertainment).


    (no offence if not used!) 🙂


  3. Fist of all… thanks for the song! I didn’t know John Mellencamp, maybe because since long time I’m trapped into pure classical music forgetting that I was jung too, eh eh eh 😉
    I think is a good idea to put a link for testimonials (or comments)… I know that someone like to read them too, even if not related to a special post. Since I’m a catastrope with PC and informatics, I can’t give you any other suggestion…
    have a lovely day :-)c


    • Claudine,
      Glad to introduce you to John Mellencamp. Many like because of his messages about life and people. … and I hope to have the testimonials posted sometime today. Meanwhile, I added you to my More Bloggers page.


  4. This creative blog is both an entertaining way to start my day and a challenge. There is something to learn in each one. Frank covers a lot of territory with his variety of posts. I enjoy learning about the popular cartoon characters of the past. The challenge to come up with a news headline from other ones is good for the brain. And, there is much more. Frank is always doing his best ‘with bells on’.


  5. You have so many good writers here, that I will leave the testimonials to them, but did want to say (write) that I think this is a wonderful idea. Very clever, too. 🙂


  6. Frank I’m really bad with words. It’s clear you are not asking everybody to say something, but I feel like I must say something my way.
    For me your blog is mostly about us, the readers.
    Since I first starting commenting in here I’ve always felt appreciated,regardless of my opinion you always have feedback.
    Heck! You even take the time to not just catch up with my blog but to jump in the craziness of it.


      • No matter what your angle on life, add Frank to your dance card. Waltz around the blog and you’ll find something to rings your bell. From vintage cartoons,to music that will make you want to chime in to brain teaser challenges.
        Go ahead and be a wall flower for a bit if you like. Shortly you’ll discover Frank’s always a gentleman and everyone here plays well together. Only a good heart could assemble such a group. A Salon in the true classic sense: “a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.” (From WIKI)
        Do yourself a favor: click “Follow”. (Some say Frank’s really the Pied Piper, but that would make us all rats…oh, Blog Rats! Perfect!)


  7. Frank says “comment with respect” and frankly, he is the man to respect. This is a place for crazy fun, old cartoons on Saturday, and song contributions to “Time: the Musical” but also a place to consider new ideas. While you may have heard “never discuss politics or religion”, Frank has created a space in the blogosphere where visitors can do exactly that yet not be met with rudeness or excessive zeal. Join us in a fun community where everyone has there say and a laugh along the way, To quote Spinal Tap “Yes I can, if Frank says its OK.”


  8. One of my favorite blogs, A Frank Angle brings humor, politics, cartoons and music together to create a space where his readers can contribute. I enjoy Frank’s posts and the comments equally! Frank has a way of engaging his fellow bloggers to participate in whatever topic he has chosen. I also like the fact that he posts on a regular schedule and rotates topics accordingly. For example, if it’s Monday, we get to catch up on our weekends (perhaps because he is a retired high-school teacher?). And I love his Saturday Morning Cartoons posts. While I don’t watch Saturday cartoons, these days, the memories warm my heart and take me back to my Saturday mornings as a kid – plus I get to learn more about those cartoons!


  9. I don’t visit many blogs on a regular basis, not because they aren’t interesting or because I don’t want to, I just can’t seem to get the time.
    However, one of the blogs I do keep in touch with is AFrankAngle. Sometimes funny, sometimes challenging, but always interesting, you’re sure to find something in there that you like.
    Frank is what I call a “Pro-Blogger” who not only writes his own blog on a daily basis, but who also finds the time to answer loads of comments on his own site and visit and comment on a great many others as well.
    He’s also one of the few recipients of the exclusive Mil-Post Blog Award, in fact the very first recipient and the person who inspired the whole thing when he broke through the impressive 1,000 post barrier. Just one of many awards that have deservedly been bestowed upon him with I’m sure many more to come.
    It’s been a privilege to meet you on the blogsphere Frank. You don’t get puns, but apart from that it’s all good 🙂


  10. “I really enjoy Frank’s thoughtful and well-researched opinions on a wide variety of topics. He follows complex issues ranging from the deeply philosophical discussion of science and faith, to the frustrations of politics and current events, yet manages to balance the provocative with interesting musical challenges that lift the spirit. To top it all off, the weekly cartoon delights every reader, sparking our own Saturday morning childhood memories.

    I particularly enjoy Frank’s weekly “Potpourri” submissions. The links are tied to such varied and plentiful topics and authors that I cannot read them in one sitting, so I frequently bookmark “Potpourri,” creating an archive of excellent reading. I am never disappointed.

    Frank is a generous blogger. He takes time to know his fellow bloggers and he enriches the entire blogging experience for all of us. Take the time to get to know him. You’ll have a new friend.”

    (and I mean it, Frank!)


  11. A Frank Angele is a wonderful place to visit. I enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. Frank’s blog posts are versatile & filled with the right dose of humor. This is a place I like to visit over & over again.


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