On the Monday After

Another weekend is in the books, so how was yours?

Because my wife “no ballroom” for two weeks instructions from the doctor, we stayed home on our normal dance night to open a bottle of good wine and watch a movie. Saturday was full with a funeral visitation, a contractor at the house, handbell rehearsal, and the church’s 50th anniversary celebration event, Saturday flew by.

The handbell piece premier was only acceptable – mainly because we played in a big room that is acoustically dead – a real sound killer! However, we had three good rings Sunday morning!

In this past post featuring a fall-colors walk in my neighborhood, Β many JMapleTwocommented about our fiery Japanese Maple. It’s transition is in progress, so this image is from Saturday when we could see the transition with hints of green, deep maroons, and brilliant reds. (But this pic didn’t capture it as I hoped.) Interestingly, we could see more change on Sunday.

Many thanks for the testimonials. I hope to publish the new subpage sometime this week. Many thanks … and for others, I’m still taking them here.

Upcoming celebration notes for your calendar

  • (Week) Split Pea Soup Week, Fig Week
  • (Mon) Candy Day, Job Action Day, Chicken Lady Day, Traffic Directors Day, Use Your Common Sense Day (sadly, that has to be promoted)
  • (Tues) Doughnut Day
  • (Wed) Nachos Day, Saxophone Day, Marooned without a Compass Day
  • (Thurs) Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, Gin Day, Men Make Dinner Day, Hug a Bear Day, Magazine Day

My favorite pro hockey team is the St. Louis Blues. Many of you also realize there is also a song of that name. Plus, it is also fitting as the city’s baseball Cardinals caused fans to sing the blues for losing the World Series. For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy the St. Louis Blues – but done in a quirky way. Have a good week.

76 thoughts on “On the Monday After

  1. So glad the hand bell ringing was good on Sunday morning. Pity about the poor acoustics for the premier. 😦 Gorgeous colours on that Japanese Maple tree. Can’t wait until Thursday for my bittersweet chocolate with almonds. πŸ™‚


    • Sylvia,
      As a musician I know you understand the effect that room acoustics can have. This place soaked up sound like a sponge! When that maple drops its leaves, it happens fast. Meanwhile, I’ll join you on Thursday.


  2. Sounds like you made it through the weekend with a broad mix of activities. We did, as well. Thursday we hid in the basement and watched about half of “Slumdog Millionaire” while the kids paraded through the neighborhood. Friday we enjoyed the fund-raiser dinner our daughter helped organize. Saturday we finished the movie, and this evening we had lasagna at the blood center’s donor appreciation dinner. And slotted in all that was an all-day meeting for Jim, quilting time for me, a couple of good walks, and a couple of good naps.

    For the coming week I’ll look forward to Saxophone Day, and raise a toast to Son in IA, aka Lt. Son in OK. It’s been a while since he had time to play, but all his musical instruments await.


  3. Doughnut day falls on Election Day! Fun video of a multitasking musician. Milton and I went to the theater and I finally saw “12 Years a Slave”. I’m not a big Academy Awards prognosticator, but I think hands down, that film owns Best Picture.


  4. First off I am sure the acoustics were not that great but I bet you still sounded wonderful!
    I am so envious of Fig Week! I have never had a fresh fig and I see recipes all over the internet and can’t wait till i get my hands on some fresh figs for all kinds of dishes I have been eyeballing over the last few months!


    • Jasmine,
      Go for it on Fig Week … so you now have a goal for the week!

      Given a big room and its deadness, many couple barely hear the piece. Heck, it even sounded dead inside the choir! But at least the Sunday rings we good and well received.


  5. (I’m sure your performance was nothing less than stellar)
    I went to the lake and enjoyed all the fall colors – it was nice to get away. Now, I’m jamming with Gizmo and enjoying a day off. πŸ™‚


    • Hood,
      Hooray for the day off .. .so I hope Chuckie makes up for lost time tomorrow! Glad to hear the fall colors arrived in your state!

      If the video comes through, I will link it in a future post. After all, it’s only been played by one choir and only heard by 500 (or less) different people. But once published, both numbers will grow … yet only one choir got to play it first.


  6. A full weekend for you indeed.
    Buuu…on your wife not doing well. Hope she gets better soon & your back in the ballroom in nno time.

    β€’(Mon) Candy Day <—No problem. I've been digging into the trick-or-treat candy since before Halloween (bwahahahaha!)
    Use Your Common Sense Day (sadly, that has to be promoted) <—I totally agree that this sadly has to be promoted.
    β€’(Tues) Doughnut Day <— Don't hav to tell me twice – Boston Cream Donought it is!
    My favorite hockey team is the one my daughters' play on πŸ˜‰

    Happy Monday – Happy New Week!


  7. First thing’s first… happy new week, Frank!
    I’m sure the handbell piece premier wasn’t just acceptable, even though I know about bad acoustics! Thank you for a Monday kick off with Gizmo! πŸ™‚


      • Truth is that once you’ve played in a place with good acoustics, it’s not easy facing the dryness of another. I only had that once in my life, singing an aria at this amazing theater were I had an awkward and overwhelming feeling. I couldn’t hear my voice as it came out yet I could feel it spreading wide filling magically every inch of the auditorium! (nothing to do with my voice, this happened with all singers). You should always be playing in churches. The acoustics in there are out of this world.


        • Great example. I wasn’t easy hearing my own bell … and those on each side of me … and the further away from me, the less I would hear them … except for the high shrills. But at least Sunday we were in a familiar place … and I hope a video comes through from someone.


  8. There is also a song called “Union City Blues” but I can’t find a link because I am driving. Being a good American and exercising my free will to text and drive at the same time. But its not really texting because I have a speech to text feature in the phone. So I can babble on all day, and the phone will translate it, hopefully accurately. There have been times when it did not translate accurately and I looked police. There’s an example now. That word police was supposed to be foolish. And the phone ruined my joke because I was going to say, “… I look foolish. Okay, more foolish than usual.” But the timing was thrown having to stop for the word police. Another drawback is punctuation. For example, I say the word. To produce a. In the sentence. As you can see there are two periods in the middle of that sentence. That’s because saying the word. Produces an actual. This last part might be very tricky to read because it is all about periods Of punctuation mark Being used when I want to use the actual word instead. Another drawback to the text to speech feature is it is very difficult to scroll back up and see what was typed. It usually forces me to just leave it as it is and hope for the best.

    I think I have wasted enough of everyone’s time. Oh, one other thing about speech to text. My phone occasionally puts the word “not” in all caps. I thought perhaps it did that only if I pronounce the word loudly. Turns out it is just random. And I can really make me look like I am angry at someone.


  9. Also, not a fan of the St Louis Blues hockey team. Nothing against them, but I am a long time Boston Bruins fan.
    I wonder if this offer to copy and paste will work.


  10. Ah Frank, that red maple brought me back. My mother planted one by our back door when I was very young . . . visited the old homestead a few years ago and that tree, in its fall glory, was thrilling. Large, exuberant and healthy.


  11. Candy day followed by donut day? I can feel my waistline expanding.

    Glad that the problems with the bells stemmed from the room and that you weren’t trying to play at Frank angle!


  12. Wow! You really had a very busy weekend, Frank. I’m sorry the acoustics didn’t deliver for your handbell premiere, but that will be remedied in the future, I’m sure. I will be on the road quite a bit on Wednesday, so I hope I don’t need to celebrate “Marooned Without a Compass” Day. That’s got to the the strangest yet! πŸ™‚


    • Debra,
      The dead nature of the room probably caught us by surprise .. but on the plus side, the came through on Sunday in our own space. … For your travel on Wednesday, consider a compass app! πŸ™‚


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