On a Special Teddy

All of us place friends in groups as high school friends, college friends, work friends, neighborhood friends, church friends, and other … well, and not surprisingly, we have dance friends. Ballroom dance has introduced us to many good people, but Teddy is the one who stands out the most for me.

The first time one sees him doing something – you laugh, but with a smile. The more times I see him – I still laugh and smile – but the heart also glows. The more I watch him and now interact with him and learn more about him, I believe he is a special gift for all.

Teddy is a native Cincinnatian who has become a local celebrity, and has even received national exposure. However, through it all, he’s absolutely the same person that he was before the madness started.

From local articles, local television stories, and time with his (and my) favorite baseball team to attending the State of the Union as Speaker Boehner’s guest. From escorting two beauty queens (one on each arm) to speaking engagements and dance exhibitions. From a recent ESPN special segment to a shorter version ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (an America Strong segment), and to the latest as he’s now part of a Topps baseball card collection … and through it all, Teddy remains who he is … an example for everyone.

Teddy Kremer is not a kid, but a 30-year-old man. As a swimmer, ballroom dancer, and equestrian, he’s an athlete. Regardless how one knows him, all who he has touched agree that he is special because he demonstrates what we should be – kind, positive, appreciative, personable, loyal, joyful for life, and other characteristics.

I hope you take the time to watch this 12-minute story created by ESPN, and I have no doubt that Teddy will make you laugh and smile. After all, this video (just like Teddy) makes me laugh and smile, but in the end, I always shed a prideful tear … thus, I look forward to seeing him again on many Thursdays at the dance studio.

62 thoughts on “On a Special Teddy

  1. Beautiful… and a deep lesson for all of us! I didn’t laugh, the emotion I felt was too strong… that teaches us respect for the life of every living creature, without any distinction. We shoud look at life through the eyes of the heart!
    And the respect for ourselves, for what we have and are…
    Thank you, wish you a lovely day :-)c


  2. A most inspiring story, Frank. Thanks. I can identify because my sister, who is 13 years younger than I, is also mentally handicapped. Some say we can not afford programs for everybody, programs that, among other things, accomodate people like Teddy, but I say it is a matter of priority.

    I submit that how these situations are handled is a measure of a society’s maturity. And it would sure help if a certain political party would stop being obstructionist about reforming the healthcare system. They typically support the meme that economic prosperity is proportional to merit, and that its opposite somehow equates to some kind of character flaw. Teddy’s story shows one aspect of how people are not money and need to be valued differently.


  3. Goodness Frank- you got me all emotional (& I’m at work!).
    I watched this as I’m waiting for a long report to run. It’s still running in the beckground as I comment too.
    LOVE his parents, LOVE him, LOVE the REDS (not as much as the Red Sox though – lol), & LOVE you for sharing this.
    My brothers like to venture out to different ballparks when they get a chance. If they ever go to a Reds game – I will tell them to keep an eye out for Teddy.
    When you see him – please tell him that he’s got a new fan & pass a fist bump from me to him.
    My heart is 🙂 *SMILING BIG* 🙂 after reading your post & watching the video.


    • RoSy,
      His parents come across in the video just as they come across to me … very supportive and genuine. Meanwhile, when I see him, I’ll pass along the fist bump! Glad you enjoyed this one!!!!


  4. Good does happen. What a treasure Teddy is. While is obviously born with a sunny personality, his parents should also be applauded for realistically guiding him and being his champion. He’s found his slot – it fits perfectly. Nice find, Frank. This post should encourage others


  5. When I first heard this story on the radio I wondered if you’d heard about it, and only assumed you did because you enjoy baseball! LOL! I never dreamed you really knew this young man. This is really special, Frank. I loved the video!


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  8. I had a huge smile on my face during almost the whole video! What an inspiration! All those downers out there should have an obligatory viewing of this…
    Thanks for sharing, Frank!


    • Dale,
      Oh so much thanks for revisiting this past post. Teddy is a local personality, and it is so great how his story has touched people. In some ways, he’s oblivious to all the attention and role he’s played in it .. then again, that’s part of the beauty of it. He is simply something special!

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