On Flanders Monday

Another weekend is in the files, so how was yours? Surprise, surprise … we stayed busy!

My wife continues to follow doctor’s orders, so no ballroom for us. Our weekend considered of hosting a friend for dinner and wine, a college football game, playing euchre with a few neighbors, and being caretakers as both of my in-laws had recent setbacks.

Last week I mentioned our Japanese Maple was approaching being full red. One week later, it’s about 50% bare.

By the way, is anyone else suddenly not receiving emails about new posts from those you follow?

Celebrations for your week ahead

  • (Week) Dear Santa Letter Week, Pursuit of Happiness Week, Geography Awareness Week, Kindness Week
  • (Mon) Origami Day, Orphan’s Day, Sundae Day, Air Day
  • (Tues) Pizza with the Works Day, Happy Hour Day, Moms & Dads Day, Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
  • (Wed) Kindness day, Indian Pudding Day
  • (Thurs) Pickle Day, Teddy Bear Day, Lossen-Up Lighten-Up Day, Guacamole Day, Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Whether its Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, or by any other name or even another day, for many it’s a day to honor the living who served. For others, it’s a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed. Either way, I’m foregoing my traditional Monday Morning Entertainment for a tribute to the original day while providing two appropriate videos around In Flanders Field – the top as a poem, the bottom as a hymn. Take your pick

Have a good week.


63 thoughts on “On Flanders Monday

  1. Same with the trees here. One minute they were full color–a veritable visual feast. The next, all those leaves are littering the ground. We all know what that means. Wiiiiinter’s on its way…


  2. I’d never heard this song before. It’s absolutely beautiful. Am going to look for the piano sheet music online. I’m still agitated that the name was changed from Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day. Too many people have no idea of the toll WWI took on our soldiers.
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    Oh, and I must get a piece of pizza with everything on Tuesday. It’s my birthday so I’m thinking this would be a fine idea for lunch 🙂


    • Rachael,
      Glad you enjoyed the song enough to seek the music. A simple, but beautiful hymn. Meanwhile, go treating yourself on Tuesday! …. now the pressure is on me to remember to drop by for a greeting.


  3. Hi Frank. We’ve had a busy week as always, but this coming one looks even more busy. I think I need a break… And I’ll have to hope that the Pursuit of Happiness is done while treating others with Kindness. I used to use a sig line: “Be kind. It matters.” It’s easy to be pissy and snarky. Sometimes much harder to be kind. Still, I think that’s the better way to go.



    • Melanie,
      The two of you are always busy … but with good stuff. Cheers to your efforts. “Be kind, it matters” is a wonderful tagline … simple and to the point. Correct, pissy and snarky are easy. A former colleague used to say “Kill them with kindness.” …. one of my readers ends many of her posts with “Be good, be kind, be loving. Just Be.”


  4. Tanks for the poem/song, Frank. I didn’t know the origin of the poppy.

    WWI was such a human tragedy. We’ve mostly forgotten the reasons behind it. We remember the horrors and the trenches and the slaughter. We shouldn’t forget any of that.


    • Elyse,
      With all the vets gone, WW I is a memory relegated to a few pages (maybe a chapter) in history books. Strange to think that WW II will get the same treatment in time … and people will forget what little they knew.


  5. The beauty of plants doesn’t have price… last night we suffered a severe north wind with peaks of 120 km/hour… this morning many trees are without leaves! That was a quick strip off… As for the weekend, we spent saturday at the conservatory and sunday in front of the fire with our many cats… I wish you a lovely week :-)claudine


  6. Kindness Week sounds nice, although that one should be an everyday celebration!
    Winter is coming huh?
    Have a beautiful new week my friend and all the best to your wife too! 🙂
    About the notifications, it has happened twice in the past and I had to go to the reader section and check back each follower! [as I see that may mean 2.707 times for you!!!!!] I wonder why they don’t have a “select all” option…


    • Marina,
      Not only is winter coming, it is coming tonight as the weather forecasters are even using the S-word!

      Thanks for the tip on the notifications. I did find many of them in the email’s Spam folder … oddly enough, I usually check their, but the number seemed normal, so I must not have checked. Oh well.


  7. I chose the second one. What a moving rendition of this beautiful yet sad poem.
    I think I’m getting the e-mails, but can’t be sure. I’m getting everything double in my reader, which is very annoying. Have a great week, Frank. Hope your wife is soon fully recovered.


  8. Both top and bottom, I have lived with since grade one, memorized the words, listened to the music. It would seem, one of the few traditions, if I can use that word for Remembrance Day as doesn’t right now that I have typed it, which has remained a constant through out the years from then and now.

    As for mail, check to make sure your email provider has not blacklisted wordpress (though I did a quick check, nothing going around on the web at the moment, so that is probably not the case). Probable causes are plugin issues, which wordpress.com and org seem to be having lots of compatibly problems with user plugins. Perhaps just a quick check of your plugins to make sure they’re update could possible solve your issue. Just a suggestion.


    • Hudson,
      Many thanks for sharing Remembrance Day’s impact in your life. Very interesting! I eventually found them in my email spam folder, a place I frequently check, but for some reason didn’t check this weekend.


  9. good morning, Frank – i think my email is working. not sure but will keep a look out now that you mentioned it. the Indian Pudding day sounds interesting but really, not so with clean out your fridge day on Thursday. my leftovers and out of date items would be horrified if we celebrate. 🙂 sorry to hear no ballroom dancing but better to have your wife follow doctor’s orders. thanks for the videos – lovely song.


  10. Flag’s out.
    I get weekly emails for posts and rely on my bookmarks to find people. Reader is problematic. Some of my daily notifications are not coming in, so i have to remember to look for bloggers, too
    You still had an eventful weekend – and such celebrations await us this week.
    Weather’s mild and beautiful here – but expecting lows in the 30’s mid week? Some of our trees are skipping what little color we have and going straight to dropping and dormant. Some ski slopes open. Odd winter ahead?
    Nice tribute, Frank.


  11. Rest assured, my friend. Though we have quite a bit of wind here, the Maple Leaf flies beside the 50-star, and two 48-star 4″x6″ flags flank a Union Jack. I wish I had more space for flags … maybe next year.
    It’s hard to believe that 95 years have passed since the end of that horrific enterprise known as “The Great War”. It’s even harder to believe that next August, we will commemorate a full century from the start of that tragic and terrible conflict, and only a few short days later, mark 75 years since the start of World War Two. How many stories have we lost? How much (as I posted) history has become hearsay? We owe so much, and give so little, to those who gave their time, their youth, and even their lives for a better world. It is the absolute LEAST we can do, to carry their stories forward, to remember them in both life and death, to begin to repay, even in such insignificant amounts, the great debt that we owe them.
    Isn’t it appropriate that this day falls in the northern hemisphere’s autumn? We watch the leaves turn blood red, and fall away dead, yet we know that spring will bring new, stronger life back. Now, if only we could truly see the end of all wars….


  12. That sounds like an incredibly busy weekend, Frank. I can’t imagine how you would have fit in ballroom dancing. Now, I need to take notice of that Clean Out your Refrigerator Day, and do just that!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  13. My weekend was the usual blur where I felt like I got next to nothing done but I finally got around to watching SNL from 11/2 when Kerry Washington was host. She was excellent! Sorry to hear that your inlaws have suffered setbacks and your wife still has to hold off cutting the rug with you.


      • It sounds that way, Frank. I hope everyone is in better shape soon.

        No, I have never attended a taping of SNL. The closest I ever got was attending a taping of Chris Rock’s cable show and Tina Fey was standing on the sidelines for some reason. One of my greatest comedic regrets was not catching one of her two-person small comedy club performances out here with Rachel Dratch when they were Dratch and Fey. Back then, I worked at ABC News. My schedule was so all over the place, I could barely schedule a time to pee, if you forgive the crude candor. I attended Letterman around 2008, before I started writing LA, and that was a blast. I LOVE Dave (loathe Leno), but you probably could figure that one out.


  14. Great post, Frank! The poem was beautiful and very fitting for today. I loved how the video changed to color…such a contrast to the black n white footage.


  15. I really love the hymn, Frank. We don’t hear it very often in this country. Nice! I hope your wife continues to do well for being careful to follow doctor’s orders and restrict her activities. I hope that dancing will be added back in soon! And drat! I celebrated Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day yesterday–Monday is trash pick up. I couldn’t wait until Thursday!


    • Debra,
      It is a good hymn, and yes … I can’t recall it in church. Meanwhile, my wife is following the MD’s orders, but I think we’ll be back at soon … the question is weather she waits until returning for the next appointment. Meanwhile, cleaning out the frig to coincide with the trash day is good … but is there a frig at work?


  16. That first video was, indeed, impressive, and said so much better than I. I was just the little handbell in the back left, tinkling, “Me too! Me too!”

    How am I ever going to manage my diet when I come over here and you have chicken soup day, pizza day, Indian Pudding day, guacamole day and even clean out the refrigerator day (that’s every day at my place), and how come Sundae Day is on Monday?? 😕


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