On an Unexpected Time

In life, there are times when the plate is too full. Overwhelming feelings are just that, but still real to us. Other times simply have too many things happening at once, but they too are very real.

In my case it is the later – most notably, both my mother-in-law and father-in-law are in the hospital. There are other important tasks also to juggle at this time, so it’s best I step away from blogging for a bit …  thus no new posts and maybe limited visiting. I’ll let time dictate that. Personally, I hope it is just for the rest of the week. My next post will be Monday Morning Entertainment, in which I will also provide an update.

My in-laws love these songs, so to spread hope for their recoveries, listen to as many as you want. Which did you choose?

95 thoughts on “On an Unexpected Time

  1. Good luck with your in-laws, Frank. I hope all goes well.

    Funny thing about “Mack the Knife,”. My father told one brother that he wanted that song played at his funeral. Bob charged my niece and I with finding a CD of the song. It was Christmas, 2000, and nobody had it. It was also pre-YouTube, pre iTunes.

    We found a tacky fake fish on a plaque. When you pressed the button, Bobby Darin sang Mack the Knife while the fish’s head sang and it’s tail moved.

    The look on my brother’s face was priceless.

  2. Frank, that’s rough that both your in-laws are in the hospital simultaneously. I’m so sorry. I hope they make a fast and full recovery. I certainly understand why blogging is not a priority for you at this time.

    As for me, hey, you know what a Barbra fan I am. Great song, great performance and great Dick Cavett intro. You always post the best YouTube videos.

    • Lame,
      I thought the look back in time with Cavett was an interesting touch. Meanwhile, not an easy time, especially with one of them struggling. But we do what we can. … and believe it or not, other stuff on my plate as well that I have to plow through. Many thanks for your best wishes!

  3. Oh dear Frank, I hope and wish everything goes well for them. I love all these musicians, but Barbra much more…. Thank you dear Frank, my best wishes and prayers for your and for your family, love, nia

    • Nia,
      There are many wonderful musical treats here, and no matter the choice, it’s a good one! Cheers to your love for Barbra. Thank you for the concern and best wishes, which make me smile!

    • Marina,
      Thank you. Their conditions are at different ends of the spectrum, so it’s tough … besides the other things to complicate things. Oh well … life always delivers challenges. Many thanks … and I’ll update on Monday.

  4. I’m going to listen to ALL the songs, but I’ve never seen Mack the Knife* performed, so it will be a particular treat. Will be praying for all of you.

    *Always wondered why the rest of the table setting didn’t get equal treatment (“Bruno the Fork,” “Sal the Spoon,” etc.)

  5. So sorry to hear that your in-laws are in the hospital. Cheers to you for getting them in the same room. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Take care. And as Jim said, we’ll be fine. PS I just can’t choose. They are all in my top 100.

  6. gosh, flood gates really opened up this time – i do hope for speedy recovery and comfort for you and love ones. ♥
    – Barbara for me. What an awesome voice, wonderful actress and simply a classy lady. thanks and take care ☼

  7. Frank,
    Sending best thoughts for your in-laws and you and your wife. It’s certainly challenging to have both them hospitalized, so take care of yourselves as much as possible, too. And I vote for Barbra of course.

  8. OMG I loved Mack the Knife. Gorgeous, so joyous. Love it.

    Wish you the best, Frank, & your in-laws. Music certainly lifts the spirit.

  9. Oh sad face :(
    Hope all gets better soon. Hang in there & take it easy dear Frank.
    I listened to Jack the Knife (My year ;) ) , My Kind of Town (CHICAGO), I left my Heart in San Fran, & Moon River.

  10. So glad you are there. Sending warmth, hope and encouragement.
    Please try to eat, grab some rest,and walk outside a bit if you can – you must take care of yourself too.
    Even with all going on, you managed to post these wonderful songs. We used to drive my mom crazy singing that “thug song” Mack the Knife – of course we sang it as much as possible.
    But balanced it with the last one – which we sang very loudly when not in church…had to tone it down there.
    Hoping for the best, Frank

  11. I wish your in-laws well, and hope they’re soon out of hospital. My mother has been in hospital in South Africa for two weeks now, and it’s been very hard for me, being so far away. Moon River was my pick. :)

    • Sylvia,
      Oh my … lousy news about your mom and your distance away because I can tell your close to her. Thanks for the well wishes and thoughts and prayers for your mom … and strength to you!

    • Rara,
      Hooray for your love for Mack the Knife. Such a classic, then again, all these are classics! :) Thanks for the positive vibes for my in-laws.

      BTW, a two additional points. 1) See About page > Testimonials subpage. 2) Thanks for pointing me to the Dancing Wino.

  12. I hope your in-laws are better and home by now. Good selection of songs. I picked “Moon River,” because it was a favorite when I was child. I even did a floor routine (gymnastics) to it, and that was one of my favorite routines because I’d just started doing aerials (flips and cartwheels with no hands on the floor).

    • Robin,
      Oh my …. a gymnastics participant during your youth. I’m impressed, so thanks for sharing your tie to Moon River. Meanwhile, thanks for the best wishes for their recovery, which will be difficult for one.

    • Moe,
      Bobby Darin did a great job with that song! Meanwhile, stepping away a bit is the right thing, especially at the moment …. but hopefully the time away will be shorter rather than longer. Thanks for the best wishes!

  13. Frank, so sorry to read that both your mother & father in law is on hospital. Rough situation and I understand that you don’t have time or motivation for the online world – my thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

    • Cuttlefish,
      Babs is quite the songbird … and glad you got to see her at a younger age that you haven’t seen. Thanks for the best wishes and concern … we’re hanging in there.

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