On Satire Bits: Vol. 77

Uh oh! Guess what today is? Hey Elyse – Do you know what today is? Come on Rich, just say it. Carrie, guess what today is? Lame, Lame, Lame – I know you can hear me! What day is it? Woo hoo!!!!! …. (I couldn’t resist)

No change with my mother-in-law – not better, not worse – but it still weighs on our minds.

Act 9 of Time: The Musical returns with the next post. Theme is extended time featuring songs with words in the title as decade(s), century(s), era(s), and others. Years is acceptable if and only if number is at least 100, but a specific year in the future is unacceptable.  Curtain time is 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

I plan to announce a new occasional feature in the next Opinions in the Shorts. Sorry, but it has nothing to do with The Nincompoop.

Time for your midweek dose of satire courtesy of The Onion. Any of the below tickle your funny bone? For those who enjoy the extra challenge, make a new headline from the words below. My combo is at the end. Have a good rest of the week.

Unpaid internship a really great experience for local company

Group of friends engage in passionate, incoherent discussion about current events

Report: There are only 17 total square miles on Earth where gays are not discriminated against

Father teaches son how to fly into rage over inconsequential bullshit

Lady doesn’t know how she does it, but she just came up with another strong password

Weird black dot actually part of bowl

Area teen running out of chances to be first openly gay anything

Last night was beginning of the end as pillow folded in half for first time

Terrified laptop wakes up inside case

Amusement park employee sick of talking down visitors from bad acid trips

My Combo: Incoherent friends engage in passionate experience with black dot on pillow

64 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 77

  1. Although I feel for the terrified laptop, my favorite it seeing the quality time between father and son as the habit of flying into a rage is practiced. Maybe that is a new America value, at least as often exhibited on Facebook. Thanks for the lift on hump day!


  2. It s world Toilet Day. I hate knowing that, but it’s true. I also gate being the first person anyone thinks of when toilets are involved, but that is a cross (or a pot) I must bear…


    • Jim,
      Now that is one laptop with issues. …. On no … a physicist playing with time. Just a reminder, the producer is from the Joseph Stalin/Idi Amin School of Producers and Directors. 😉


  3. Amusement park employee sick of talking down visitors from bad acid trips……ah …..”Rob Ford get outta of the Tea Cup, now”……assuming you know who Rob Ford, I wish I didn’t.


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  6. hump daaaaaaay! love that commercial. also like the “old macdonald is a bad speller” ad. several very good ones there – the laptop got me the loudest as well as the black dot in the bowl. it’s a cool, crisp, sunny day in NJ. and now i have a few laughs to make it better. thanks ace.


  7. Oh dear. Hope your mil gets better soon. Although no change – good to hear she hasn’t gotten worse.

    I know what day it is. But – for most of the day I was thinking Thursday & it kept throwing me off. Oh well…
    Woot, Woot anyway 🙂

    LMAO at “Terrified laptop wakes up inside case”
    My mind is not coming up with a combo. Time for me to hit the hay. Gotta’ be up before sunrise.
    Nighty-night Frank 🙂


    • RoSy,
      The mind can be a overwhelmed at the end of a day, but at least you picked a fav! Thanks for the continuing concern for my MIL. Late afternoon yesterday she moved from the hospital to a rehab facility.


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