On Take 5 with Marina

Welcome to the inaugural post of Take 5, a new AFA occasional-theme-post. These series will feature one blogger answering five random questions about themselves. The video above displays my first guest’s watercolor art. She’s a talented woman from Greece who posts at Art Towards a Happy Day. An AFA welcome Marina Kanavaki. 

Which happens the most, painting influencing your music or music influencing your painting?
The latter, never the other way. Music inspires me when I paint and sometimes I use a loop of just one piece of music until the painting is done. With music, it’s very different as I swim in a sea of notes with no breath. No images, ‘just’ notes.
(AFA: I enjoy both her art and her music)

For anyone visiting Athens, do you have a storefront studio?
I live in a country going through a financial crisis. That means people are reducing ‘unnecessary’ extras and I’m no exception. A year ago, I closed my little studio/workshop to move it at home. From there I started my Imagekind art print shop. I have had offers for an exhibition, but not decided yet.
(AFA) Most of us outside of Greece probably didn’t realize the ranging effect of the financial crisis.

Greece is a land of many islands. Greece is a land of many islands. You have won a contest to visit one island for one week. You can pick any Greek island that you want, as long is you haven’t visited before. Where would be go?
As a true introvert, I’d choose to hire a yacht and harbor in secluded paradise beaches with my husband and our dog. With ample of those islands, traveling by yacht would allow us the advantage of visiting many islands. I’d avoid Mykonos and Santorini. I am aware of their rare beauty, but they are not places for quiet people [like us!] – Maybe in winter.
(AFA: Greece is a land I have yet to visit.)

If a blogger met you for the first time, what would surprise them the most?
I speak very little, honestly, ah, and one more: I wear glasses nowadays!
(AFA: Now this surprises me!)

If my wife and I came to Greece as your guest, what meal would you cook for us? Beware because my wife doesn’t like fish.
A very Mediterranean meal with a vegan twist – so I’ll let your imagination run wild. I cook as I paint – I improvise!
(AFA: Your culinary improv doesn’t surprise me.)

In closing, here are some extra points to note

Marina is a classically trained pianist and vocal soprano who stretches her creativity in her musical project known as MK-O, a collaboration of original music with her musical husband. With that in mind, enjoy these original works. For Android users like me, here’s the scoop on the free MK-O app.

Marina, thank you for being willing to be the premier feature on Take 5. We’ll leave you with a chance to enjoy her music.

144 thoughts on “On Take 5 with Marina

  1. Such beautiful art and music Marina! I just saw someone else start a new series of 5 random questions with a blogger recently, was it the Hook? Is it coincidence or is it a new thing? Either way, it’s a great idea! Nice to find out a bit more about other bloggers! I’ve never been to the Greek mainland, but I love the Greek islands – my kids and I have gone to them for the last three years. The last two years we’ve gone to Corfu and the year before we sent to Zant/Zakynthos. Even though we stayed in fairly touristy areas, they’re small touristy areas so you don’t feel overwhelmed with people, plus we chose small apartment complexes to stay in so there’s plenty of room around the pool. And wherever you are on those islands, it’s so easy to walk a short way and find some tranquility and a secluded beach, the climate is wonderful, the people are so friendly and laid back. I want to go back now!


    • Vanessa,
      Many thanks for endorsing the Greek islands and sharing some of your experiences there. Sounds wonderful! Over the years, I’ve seen various interviews, including some tied to awards. Also noticed some that (to me) have too many questions … hence the idea of Take 5. Otherwise, this post and something similar from others is just a coincidence. I encourage you to visit her blog, so if you do, tell her I sent you.


  2. My dear Frank,
    I am honored and very grateful for:
    a. being a premier feature on Take 5,
    b. for the hospitality and
    most i m p o r t a n t l y
    c. your FRIENDSHIP.
    Thank you from my heart.
    a big big smile: 🙂


  3. Great post for an humble great artist! I do love very much Marina’s art…
    Although in a country in crisis (Greece) Marina show great determination and exceptional willpower. The multiplicity of her “art” and delicacy of the colors together with refinement of execution, makes her an artist with a “capital A”! It’s representational art, as per her choice of music, which gives the listener and viewer certainly “positive” and meditative emotions.
    I hope to soon have the opportunity to meet her in person (next summer both our boys will be in the Aegean for a couple of weeks for sailing).
    Congratulations Frank, for this interesting post interview-sound&visionart 😀
    Wish you a lovely weekend Claudine


  4. This is wonderful, Frank, & Marina is a very worthy artist to interview. I literally just recently bought a few things off her Society6!

    That fortune tree is so beautiful. Love how you did the video.

    Beautiful! 🙂


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  6. In the very short time I have come to know Marina at WordPress, I just love her beautiful talent as both an artist and a Singer/Musician.. Her easy brush strokes caress the paper.. Marina always has time for you, and has a wonderful sense of humour too I have found..
    Thank you for more insights given within your interview here Frank .. I am new to your Blog.. and you look to have a very interesting site… Thank you for the share..


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  8. Cool – I feel like I was part of a studio audience at an awesome talk show.
    Like the feel & flow of this type of presentation. Wonderful art work & love the intro bit with the painting & the music. 🙂


  9. I loved the interview. The questions were interesting and Marina’s response very spontaneous just like her adorable paintings!
    Oh those Greek islands must be so exotic. Maybe one day ….:)


  10. Beautiful interview Marina, so sorry of the financial circumstance that you and my other friends in Greece are facing today. Your ability to refocus and find new markets for your beautiful work is stuff of pure creative idealism, tenacity and determination that I see filtering through everything you do. You give inspiration a run for it’s money – you inspire me. Your voice fills the air with notes of pure silky smooth sounds – it is a quiet powerhouse.


  11. Thank you very much, Mouse. So flattered! As I say, it is all Frank’s talent of bringing out the best in everyone! 🙂 About the classical trained: Music conservatory: piano, music studies, jazz improvisation and classical singing. Painting… I had the best and worst kind of teacher very very early on, my dad who is a painter and cartoonist. Otherwise studied art and design in London – Middlesex Polytechnic then – University now.
    Again: thank you, Frank!!! 🙂


  12. Wonderful interview, Frank, thanks. Brilliant to begin your series with one of the preeminent artists in the world today. I knew she could play the tuba, and I heard a rumor that she taught Eric Clapton how to play blues guitar, but I didn’t know she was a classically trained pianist– amazing!

    I think my favorite part was how the audience burst into applause when you introduced Marina. My only complaint: she’s such a big star, they should have applauded for 8 minutes, not 8 seconds.

    Great job, thanks again! : )


    • Mark,
      Welcome first-time commenter to my little corner of the world. I figure you must be from Marina’s blog. She is talented and must be a delightful person to know. Quite the way to kickoff the series, but will also be a tough act to follow.


  13. Mark, you probably mean the Fluba and of course your sourses are correct about Clapton, among others… but as you know modesty is a virtue!!!
    I’m so glad you have met Frank. I am certain you’ll soon be adicted to his content!!!
    Thank you so very much!!! 🙂


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  15. A late entrant to your world, Frank, even though I have been admiringly following marina and her many talents for several months now; the interview and the clips here are a new revelation to me of her talent in music…bravo.., raj.

    Liked by 1 person

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