On a Snappy Monday

How was your weekend? Most importantly, I hope yours was safe.

We returned to the dance floor for the first time. Wow … it’s amazing how much one can forget! But we had fun and it was good to see some dance friends again.

We also went out to dinner with two unique groups. First, with our those from our neighborhood-to-be, and the next night with our current neighbor. Our current neighborhood has been wonderful for many years, but it seems like our future is also in good hands.

We also spent time with my mother-in-law. She’s struggling, so who knows how much longer she’ll be with us. Thanks for all your positive thoughts and concerns.

Woo hoo!!!! The Take 5 series got off to a great start. A special thanks to my guest, Marina, who also took the time to reply to comments.

With this being Thanksgiving week in the USA, it may not be a normal week of posting.

Time to take note of these upcoming celebrations

  • (Week) Better Conversation Week, Game & Puzzle Week, Care Givers Week
  • (Mon) Blasé Day
  • (Tues) Cake Day
  • (Wed) Day of Listening, Tie One on Day, Pins & Needles Day, Bavarian Cream Pie Day
  • (Thurs) Thanksgiving (US), Hanukkah, Letter Writing Day, Maize Day, Gone-to-Pot Day, French Toast Day

Let’s get on with jump starting your week. Better yet, let’s approach this task with a little bit of snap. Have a good week ahead!

66 thoughts on “On a Snappy Monday

  1. Thursday is also ISON Perihelion day around the noon hour. I will be watching.

    Soon your twinkle toes will be back. Never fear.

    The highlight of my weekend was the cold I caught. Bah! I am determined not to let it get the best of me. Zinc will do the trick.

    Tuesday I make scones before a friend comes for lunch. 🙂


  2. The weekend here in San Antonio was cold and rainy, but still enjoyable. The week coming up should be very exciting with Comet ISON closing in on the Sun! Let’s hope it survives perihelion!

    Hope you, and your family, have a great Thanksgiving Frank!!


    • Alex,
      I know it was unusually cold in Texas as I saw clips on the news plus watched a game from Houston on Saturday. Of course that also means it was colder here. Meanwhile, the comet event is interesting … and I know you’ll keep me informed! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving yourself …. it will be a bit different for us, but we will do what we can. Meanwhile, Good Morning!


      • Going to be a chilly week, but hopefully the drizzly rain will move out soon. And yep, as for ISON – it will be getting my complete attention this week, and hopefully, if it survives, more attention still.

        I’ve found that those ‘different’ holidays, no matter their reason, often turn into the most meaningful ones. My best to you.


  3. You’re moving, too? We hope the house sells in a timely fashion. No “traffic” this weekend as it is cold and wet, not to mention a holiday coming up. Yet, husband and I remember we saw our current home on Thanksgiving eve and couldn’t wait to put an offer in on the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe, just maybe, history will repeat itself. AND daughter is moving back this week to TX after 5 yrs. in CA! It will be nice to have her closer again.


    • Georgette,
      This is actually the first time I’ve mentioned about our future move. So plate of life feels a bit full at the moment. Congrats on your daughter returning home! … and if I dare to test my memory, I’m recalling a grandson as well.


  4. And, hooray I didn’t miss your mention of moving. I would have felt I was slacking on my reading if I had missed that detail. With the move, three online learning environments to learn, etc. I’m afraid I haven’t been blogging like I used to posting twice a week and trying not to miss a post…but some weeks this fall have been a bit of a blur. Cheers to you for keeping up admirably.


    • Yes … .cheers to you noticing. I guess the only reason I mentioned it was the fact that we had these two dinners with neighbors in different neighborhoods. Nonetheless, there will be a time when I slow down posting … and then stop for a bit … followed by ramping back up. Seems you have a lot going on, so one can only do what one must do. Hang in there!


  5. Time will tell. For the last three years, I always take the month of June off. A teaching schedule habit, I suppose. And surprise, surprise my blogging friends found me and I felt renewed to start again. This fall I tapered from twice a week posting to once. I was relieved to check the drafts in my wp archive this weekend…I think there’s still something to say for a while.


      • Oh Lord. I recommend matches. We have moved multiple times in that time period. And since someone else always paid we have schlepped stuff from place to place. When we retire, we will foot the bill. A big bonfire will be in order. But perhaps you are more orderly (and less prone to save everything) than I!


        • I have a few of those … but at least I am comfortable pitching those — If I haven’t used it in 20 years, chances are good that I can do without. But we ended up with a lot of stuff when my parents went and I have never been able to part with it. So I schlepp!


  6. Glad to hear you’re back on the dance floor. Must feel good. I’m in Miami for a book thing. Mostly rain but some sunshine yesterday. And my youngest son and I (he’s my travel companion) got to see some gators in the Everglades yesterday, so that was fun. 🙂


  7. happy bleh day to you, Frank. so good to hear you are back on the dance floor ♥
    oo, snap. what a hilarious video. i cannot imagine practicing for such a number. ☺ i think i must have missed your post on moving. good to know who your neighbors are… cheers!


    • Sun,
      Glad you enjoyed your dose of Bobby Badfingers … and that’s something I can’t imagine practicing. You didn’t miss a moving post because this is the first time I’ve mentioned it. Just odd that we had two dinners on separate evenings with two groups of neighbors … those to be and then the current. We have a good neighborhood now, but it seems we’ll have good neighbors in the spring.


  8. Holy snaps Batman!

    Glad to hear that you’re back on the dance floor 🙂
    Sorry about your MIL though. I’ll be sure to keep her in my prayers.
    If I don’t “see” you before Thursday – Have a nice week & a Happy Thanksgiving.


    • RoSy,
      Many thanks for the best wishes and for the holiday greeting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! … and give those Bears a swift kick in the butt. 😉 …. and your opening line made me laugh!!!


  9. Weekend? There was a weekend, Frank? Today could be Crispy Fried Day for me Frank. Let’s just say I was a tad swamped at The Grind. I’m very happy that we’re heading for French Toast Day on Thursday, but it has some monster competition.


  10. i’m sorry to hear that you MIL is struggling. I really hate to hear that, but I know you and your dear wife are with her as much as possible. This must be a very hard time. I’m so glad you were able to get out and dance and meet new neighbors. I didn’t realize you were moving. Very exciting. As for the week’s special designations, I am going to take liberties with Gone-to-Pot Day and move it to Friday. I think after Thursday I will be ready to celebrate GTP! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Thanks … we’re doing what we can, which also means keeping our eye on my FIL. Meanwhile, you didn’t miss anything about my moving because this was the first time I mentioned it here … but the actual move is still months away.


  11. Gone-to-Pot day, that must be special just for me. Special permission to wallow? Just for me.

    Badfingers, kinda cool in a strange and weird way you know. I suppose we all have a talent.

    Glad to see you getting back on the dance floor! I don’t think you forgot Frank, it is like riding a bike isn’t it? I suspect our muscles simply fight not to be pushed to extremes after a time of rest. 😉

    When are you planning a move?


    • Val,
      Good points about Bobby Badfinger, but I one who likes strange in a weird way talent. 😉

      I see your dance and biking analogy, but in lead-and-follow dance, the male has to think and think ahead about what to do … while the female must react without hesitation … well, after an absence, what to do on both parts are forgotten.

      We foresee the move in early spring, so there’s away to go.


  12. My weekend went from cold to colder and we had some rain and a little sleet. It’s not bad and I’ve still had power. I can’t complain – I’ve got the whole week off for holiday break.
    I’m glad you and your wife got to go dancing (I hope it made your wife feel a bit better)
    You’re moving?


    • Hood,
      Cold, yukky weather was smacking many of us around last weekend .. and still is!

      This is the first time I’ve mentioned moving … so you didn’t miss anything. Plus it’s months away.


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