On an AFA Deluxe

Because November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month, trivia buffs will want these factoids about peanuts. Others want a culinary delight, thus that is the purpose of this post.

1) Get two slices of bread.


Wheat bread is my preferred choice

2) On one slice, spread peanut butter (amounts may vary).

Smooth peanut butter is here, but I prefer chunky

Smooth peanut butter is here, but I prefer chunky

3) On the other slice, spread marshmallow creme (fluff).

Eating a spoonful of marshmallow creme is acceptable behavior

Eating a spoonful of marshmallow creme is acceptable behavior

4) On top of the marshmallow creme, sprinkle mini chocolate chips.

The chips serve as deluxe feature number 1

The chips serve as deluxe feature number 1

5) Slice a banana (either lengthwise or cross section cuts acceptable), and then place the slices on the peanut butter bread.

Bananas are deluxe feature number 2

Bananas are deluxe feature number 2

6) Bring the two slices together as a sandwich.

Nirvana awaits

Nirvana awaits

7) Bite the sandwich to your personal specifications.

It won't last long at that riate

It won’t last long at that riate

8) Continuing biting the sandwich until the sandwich is gone.

Ready for preparing a second one

Ready for preparing a second one

9) Rave about the experience by telling your friends about A Frank Angle’s Deluxe Fluffernutter.

103 thoughts on “On an AFA Deluxe

  1. I’ve never tried peanut butter and marshmallow spread together. With the extras you’ve added, I might just have to give it a go. And try not to feel guilty about it… (Love the photo of the ‘gone’ sandwich!)

  2. Sounds like a heavenly dessert! I love peanut butter and chocolate (think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups), but the addition of marshmallow creme and bananas? Sensory overload! And I’m not even goin’ there with the calories! :-)

  3. I had no idea November was national peanut butter lovers month or any of these facts on peanuts but thank you for enlightening me. It’s always good to have more knowledge!

    • JCC,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Just to let you know, celebrations are part of my stuff here. With December right around the corner, I will be working something about the new month. I also try to work daily and weekly celebrations on my Monday and Friday posts.

  4. Wow, will have to tell the kids about this when they come in for Thanksgiving. After the ham, gravy, pumpkin pie, fruit pies, cool whip and such…they will love this by Friday. You’re a lifesaver, Frank…but not round.

  5. OMG! Meth dealers, stand back! OK, FRANK, WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS? It was The Ayatollah, right? A conspiracy to undermine America’s health, obviously. Forget about nukes. We are DOOMED! Ah, but the going I going to be EVER so nice! :lol:

  6. Just from reading this post, Frank, I felt like I was slipping into a diabetic coma. Wow, that’s a ton of sweet stuff! Two bites and I’d be buzzed all the way into the New Year. Too sweet for me!

  7. As I was dragged up in England I never got this peanut butter thing. There is something in the texture of the stuff that makes me want to retch. On the other hand I don’t want to turn this into an anti-American food comment. You have wonderfully creative food combinations that I would never have thought about in England, such as putting ketchup on scrambled eggs. I positively love this combination.

    • Malcolm,
      A friend from a previous church was from the UK, and he said he never understood peanut butter! Someone here previously mentioned they didn’t think marshmallow creme was available for them. … so I understand the apprehension. As for me, no ketchup on my eggs.

    • Catherine,
      My wife likes a toasted peanut butter and onions sandwich … but also the Fluffernutter. She’s thrilled that I bought more marshmallow creme the last time to the grocery store.

      • No! No, they’re not available!! Never seen anything like it – seriously!

        My ex husband told me of a Portugese sandwich that he learned how to make: white bread, plum jam in between, dipped in batter and deep fried. I thought that was the most excessive food ever, until this post, Frank.

        • I’ve seen deep friend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches here … of course, USA festivals are known for having interesting deep-fried treats. Then again, vegemite is not easily available for us.

    • Greg,
      Welcome first-time commenter .. and hey … glad you are willing to try this creation … sure hope I get a report about your thoughts. Heck, as a photography enthusiast, I’m sure you can make a creative pictorial about this creation.

    • Leo,
      The basic Fluffernutter is without the chocolate and the banana … so that’s where I started. Interestingly, I never knew about a Fluffernutter until a month ago or so … but a friend says he had them as a kid … so I’ve got the feeling it was a US east coast thing.

  8. I may have to try that — only without the chocolate. While I DO love chocolate and I DO love peanut butter, I HATE the combination. Go figure …

    Happy Thanksgiving Frank.

    • Elyse,
      That will work. The chocolate chips didn’t overpower the peanut butter … just enough of a hit while delivering some crunch. Enjoy … and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  9. Yum! When life is getting me down or just plain old dragging, my pick me up is always crunchy peanut butter, huge dollop of fluff on very fresh white bread. Accompanied by a large glass oh chocolate milk. Pure happiness.

    Mini chocolate chips=nice touch!

  10. i love the peanut butter but my teeth (and pancreas) are cringing over the marshmallow creme. one thinks of cavities the other contemplating if a diabetic shock would be worth the bite. now, bananas…that’s more like it. ha-ha. :lol:

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  13. Dear Heaven!! I have only just recently discovered the joys of chocolate covered peanut butter blobs [on my birthday cake you may recall] so am willing to believe this is indeed a culinary delight – but my waistline may not agree! I shall no longer be ignorant about a fluffermutter :-)

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