On Thanksgiving 2013

To us in the USA, Thursday is Thanksgiving, which has been a Federal holiday since 1863. Although it’s associated with time with family, bountiful feasts, football, and parades, it’s also a time for giving thanks.

There is much for which to be thankful, and many times many of us tend to forget the simple things as food to eat, shelter, clean water, warmth, clothing, and many more. Although it’s a difficult time for our family, I took a little time to put together a simple list for me.

I’m thankful for …

… what should be an exhaustive list

… having a good, kind, gentile, and gracious mother-in-law

… the beautiful full moons, but also when its absence accentuates the stars

… for the ability to pick good friends

… the many caregivers

… the ability to travel

… thinkers and those willing to learn

… volunteers and community agencies reaching out to help others

… all the daily conveniences we take for granted

… those who work to make life safe

… customer service employees who really try to be helpful

… growing up in a small town when small towns were still vibrant

… being about to enjoy many types of music

… the many positives my wife brings to my life

… a supplement to help those with lactose intolerance

… the ways people step forward to help others in need

… college and universities, especially Bowling Green State University, the University of Cincinnati, and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

… fresh herbs that enhance the meal

… having relatives in Europe

… soft toilet paper

… the grocery store clerks who smile

… the internet being a great learning tool

… anything that makes me smile and/or laugh

… pets as we miss ours

… freedom

… all the ways bloggers share their passions and skills

… the many nice bloggers I encounter as they reinforce my belief that the majority of people in the world are good

… WordPress and its community

… being about to write Happy Thanksgiving to all

I’m thankful for The Piano Guys.

70 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I’m thankful that you stopped by my blog & that we connected. I always enjoy your posts & your sense of humor!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mrs. Frank, & all of your loved ones.


  2. Frank, I hope you have a lovely holiday, and that your MIL is doing OK. I too am thankful for many things. My family, my in-laws, my job. And, of course, soft toilet paper.


    • Hudson,
      Thank you … and love your description of The Piano Guys as the perfect gravy. I use my share of videos, so it was important to find the right one. Happy Thanksgiving up there across my northern border.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I applaud and endorse your gratitude list. I sure hope your MIL is improving. Your creative and thoughtful blog is on my list of things to be thankful for–your work always lifts my spirits.


    • Greg,
      I frequently use videos, and finding one to go with the post is important … and being thankful for The Piano Guys, I thought this one offered a variety of perspectives. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


    • Sue,
      Thank you, but I had to include how it should be exhaustive. Thanks for dropping by … and I shall return to your blog .. I ask for your patience as my plate is a bit full at this end. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  4. Wonderful list. Yes, soft toilet paper cannot be taken for granted. I remember my 8 yr. old shock at my grandmother’s house in Mexico one Christmas…”But Mom, this is like notebook paper!” And I don’t want to take for granted your posts that keep our fingers on the pulse of a very interesting community.
    In “My Best Friend’s Wedding” I love George’s line at the end of the movie “Let there be dancing.” I tried to find a youtube video of that scene…but alas, can’t find it. You will have to find that film and enjoy the last 10″…it’s wonderful.
    I will keep you all, MIL and FIL in my thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving.


    • Georgette,
      The notebook paper comment made me laugh .. oh my my … many of us have been there. Thanks for the kind words and best wishes regarding our family situation … which is a bit agonizing – but hey – she gave us much for which to be thankful!


  5. I, too, was surprised that you left dancing off your thankfulness list? Otherwise it was a wonderful collection of thoughts that genuinely reflects who you are, and your ability to uncover the positives in life. In fact, on my recent trip to China/Taiwan where the only English speaking TV channel available was CNN International, I found myself watching Anthony Bourdain happily describing the mysterious collection of foods he was eating that day, and thinking – THAT’S FRANK! You bring exactly the same excitement and energy to the way you view the world, and through your blog we all benefit. Happy Thanksgiving and keep on blogging!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Frank! I loved your list, enjoy our friendship, and all the references to toilet paper in the comments made me laugh!


    • John,
      Welcome first-time commenter … especially because I don’t get many visitors from BlogSpot. Don’t we all take too much for granted? Way too much! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  7. This is a teary thank you and thankfulness from me to you. At this time…thoughts of both my parents, Mom and Step-Dad who are now at peace and once again together. I am thankful for that even though it is difficult letting go. So I’ve decided to keep them both with me in rousing spirit. With belief and faith…everything truly does come out right. What a gift your are. Thinking of you and Mrs. aFA today…and wrapping thankful arms around you both. Raye


  8. I’m very late here, Frank. It has been a very busy (but good) couple of days. Thank you for your wonderful list of Thankfullness and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    PS: I love the Piano Guys, too!


    • Isadora,
      Welcome first-time commenter … and a friend of Marina’s is a friend of mine. As you can tell by the Categories on the side bar, my topics are wide ranging. One of the subpages of the About page will tell you my typical schedule. Meanwhile, there are many things to be thankful for!


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