On the Season for the Crazed

Shopping, Christmas cards, parties, cooking, cleaning, travel, visitors, and more can turn the holiday season into a crazed whirlwind. Consider the later-than-normal Thanksgiving for Americans, and then top it with a death in the family, it is safe to say that the holiday craziness is shorter for us – although I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

The purpose of this post is to provide several videos for the crazed season. Enjoy.

I have said for many years that the Christmas season doesn’t officially start until I see the Norelco commercial with Santa riding the triple-header. Yep – I’m thankful for YouTube, so the season has begun for me.

Even though I didn’t shop on Black Friday and avoid malls/major shopping areas on weekends, this annual search for gifts makes me laugh. FYI: I have been picking gifts for my regulars, more to come.

With the season for the frantic, this fast handbell rendition of Wizards in Winter by the Raleigh Ringers (one of America’s premier choirs) is one of my favorite holiday favorites. After seeing this video for the first time several years ago, my wife said she found watching to be exhausting. Watch the high-bell ringers on the left (especially toward the end) as they hold two different bells in each hand.


74 thoughts on “On the Season for the Crazed

  1. In these days of the year are always so nice… I love the spirit of these days… Also reminds me my childhood days… especially with my Dad… The lights in the cities… the shop window decorations and the squares with Christmas trees… Actually this is a great feeling that people come together… but of course commercially goes crazy too… I know, I can understand you dear Frank, but I wish you and your family to have a nice Christmas. Memories are always great and at the end life is just to collect nice memories… This is the only richness in life. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia


    • Nia,
      Although Christmas is a Christian holiday, I’m a firm believer that it provides a spirit of the season that crosses everyone … you know, a spirit of goodness. Yes, our season will be a little empty, but as you say, positive memories are important to celebrate. Many thanks to you!


  2. Norelco “no gotchas”…cute! I remember D1 playing handbells one Christmas concert and also, playing in the band. Don’t remember the music but I do remember her scurrying from her chair to take her place with the hand bells and then back again.
    Realtor announced yesterday he wants an Open House, Saturday, Dec 21. Gack.!..does that mean I have to spring into action every day this week to prepare for the perfect neighborhood party? A bit frantic…so guilty.


  3. Wizards in Winter….I am so exhausted now, however, am headed down to the basement of our 9-story building to beat on our 1922 boiler with the same fervor that ringy-dingy bell beater (on the very right) used…to get the heating system up and running on this cold, cold morn. Wish me luck, aFA…it is dark down there!

    Loved the Sad Gravy product. Daughter and I are going to eat “Sad Popcorn” at a Christmas Day cinema matinee’…The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller. She and I have decided to break with usual dinner&guest festivities and lighten our load this year. We will, most likely….laugh until we cry…a fitting way to celebrate this Holiday for us considering….

    Feisty Figs coming your way any day now…with grins…


    • Raye,
      Good luck with the boiler … and I’m confident that the following the fervor of the Raleigh Ringers will increase your odds. If nothing else, your adrenalin should be working at the moment .. good luck.

      I got the feeling you are looking forward to your Christmas Day with your daughter at a movie. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits … wear it. Looking forward to the Feisty Figs.


  4. That video is hysterical. I may need to steal it (with appropriate attribution, no doubt). I only wish I had seen it before posting about my mother’s gift giving tendencies! This guy’s got nothin’ on my mom!


  5. Frank, I do love me a bell ringer….especially during the holidays…melts the heart.I am surprised they don’t get carpal tunnel from performing with the bells…lol! I have enjoyed getting to meet you thru the blogshpere…and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


    • Laurie,
      I imagine both arthritis and carpel tunnel slow down bell ringers .. but as you can see, the Raleigh Ringers take handbells to another level. Thanks for the kind words and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  6. Oh, I had never seen that Norelco commercial and I see what you mean… Yep, Christmas season is here! The Black Friday prank was really funny too but… I left best for last, what a beautiful piece they’re playing and these people, other than the obvious musical talents they acquire juggling skills too!!! I loved it! No wonder it’s one of your holiday favorites! 🙂


  7. Nostalgia, bursting out loud laughter, and lovely music – great program for the day, Frank! I’m still cracking up over the Black Friday shopping list – hah! Especially since I do very little shopping for “stuff” – NO one on my list wants any more stuff, so it is usually an exchange of music, candy, wine, or gift cards for favorite restaurants. Christmas here focuses on family, friends, food, fun, making music and chilling out – very eco-friendly 🙂


  8. Aw, man! I wondered where the ol’ Christmas Spirit had got to– why, it’s right here in this blog post!!

    I hadn’t seen that Norelco commercial in many a year– they don’t make ’em like that anymore, and that’s a pity.

    I spend Black Friday hiding in the closet myself– it’s wise not to take any chances. Very funny clip– how that guy kept a straight face (well, mostly) is beyond me.

    That “ringer” video was outstanding!! I’ve seen bell ringers before, but nothing close to that caliber. And I’d never seen a ringer “playing” bells like drums– now there’s an extra dimension of sound for you!!

    Great stuff, Frank– thanks a heap, and Merry Christmas!! : )


  9. What a great video-share, Frank! I enjoyed each one. I haven’t seen the Norelco Santa this year yet, so you chose well. 🙂 And those handbell ringers are amazing. I’m with your wife on this one! It made me a little anxious. LOL! Such ability and talent. Happy Christmas season to you…even a short one. I feel with you it’s a good time to begin to wish you a Happy New Year…almost time to turn the calendar and sense a fresh start. 🙂


    • Debra,
      … and I imagine you recall seeing Santa on the Norelco back in the day. For me, a definite classic! I sure hope to see the Raleigh Ringers in concert some day! … after all, they tour! Thanks for the early holiday greetings!


  10. Christmas is a time for closeness… close shaving! OMG! That’s too funny, Frank 🙂

    That Black Friday prank was hilarious! I loved it Frank. I so love coming over this way. You always make me laugh. Portugese fish socks, ear pudding. LOVED IT!! Shroud of Turin beach towel. Ha ha ha ha.

    Oh love this post, Frank xxxxx !!


  11. That was fun, Frank! The Black Friday pranks were funny, and the bell ringers amazing! I loved the Santa on the razor at Christmastime. It even made my dad laugh, and I think he always wished he had one.


  12. I’m late to the party here, Frank, but that’s because I have figured out the perfect solution to holiday craziness! Go diving in Bonaire! It’s beautiful here. After a red-eye flight on Friday night, we did our first dive yesterday and the reef is fantastic. Stay tuned for pictures!


    • Cathy,
      Never late to the party as the doors are always open … especially for vacationers. Sounds like you are off to a good start, so I look forward to the pics. FYI: Hope you get a stop by on Saturday for the Christmas party!


    • Kayjai,
      Many thanks for the kind words and thoughts. As each day passes, each of us are a bit better. Meanwhile, FYI … Christmas Party here on Saturday … be there and bring your friends.


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