On the AFA Holiday Gift Party

Welcome to my Christmas/Holiday Party for my friends, their guests, and whoever stops by the holiday gathering!

I’ve never done a post like this before, but it was fun to put together. Below the image are gifts for many of the faces here and bloggers I visit. These people come not only different parts of the world, but from different cultures and belief systems. They are Christians, Jews, Muslim, Atheists, Agnostics, and others, yet each of them is part of a global community of goodness – so peace and goodwill to all!

The elf below has the gifts. (Quite the helper wouldn’t you say?) There is an order in the listings, but you may have to look around.

If your name isn’t listed, I apologize – so open one of the Grab Bags at the end. Your choice!

Because others want to know what you got, please tell about your gift in the comments. You never know, someone may want to trade with you! After all, I don’t believe there are duplicates.

I encourage everyone to comment about the gift of others. After all, parties involve good conversations.

If you see someone who you know and they haven’t arrived, please notify them to drop by for their present because I didn’t use any ping-back methods as a reminder.

FYI: Different entertainment will appear in the comments throughout the day.

A reminder to stop by for annual Christmas Eve treats of wonder. After all, it will be the one-year anniversary of the 2012 edition that was Freshly Pressed.

Positive cheers to all in the spirit goodness for the season … and thanks for reinforcing my belief system that there are many good people in the world.

Don’t forget to get the T-shirt before you leave. It’s at the end of the post.


Thanks to Russell Deasley for this

Al @ A Mixed Bag
Alex @ Things I Love
Alisha @ AbTwixt
Angela @ Mind Margins
Annie @ World According to Cuttlefish
Amy @ Bumble Files
Archon @ Archon’s Den
Audra @ Unfettered BS

Brenda @ Friendly Fairy Tales
BuddhaKat @ BuddhaKat
Bulldog @ The Photographic Journey of the Bulldog

Carrie @ The Write Transition
Catherine @ Always a Redhead
Cathy @ Large Self
Cayman @ Drinks Well with Others
Cindy @ Cindy Knoke Photography
Claudine @ Giovannoni Claudine
Colline @ Colline’s Blog

Debra @ Bagni di Lucca & Beyond
Debra @ Breathe Lighter
Deborah @ Airports Made Simple
Deborah Closet Monster
Don in Mass
D-Fae @ Among the Crystals, Dragons, and Fae

Eleanor @ How and the Hell did I End Up Here?
Elyse @ Fifty-Four and a Half

Fasab @ Fasab
Frank @ Trail Life Hike

Georgette @ Georgette Sullins
GFB at GingerFightBack … with special guest Oily George
Guapo @ Guapola
Gull @ The Magnifique Way

Hansi @ The Blithering Idiot
Hood @ White Lady in the Hood
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Isadora @ Inside the Mind of Isadora

Jackie @ Breathing to Write
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Kathy Sister-in-Law
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Laurie @ Pride in Photos Photography
Le Clown @ Clown on Fire
Leo @ Doggy Style
Les @ Best Bathroom Books
Lizzy @ Lizzy Cracked
LouAnn @ On the Homefront
Lynn @ Composer in the Garden

Maddie @ Breezy Books
Madhu @ The Urge to Wander
Marina @ Art Towards a Happy Day
Mark @ Mark Armstrong Illustrations
Melanie @ Our View in Iowa
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Shimon @ The Human Picture
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Sue @ Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary
Sun @ Simply Charming
Suzanne @ A Window in the Woods
Sylvia @ A Day in Paradise

TBM @ 50-Year Project
Tim: Mr. Marching Band
Tom M @ Within the Spheres

Val @ Tilted Tiara
Vanessa @ Vanessa Chapman
Vivika @ My Guilty Pleasures
Victoria @ Vix Views

Weebs @ Madame Weebles
Wine Wankers @ The Wine Wankers

Grab Bag 1
Grab Bag 2
Grab Bag 3
Grab Bag 4
Grab Bag 5
Grab Bag 6
Grab Bag 7
Grab Bag 8
Grab Bag 9
Grab Bag 10
Grab Bag 11
Grab Bag 12
Grab Bag 13
Grab Bag 14
Grab Bag 15

Thanks for attending. For those who don’t understand the T-shirt reference, click here.

Courtesy of Victoria @ Vic Views

Courtesy of Victoria @ VixViews

330 thoughts on “On the AFA Holiday Gift Party

  1. Wow Frank! I love my gift! You couldn’t have picked a better gift for me! Yea! Ok, everyone I got a journal! A writing journal. Well it’s a special journal. It’s a journal of Versus! From the onion store. Awesome! It has over 230 illustrated faceoffs of psychological import, insightful interpretations, and plenty of writing room for contemplation to provide self-awareness that you could never achieve on your own. Am I the first to the party?


    • Lame,
      Knowing your appreciation for The Grind, I knew Dumb Employed Stories was the gift for you. I must admit that there were many choices for you … and I doubt anyone will be able to pry that gift from your mitts. Glad you safely made it from NYC to SF … enjoy! Merry Christmas to you.


  2. So rad! I’m getting that for the newest addition. Also, I sneaked a peek at John E’s gift and . . . yes. Just yes. 🙂

    Thank you for the smiles!


    • Deborah,
      When I saw the Mustache Baby Pacifier, I immediate thought it would be perfect. I hope you rewrapped Erickson’s gift well, after all, he can be fussy. I rattled his cage about the party, so I imagine he will make an appearance. Thanks for stopping by! … BTW – Want is your location?


  3. Dear Frank… I love you. Thank you for my most excellent gift. I need one of those! WTF indeed!! I love that you made me crack up at 6am. You are a GEM. I am so very glad Lame Adventures sent me your way.
    I am stil chuckling..


    • Audra,
      I’m so happy you appreciate the WTF Stamp. You’ve started my morning with smiles. Thanks for coming all the way from Connecticut.

      Meanwhile I can’t believe you just walked in the door … none other than Jimmy Buffet!


  4. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to show my kids. Thank you very much for my gift Frank, it will be proudly displayed on my bookshelf in the living room.

    I am quite happy I came across your blog, it is read with great pleasure. I look forward to 2014.


    • Good Morning Catherine … the first from Ontario to arrive, but not the first Canadian.

      I know you could have written that book, but as one who enjoys playing mind games with her kids, I’m confident that it may give you an idea or two! I’d love to hear the reaction from your kids!

      By the way, Santa will appear around noon … and he asked about you … so hope you return … and thanks for the kind words … and thanks for attending … I must be off to another guest.


      • The teenage boy pretty much ignores his mother’s blogging adventures; middle child thought your gift was hysterical (she brags about my blogging since she is a main character in many of the stories I tell); the eldest will return Sunday night and I will show her my new book.

        I have tried to reblog your post (hoping it worked) plus I have shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter feed (where I seem to spend far too much of my time).


        • Thanks for the scoop, and cheers to your middle child. Maybe she has your sense of humor gene! Thanks for the passing this around. Hope one of your friends is brave enough to identify themselves and take a grab bag!


  5. Good morning Frank! It’s nice to see your party already in full swing so early this morning. I hope you continue to have a great day with it. I love the Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon song, by the way! And I must thank you for my ‘Product Not Found’! It’s the loveliest “Product Not Found’ I’ve EVER received! 😉 I thought about stealing Guapo’s ‘Product Not Found’ before he woke up, but mine is MUCH nicer! 😀


  6. all I can see I am glad I did not get Madame Weebles book–your gift to me is making me rethink my posts–but it is really quite well-chosen as I am on an eternal journey for self-improvement! this was a really cool idea and must have taken you awhile–I am going to pop back in and check out some other gifts over the next few days. Merry, merry–and I am bringing some chilled champagne to the party with some chips and dip!


  7. Merry Christmas, Frank! I’m in a hotel room and will have to rush off in a minute, but didn’t want to miss your party. Thank you so much for the gift. It’s perfect!! Of course It’s Going to Be OK. It’s the subtitle of the book I really love (“A journal to reassure myself when I’m overwhelmed by the creeping sense of impending disaster and….”). LOL! I could use that on this trip. Getting through the D.C.-Baltimore-Annapolis area last night was not easy. I think everyone in those areas must have been out on the roads, having accidents, and closing off the ramps we needed to continue our trip.

    Thanks again. I’ll come back and party some more if I have a few spare moments. 😀


    • Good Morning Robin,
      Wow … I’m touched that you stopped by while travelling. Knowing how calming your posts are about your newly beloved eastern shore of Maryland, I knew this was the gift for you. Safe travels to you … and the party will still be going until Sunday evening. You may enjoy some of the entertainment.


  8. Merry Christmas, Frank. Many blessings upon your camels. You are too kind. My Area Man tee shirt fits perfectly. And the color is right. I will cherish it. I will wear it tonight and tomorrow while the heavy snow falls over all of the AREA. Thanks, again. 🙂


  9. How did you know? Yes, Mr. Roto Rooter came yesterday to be sure everything flushes properly in the house with guests coming and staying next week, I wanted to be sure we don’t play musical plunger. Yes, I was a little “Scared Sh*tless.” First question from him: Where’s your water access pipe? I didn’t know nor did Mr. Rick. So he brought out his metal detector like transmitter thingy to comb the perimeter of the house and then PING he found it buried 6″ below the ground. Then his high priced camera snaked through the pipes and found nothing…water and other stuff flowing smoothly. “You have nothing to worry about,” he announced. Just be sure you either flush twice or hold the lever down…$375 later. Alas, I’m that much money down for last minute shopping, but Christmas is about the sights and sounds…the memory of a photo, singing carols together, eating everyone’s offering at the table or just being thoughtfully remembered as you have done this morning. Thank you, Frank! and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. And according to Warren with Roto Rooter, [True story btw…he arrived around 3:00 and left by 5:00 CST], “You have nothing to worry about. Just flush twice or hold the lever down with your 1.6 gallon tank being sure you get a nice swirl.”


    • Hey Y’ll … it’s Georgette from Texas. (I couldn’t resist).

      Believe it or not, Warren told me that you were on his schedule, so that helped determine you gift. Interesting instructions after two hours of work! Glad all you have to do is flush twice and hold the lever. Just make sure you leave those instructions with the next owner.


  10. Frank. What a great party. I love fortunes and without the cookie. I also had a look around and am going to get the “I kissed a Democrat gum.” I hope you have the best holiday ever and will look forward to your brilliant posts all next year. (BTW you are running a little low on the rum punch, I’m just saying). I loved the T-shirt as well. I have been doing Wednesday posts and really got a laugh out of that one. These sugar cookies are delicious. Can I get the recipe?


  11. I love my virtual gift, Frank! A bookend is perfect for me, especially one that holds up the weight of my ‘world’ of heavy books. Thank you! This is a wonderful idea for a holiday post. As I mentioned before, I’m going out of town for the weekend, but I’ll try to stop by later and check out other people’s gifts. It will be easier on my laptop than on this little phone. 🙂 Thanks again and have a great weekend!


  12. Oh aFA…what can I say?????? Love my book “Crazy Sh*t Old People Say”…..I’ve already jotted down some zingers in the margins for future reference. Most likely will use them when I take my show on the road. You’ll know I’m in town, just look for the bedazzled neon-lit marquee “SH*T HAPPENS”! Front row seats for you and the Mrs.

    YOU, aFA, are the nicest gift of all, she said, with tears and the biggest grin…
    Happy Christmas to you and yours….


  13. Happy Christmas Frank and thank you for the gift I got just what I wanted No 11 a Tea infuser .. I drink lots of herbal teas, HOW did you guess? Magic!…
    Brilliantly put together.. I hope you and your family enjoy the festivities over Christmas and wishing you a Peaceful and Happy 2014 ..
    And Enjoy the Magic 🙂


  14. Oh my goodness!!! This is the BEST present, EVER!!!! Frank, I knew you were keenly intuitive, but you really nailed it! (And I thought I was going to get a shoe shinning kit!)
    I hope my present comes with a life-time warranty, because I can see me wearing it out, quickly!

    Merry Christmas! From North Florida (with eye watering laughter!) You’re the best!!


    • Hooray .. it’s Victoria with Florida!

      Glad you enjoyed this … and I made sure you got the heavy-duty version! Thanks for the smiles. Meanwhile, you’ll have to return to see Santa around noon.


      • Looking forward to it Frank. And thanks again. Seriously, my eyes were watering I was LOL’ing so hard. And the coffee cups are a riot! I’ll be well prepared next Christmas, and have all my shopping done with one shipment!


        • 😀 … glad to know my efforts have delivered big hits. … but I can’t believer, not one newbie has dived into a Grab Bag … I think they are scared!!! … glad you actually got some future gift ideas!


  15. OMG Frank. You’ve truly outdone yourself.

    Ok, folks – here’s what I got: “Crazy S**t Presidents Say” book–true and factually verified.

    (Thankfully, The Nincompoop never made it near this book, but they would be doozies.)

    Some previews: JFK quote (I’ve always loved him, and apparently in his day, so did a few good women): “If I don’t have a woman in three days, I get a headache.”

    Jimmy Carter: “I’ve always wanted to drown my troubles, but I could never get my wife to go swimming with me.”
    The following were items I happened to notice on The Onion’s gift site (comm ents after product are my own):

    Anything from The Onion, Frank. You nailed it.

    Fave gift options available to those we love and know and won’t karate-chop us during a gift-giving ceremony:

    -bandaids that look like bacon (to drive our dog nuts)
    -coffee cup that says: You Are Dumb (a nice way to say what you’re really thinking to your co-workers)

    -coffee cup that says: I Wish I Were Dead (after that 3rd holiday party. you know-the one where you swore you’d not drink that much. again.)
    -coffee cup says: You’re a Douche (when it’s ok to say what you’re really thinking)
    -hand sanitizer that says: I love my penis (for that someone who has an inflated view of themselves)
    -hand sanitizer that says: I might have been playing with my genitals (ever heard of the book “Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands”? I would stay with the kissing and bowing part for this recipient)

    And, THANKS for the T-Shirt!!!

    Happy Holidays, Frank!


  16. Now Frank, how did you know? I ALWAYS wanted a pizza cutter that would encourage my children to help me with the serving up of pizza. And the zippy red colour may even help them to get the job done quickly! Next time we have pizza, I know I will think of you 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you Frank


  17. Frank, this is wonderful. Thank you for that gum. Although if I ever do kiss a Republican, I would need something stronger. MUCH stronger!

    BTW, Guap’s and Val’s gifts go to “Product not found” pages ;(. (I haven’t time now to read all the comments, so I don’t know if anybody let you know).

    And I LOVE the T-shirt and the elf. Very creative!


  18. I’m honored to be invited to your party this year, Frank, and ever so grateful for my introduction to the Onion store. I must confess however to an addiction to cynicism – I may overdose! (Is there an antidote?) There was one T-shirt that caught my eye as soon as I saw it: “Reganomics finally trickles down to area man.” Unfortunately, since I live down here in the buckle of the Bible Belt I can only wear it in bed after the lights are out. 😀

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Frank, and to all my new friends in your online jolly bunch!


  19. I GOT SQUIRREL SALT SHAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been shaking the squirrels in the woods for YEARS and could never get any salt out of them……
    Frank………this is the MOST amazing post….the amount of work you did is….EPIC!!
    Thanks so much for my gift and the T-shirt! I’m wearing it right now 🙂
    What an awesome party!!


  20. Well, thank you, Frank. I wasn’t thinking I really needed a sausage-linked dog leash, but if you’re not opposed to re-gifting, I know precisely who would benefit the most. I’ll go on over and say hello to our friend GFB. I KNOW he could put it to good use. But thank you anyway. It is definitely the thought that counts. It appears that my Amazon app has grabbed a cookie from this site and now for weeks to come they will be offering me another opportunity to purchase my now–after I send this one on over to Jim. So this will be the gift that keeps on giving and I will fondly think of you, our party host, each time, my friend.

    Have a wonderful rest of your day. You should be tired at the conclusion of such a large party!


    • Debra … and all the way from California.

      I was actually picturing walking Darwin with it around the neighborhood! … but you are right … Why did I think of that for GFB, that would have been perfect … must leave it on his next sausage post! .. then again, it may be a pic of you with a sausage on your head. 😉

      On the other hand, the leash was in the Grab Bag section … thus you didn’t see you actual gift that fits the name of your blog!


      • Oh my, Frank! Now I feel like I was a gift-hog! I LOVE this gift–it fits me perfectly. A “monkey tea infuser.” This was very thoughtfully chosen and will NOT be re-gifted or used for a white elephant gift. I’ll use it proudly and think of your generosity. Maybe GFB will just put the sausage leash back for someone else…but I doubt it. 🙂


    • Debra … my Aussie friend who spends much time in my homeland and currently in Helsinki!

      I can’t believe it … I just can’t believe that I forgot you on the list. I’m stunned and ashamed. So … because you spend so much time on the plane and interacting with locals in three different countries, this is for you. http://tinyurl.com/odqkpmz


  21. Reblogged this on AlwaysARedhead and commented:
    A Frank Angle is definitely one of my favourite blogs to read; this post particularly is amazing, and the Christmas present he gave me is awesome. Kudos for the time he took to give each of his followers presents, and to have extras for new visitors.


  22. You are just wonderful mad …. I garbed bag 1 – and very suitable I got some wipes for a very special sorry part of me. *smile How suitable. Of course I just have to add … some Christmas music too. And it will be my favorite – Let me lite a candle .. Merry Chirstmas to you and your Loved Ones from Sweden.


    • Viveka,
      Glad to know that I’ve reached the “wonderfully mad” level! I may have to add that to my Testimonials page!

      You took a Grab Bag? What about the one with your name on it? After all, it was just for you!

      Thanks for the beautiful song … Although I don’t know the words, it made me smile.


      • Sorry, Frank I missed that bag … but I have grabbed it now – so funny … even my sorry part I think enjoyed it.
        Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this WONDERFUL MAD post. You’re a bright star on my evening sky.
        Frank, we don’t have to understand everything we listen too .. when it’s about music. There is very little bullshit flying around … this time of year. *smile


        • Viveka,
          I couldn’t resist .. it was that or the gnome on the toilet … but this was best for your sorry ass. Meanwhile, it does seem to pair up well with the grab bag! Cheers to you!!!!


  23. This is wonderful, Frank! You are such a sweetheart for thinking of us all. I love my thoughtful gift of the wine monkey bottle caddy. Perfect!! And I don’t have one. Thank you so much. Now I just need a bottle of wine to go with it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Have a good one!


    • Amy,
      Knowing that you are in a wine region, you won’t have a hard time finding something for it! So glad you could attend all the way from California! … and thanks for reblogging this as well. Maybe one of your peeps will be willing to reach in for a grab bag!


  24. Oh, Frank – this is amazing (and each gift so perfect – love that for Frank of Trail Life Hike – gonna grab one of those, too!)
    Don’t know when you had time, but thanks for all the merriment you always share.
    May the Christmas lift you and yours up and give many songs to dance among.
    (Seriously – such fun – will be back to wander more!)


  25. What a party, Frank and my how long did that post take you?!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your gifts! I love them both! [the 3D NYC Graffiti tablet case and the tee!] and I am astonished at the fact that you chose this [with 3d glasses] as I lack stereoscopic vision! Eery huh?! Being too busy with the move I hadn’t realized Xmas is on hump day!!! Perfect! 🙂
    Happy Happy Holidays, my friend!!!!


  26. Frank,
    My man who was in my country not too long ago!!! Thanks for the gift, dear old (as in old man, of course) friend. As for my gift…. Man… Le Clown loves to fuck himself!!! I am so going to fix that one with a marker, may the marker like it or not.
    Much love, mon ami! And a merry happy secular Christmas to you and yours!
    Le Clown


  27. Frank,
    How did you know? I’ve always wanted one of these! Now I can drink my coffee while I take a shower! I just have to convince Peter, my resident plumber, to replace our shower head with the new gift!

    I was going to wait until Christmas, but since you started the party a few days early, here’s your gift: http://www.aromaster.com/ It’s a bit pricey, but you’ll definitely be a hit at any of your wine tastings!

    I loved some of the other gifts as well – the one for Weebs is awesome, Carrie’s is perfect for her and so is LouAnn”s. And since I was so generous with your gift, can I have that T-shirt (with the camel on it)? I’m going to an elegant fondue party on Christmas Eve and it would be perfect!
    Merry Christmas, Frank!


  28. Oh, I hate being the last one to show up for a party…. nevertheless, thank you very much for the gift! Being the conflict-avoidant type, this will certainly facilitate much better communication between me and the Mister.

    Meanwhile, for anyone who’s still left here, I thought your party might be able to use a bit more class, so I brought a couple dozen of these for party guests to use:



  29. Frank! You are awesome! I’m late to the party, but I love what’s going on here. I knew I was drinking eggnog today for a reason. Thank you so much for the PG-rated gift! You know me so well. 😉 I love my refrigerator magnets. And I need them! My refrigerator is naked. I will cover the door with my magnets today.

    Seriously, what a lot of work you put into this. The grab bags are hilarious. I love Mark Armstrong’s glasses and was tempted to steal them from him.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Frank! I wish you the best in the New Year!


    • Maddie,
      Hey hey … another fellow Ohioan joins the party. I’m so glad you came and enjoy your gift. I haven’t seen Mark yet, so if he doesn’t show, they could be yours.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  30. This is the best blogging party I’ve ever attended. And thanks to you, dear Frank, I’ll bring the chill for the drinks – the chill pill that is! Elyse might need a few for an ice pack to her head. Kissing a Republican? I’d pay to see that. It could be fundraiser.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Blog on!


  31. I think the Onion knows me too well, having pulled my beer gift.
    But thank you for the thought, and for you, to help you through those long Ohio winters, enjoy this.
    (I looked for one that was choreographed with dancing, but there was nothing elegant enough.)
    (And that wind will start coming in just 90 days!)
    Happy season to you and yours, Frank!


  32. Oh, Frank, you sweetie. Thank you so much for including me. This is such a lot of effort and a real treasure. The candies are hilarious. I’m certainly playing the “They’re only mint’ card as I hand them around. Thanks for the year, Frank. Have a wonderful Christmas.


    • Cuttlefish … an Aussie now in the UK has joined the party. Look around to see others because the UK is very well represented! All the best to you and yours for the Christmas season and beyond!


      • I’ve come back today for another look at the opening video (those children are sweet) and the presents. I like to give my aging uncle a completely useless/fun present for Christmas. I think the cat unicorn horn fits the bill perfectly but I do also like Charles Darwin – perfect for the scientist in one’s life and for hiding on the tree of the third cousin who doesn’t accept evolution. Thanks for pointing out that The Onion had a store. Next year I shall get in early.


  33. Thank you so much, Frank! How i LOVE my “History Sighs, Repeats Itself” tee shirt! Before I go let me leave you this…for the perfect blog party host! ☼hugs!!


  34. Gotta come back and see what I got, but I thought I’d check in while I was refillng my scuba gear. Okay, enough screwing around, back into the basement! See ya shortly – unless Nessie decided to come visit! 😀


  35. Hi Thanks for the Charles Darwin tree ornament! What a fun idea! Thanks for creating such a congenial community, we need more of these in the world. Happy Holidays to all


    • The man with all the facts, Fasab the Floridian is here.

      Oh crap .. this has happened to me several times … but I’ve been able to replace them … so check again.

      You would have loved the original … A sign with Supreme Court Overturns Rights vs. Wrong.


  36. How did you know Frank? The Hand Grenade Mug is simple perfect for me, truly perfect. I might have to open my own complaint department just so I can sit and drink spiked coffee from it!

    I leave you with this, my gift back. One of my favorite songs rendered by newer artists.


    • All the way from Texas … it’s Val!

      Glad I was able to get the gift to fit the circumstances. Then again, I think it caused a smile, too! Love the video … and thanks … especially for taking the time to stop by!


  37. FUNtabulous!
    What a great rendition of a holiday song to start the holiday party off with. 🙂

    Thanks for my gift (Daily Mood Flipchart)!
    I have the perfect spot for this in my office cube & look forward to using it every day.

    {Christmas Hugs}


      • Don’t feel bad! By the time I got here, it was standing room only..I saw you in the crowd! I slipped out back to catch a smoke and then wandered into the kitchen and arm wrestled Guapo for the last piece of fudge..(sorry about the spilled dip…Guapos kinda strong, but the fudge was delicious!) It was the best Christmas party of the year!


        • You’re awesome. Thanks … Vanessa’s fudge was a big hit, but I didn’t realize a physical match occurred for the last piece … and all because Vanessa promised we wouldn’t run out.


  38. Frank: What a great party! And I love my monkey business office set–it does remind me of all the monkey business that happens at work. Glad to be off for the holidays. Merry Christmas!


  39. Hey…I’ve been so busy getting ready….baking cookies for breakfast, buying kazoos for everyone for the 10a kazoo practice at 10a…and rounding up fruitcake for our afternoon football game on the front lawn. Shhhhh…don’t tell ZANNYRO but someone who looks a lot like me just stole the Squirrel Salt and Peppers Shakers. Oh, Frank…loo paper…we are out of loo paper…where’s the pantry? Just so you know…I think you’ve mended my sad gravy of a broken heart…..!


    • That sounds like a wonderful day …. I’m on my way for some fruitcake!

      Because she was quite active, we’ll see if Zannyro reappears today for the shakers … .more importantly, glad to know the heart is mending!


  40. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my present! Frank – this is one of most innovative and creative posts that I have every seen. I very much appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that went into putting all of these presents together.

    I stopped by yesterday, but then was called away. My brother-in-law had to be rushed to hospital with a heart attack – on his birthday, no less. The doctors are very optimistic. My sister said that his birthday gift was that he was given life.

    All the very, very best of the holidays season to you and yours – looking forward to the adventures that are waiting for us in 2014!! 🙂


    • Rebecca … another Canadian … but from the beautiful city of Vancouver!

      Because of your nature and blog posts, the Pep Talks and Picker Uppers book was very appropriate for you.

      More importantly, thanks letting me know why you rushed out. Relative, birthday, holiday season … that’s a lot. But, your sister’s attitude is very important … so best of luck to your family during this critical time.


    • Nia is here … and all the way from Turkey! … and one of the nicest people on the planet!

      I knew that something about cats would be purrfect for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family and friends.


  41. Pingback: Thanks Andra and Frank For The Gifts! |

  42. You really know how to throw a party, Frank. You are truly the Host with the Most. And thank you for my gift! Cat Butt Gum with Kiss My Ass Attitude—perfect!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Frank!!


  43. Ah Frank, you’re the first to give me a book on how to swear in German. I love it. And we just booked a concert in Berlin for this summer so it’ll come in handy when we’re around all the drunk fans. Happy holidays!


    • TBM … another member of the UK band of visitors!

      In much of life, timing is everything … and it seems i hit the timing right with this gift! Let us know how it goes .. but warning … practice, practice, practice!

      Best of holidays to you and yours.


  44. Frank: This is so clever! My gift is a hoot. I’m actually interested in nutty things past presidents have said because I am convinced that anyone who runs for the Office of President has to be a little bit crazy. I also like that note pad: people on my s%*t list. I could use about a dozen of those pads.

    Wishing you and Mrs. A. a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! See you in the blog world in 2014!


    • Mo from Mass is in the house … and cheers to one of my Pioneers!

      Knowing you are top-level bacon enthusiast, I know it was the perfect gift for you. Thanks so much for stopping by … and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  45. My God! What have you got here? I wanted to acknowledge you for a great post and then I had to go down and down…….. and further down the rabbit hole to reach this comment area!

    And then as suggested by you, I grabbed ‘Grab Bag 1′ and got my desserts fair and square……. in this season for Giving. Humph!

    Anyways, merry Christmas, ol’ chap.



    • Shati,
      It was quite the bash as I asked people to mingle and they sure did! Glad you also took a Grab Bag, so congrats on the Wet Wipes. 🙂 .. and thanks for your sense of humor.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours, hope you stop my Christmas Eve for my gifts through videos.


  46. Frank–I’m a little late for the party, and I’m afraid I’ve stopped the endless singing of “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall” by leaving the 100th like. I LOVE my gift! You must have spent HOURS picking out appropriate gifts for everyone. Al’s is (somehow) spot on, and I don’t know if Don will be shocked, but you got the MUG right. Nia’s is PERFECT!

    Merry Christmas, Buckeye Buddy!


    • John … a fellow Ohioan made it! … and being the 100th like gets you a bonus gift … a free Grab Bag!

      Glad you enjoyed your book of Intimidations and Ultimatums. Oh what fun it is to peek at others gifts, especially those that involved in your blog world. If you see Don, tell him he needs to stop by! … and yes, I tried to match the gift to the blogger as much as possible. Merry Christmas to you and yours! … don’t forget my upcoming Christmas Eve post of video gifts!


  47. Thank you very much, Frank, for including me in the party… and your gift was certainly well chosen… Now I’m left standing here, wondering what to get you for Christmas… and if you see me staring into space next week, you’ll know I was stumped. But it’s wonderful that you’ve managed to find common interests with so many different people, and I consider you a personal model of the aspiration for peace on earth, and good will towards all men and women. It’s inspiring to be in your company.


    • Shimon,
      You give me a gift each time you write, comment, and visit here, so thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and genuine nature. I’m humble by your kind words, and I’m proud to stand hand-in-hand with you present goodness toward peace and goodwill for all … something that I still believe the majority of the world wants.


  48. My ear buds with the arrow through the head are the best. I love listening to loud music and irritating my husband and the neighbors, so they thank you as well. Have a wonderful Christmas up in Ohio!


  49. My gift – Keep It Simple Stickies – who could take offense or lack appreciation for a stickie???
    It helps keep everything we need to know at hand. Such a thoughtful gesture. I hope everyone is as happy as I.
    MMmmm … being I hadn’t expected to gift this year I hope you’ll enjoy my visits as your special something under the tree. ~~~~~~~~~ : – )
    This has been fun. I hope the next party goes as well.
    Feliz Navidad !!!!


    • Rara,
      Ha ha … and having all the Grab Bags is a sign of good spirit! Cheers to your holiday spirit. Meanwhile, I keep thinking about the joke of the 3 people who walked into a bar! 🙂

      Cheers to your efforts for C4C!!!!


  50. Hi Frank! So sorry it tool me so long to wander back over. It’s just been nonstop fun here this year!

    Love the T-shirt! And it’s message certainly describes the state of my brain right now. 😉

    I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and wish you a New Year full of health, happiness, and abundance! *hugs*


  51. I came over just now planning to apologize to you for my late arrival at the party, but 317(!!!!) comments would suggest I am dealing with a DEITY here and I don’t know that one apologizes to a deity. (Any etiquette guides out there?)

    Frank, this post you have given us is the purest of gifts – the gift of friendship and community and laughter. It’s what you do anyway, but this is really really special and any blogger knows the time and thoughtful efforts that went into creating it. So thank you Frank, thank you very much. And a belated Merry Christmas.

    Now, that said, I do have a small issue about my gift. You see, I think there’s been a mistake. While “The Book of Excuses and Lies” is very nice and all, I think I was supposed to get “Slinging Mud: Two Centuries of Scandalous Rumors, Over-the-Top Insults, and Low-Down Slurs” which you have inadvertently given to Jim Wheeler.

    So if you’d just have a word with him, I am sure we can straighten all this out.


    • Moe,
      One of the best things about blog parties is that they are timeless … thus allowing for guests to be fashionably late. 😉 On the main day, it was quite the fest, … and guests did a great job mingling with others!

      As far as your gift goes, I’m sure Mr. Wheeler will trade with you … if not, I can always got a duplicate gift. 🙂 …. By the way, you may get a good chuckle at Elyse’s gift. Take a peek.

      Cheers to you during this holiday season!


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