On Exploring an Inspirating Mind

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of my short Exploring series. From Frank Lloyd Wrights FallingWaters, let us now explore inspiration.

All of us get inspired. After all, it is the desire or trigger to get something done. Each of us have different triggers, and react differently to the same stimulus.

Artists, authors, researchers, leaders, composers, explorers, inventors, and problem solvers are a few of the people who use inspiration for achieving at a higher level.

As you watch this video, think of inspiration’s synonyms as creativity, inventiveness, imagination, originality, ingenuity, and innovation.

After watching it, please share your thoughts.

59 thoughts on “On Exploring an Inspirating Mind

  1. WOW! Creativity is great… I can watch this again… so beautiful… human mind and a heart with full of love how great, and also music, video they all add something to this amazing creative project. Made me excited… Thank you dear Frank, you made my day this morning. I love this world. Love, nia


  2. Beautiful. Nature. Music. Math. Patterns & Shapes. Movement. All together great things emerge, but you have to be patient and let yourself really see, feel, create. Love this. Thanks for sharing.


  3. It felt really good to watch this. So much invention and creativity that surrounds us and has been left as inspiration and motivation. Humans are amazing creatures when they use their skills and talents for good, not evil. The movie made me want to redo my studio, too!


  4. It would be an absolute fantasy….a round-table of artists, famous and the not-so, defining “inspiration”…

    I once read a focus piece on photographer, Annie Liebovitz. Her father was a salesman and as a child she often went with him on his calls….sitting in the backseat of their car…looking out the window at the passing images. Her view of a transitory world, from the backseat, was framed within this small space of the car window. A passing tableau of images…frame by frame by frame….
    How wonderful is that?

    Top of the mornin’ to you, aFA…two on the drawing board…and you won’t believe this…I GOT FIGS FOR CHRISTMAS!!


  5. Wow! Another really cool one! (I watched it twice – no problem with it loading today!) I really liked the thing in the bottom corner that looked like a big guitar pick rotating in a wooden box! πŸ™‚


  6. Ooo boy. Now ya got me worried. While the transitioning from 2D to 3D didn’t do much for me (lacking depth perception), the two things that stuck out were the polygons becoming polyhedrals – D&D dice and the triangle wobbling in the circle, a perfect representation of the rotary Wankel auto engine.
    Old cars and old board games. God, it MUST be Friday night! πŸ˜‰


  7. The background music took me to somewhere I don’t think goes with the shared creativity in the video. In my mind – it felt like I was walking into a sad ending.
    Let me go take a chill pill & watch it again…


  8. I think I am now an official fan of Cristobal Vila. Very interesting. I will look him up.

    Words that come to mind: Universal. Klimt. Mind games (the chess board), Different Lives (again, the chess board), Evolution v. Creation (the lizards), Art is Subjective, and True Art always stands the test of time. D


  9. i want to look at this more than once to understand it better, but it is indeed mesmerizing. I feel like it celebrates the whole mind, both logical and fancy–left and right brain. Sometimes logical creativity isn’t celebrated with the same weight as the creative arts, and I think that misses the mark. That’s at least in part what hit me watching this fantastic video. Maybe on the a second go-round the message will change. πŸ™‚


  10. If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants. — Isaac Newton

    And not least, the unknown inventor of soap.


  11. Frank, I love the Cristobal Vila films, always heart touching and mind stimulating. He often seems to combine art and math in creative ways in his short films. I loved seeing the references to Escher – my husband and I saw a show of his Italian sketches in Rome several years ago – amazing. Great contribution to a thoughtful season, Frank!


  12. Frank, this is one of the most amazing videos I have seen for a long time … just fabulous amazing. Watched it twice and second time I saw things I missed the first time. Excellent find, Frank.


  13. I spotted the Wankel too, as well as a copy of the first brain puzzle I ever owned. It’s the cross of three rows of marbles(?) with the center hole left empty. I still can’t master it, which explains why I didn’t experience double Einstein vision. 😦


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