On Exploring Pollination

Nature is home to countless wonders, there’s time for one more. For all living things, reproduction is about the continuation of the species – and this also true for plants. Enjoy this exploration of the pollination world with fabulous slow-motion photography. Sharing your thoughts after viewing.


50 thoughts on “On Exploring Pollination

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  2. I love Monarchs. Not sure where I heard this, but some believe that Monarchs carry the spirit of people we used to know. Beautiful video.
    Hey, your Bengals did everything in their power to help us out and we dropped the ball. Good luck in the postseason.


    • Cayman,

      Early in 2013 (I think) we saw a fabulous Omnimax/IMAX film about monarch butterflies, so a must-see if you ever get the chance.

      Bengals got er done … and now … another chance to break the longest streak in the NFL. Hard to believe the Fins dropped the ball not once, but twice!


  3. Loved the shot of the hummingbird fairly twisting through the air. I hadn’t considered bats in the pollinating process. Interesting shots of them among the blooms. And the monarchs…what a blanket of migration. Beautiful share, Frank.


  4. I remember seeing time lapse of growing plants in a Disney show as a kid. Always fascinating. Sort of at the other end of the motion spectrum from these slowed down clips. Nice video.


  5. A beautiful video Frank, and Nature never fails to show us her miracles… I wish more would raise their heads and take notice of what they are missing out on.. All the very best for the Coming New Year I am sure I have said that somewhere else… but sending you well wishes…. Sue


    • Sue,
      Nature has so much for those who take the time to notice, and even more by adding learning.

      All the best to you and yours for the upcoming new year. My next post is for New Years’ Eve, but then more Exploring returns.


  6. I love the slow-motion of the hummingbird, and REALLY enjoyed the bats. We have a large number around, but as they hunt at twilight (ours love mosquitoes, God bless ’em!), it’s hard to see them as they shoot between the houses and trees.
    If I don’t get a chance to drop by tomorrow, have a great New Year’s Eve and Day, my friend, and all the best in the New Year to you and Mrs. Angle!


  7. Stunning !!! This short video is moe then the eyes can perceive in one viewing. I’ve viewed it 4 times and each time I see something else that’s captivating. Incredible the way nature chooses its carriers for renewing life. The wings on the bat were fascinating because of their size and transparency. The videographer created a masterpiece.
    Beautiful ….


    • Isadora,
      Great point about catching something different each time. Amazing how much detail their is in the world for all to see, … well … that is if one takes the time to look. Cheers to your enjoyment of this one!


  8. This was absolutely wonderful Frank, all of it. I have always hated Hummingbirds they are so mean, but even they were fun (I was rooting for the spider). The butterflies, spectacular; I wanted to stand in the middle of them.


  9. Magical again ….. what a great video – moving art, what a suitable name for the video. Truly amazing … that blue butterfly and the section with all the bees. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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