On Ushering in 2014

Believe it or not, no alcohol is associated with that video!

I recall watching the Mummer’s Day celebration from Philadelphia on New Years’ Day. After all, there’s something about a band of saxophones, banjos, and accordions with extraordinary outfits that capture my fancy. Yes, I am a Mummers-want-to-be from afar. However, nobody does this song better than a Mummers band.


Once again, nobody in that video was influenced by alcohol. For those wanting more Mummers, here’s a melody of tunes with better sound quality.

How is your final week of 2013?

Following successful handbell ringing on Christmas Eve, we had a low-key Christmas Day afternoon with my father-in-law. A few days later, the three of us traveled cross-state to my sister-in-law’s home for the weekend – thus why you haven’t seen me. Meanwhile, we continue with preparing to sell our home and packing for the whenever-it-will-be move.

Glad to see that readers have been enjoying my Exploring series. Given the mid-week holiday, three more posts will finish the week before I return to my routine.

Given a new month and a new year, your calendars are eagerly anticipating new entries, so enjoy this bountiful list of celebrations!

(2014) Year of Crystallography, Year of Family Farming, Year of the Horse, Year of Small Island Developing Status

Month-long celebration for January include polka, soup, hobbies, eye health, book, hot tea, volunteer blood donor, life, Ok to be different, personal self-defense, wheat bread, candy, swapping soup, reaching your potential, oatmeal, letter writing, bath safety, get over it, bald eagles, mail order gardening, stamp collectors autism awareness, creativity, crime stoppers, bread machine baking,

(Wed) Guapo Surfing Day, Bad Hangover Day, Bowling Day, Copyright Law Day, Commitment Day, Ellis Island Day, Euro Day, First-Foot day, Global Family Day, Polar Bear Plunge Day, Bloody Mary Day, Surnames-Beginning-with-Z Day, Bonza Bottler’s Day

(Thurs) Buffet Day, Swiss Cheese Day, Motivation and Inspiration Day, Personal Trainer Awareness Day, Science Fiction Day, Cream Puff Day

(Fri) Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, Festival of Sleep Day, Drinking Straw Day, Humiliation day

(Sat) Spaghetti Day, Dimpled Chat Day, Tom Thumb Day, Trivia Day, Braille Day, Hypnotism Day, Free Flower Basket Day,

(Sun) Whipped Cream Day, Bean Day, Bird Day, Second-Hand Wardrobe Day

Hope everyone has a safe New Years’ Eve, and cheers to good health and spirits for 2014! Happy New Year!

107 thoughts on “On Ushering in 2014

      • Things could get messy.

        I’ve seen the mummers all my life. Never did look into their history. They are having a good time.

        May 2014 be good to you. I hope the house thing goes well.


        • Cheers to you knowing the Mummers … and I didn’t realize how far back they went! … and many thanks for the wishes, after all, it’s a combination of excitement or wonder of the unknown.


  1. I don’t know that anything ever associated with a polka band is alcohol free…
    I’m more concerned with ushering out 2013 than worrying about 2014. It’s old enough. It should be able to take care of itself.

    (And of course, I’ll be celebrating Wednesday.)

    Happy New year, Frank!


  2. I need to put all these in my calendar, Frank—especially Guapo Surfing Day! Wednesday is also Prince Spaghetti Day (yeah, I’m old enough to remember that commercial). And thanks to you I now know to enjoy soup all month long.

    Handbells on Christmas Eve! That must have been such a nice concert. Handbells were basically made for Christmas, really.

    I’ve never been to a Mummer’s parade, just watched them on television. But they put on a heck of a show, don’t they. Happy New Year to you and the missus, Frank!!


    • Weebs,
      Get the binocs out on Wednesday to see if you can spot Guap catching a wave!

      Here’s one of the handbell pieces from Christmas Eve … a lively rendition of a traditional hymn with a variety of techniques. Start at 1:20 …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=jwDEQko_5Nw

      In terms of the Mummers putting on a show … absolutely … especially the big string bands. Hoping for more zins and Graeters for you in 2014.


  3. month long celebration with letter writing, the lost art sounds like a wonderful revival…and Bloody Mary on Wednesday, Swiss cheese on Thursday, sleep day (yes!!) on Friday, spaghetti (yum) on Saturday and unlimited second hand wardrobe on Sunday. i can handle the week, Frank. bring it. 🙂
    happy new year’s eve. sorry, still black out videos for me. i know they are great being handpicked by you. cheers!


  4. There are several ways to celebrate, we’ll stay home and see a movie on dad’s PC 🙂 since we don’t have TV…
    The time for larger parties is gone… I just returned from Egypt, now I’m enjoying a bit of peace before resuming the grind of every day…
    Serenity for 2014, Frank… see you around! 🙂 claudine


  5. I am ushered Frank – It is a very quiet, still, overcast but warm morning here in the almost far south of New Zealand. Happy New Year to you and your family! It has been fun following along these past couple of weeks and I look forward to enjoying your posts through the coming year!


  6. I didn’t like this post Frank. In fact I tried to get caught up with your posts and visit a lot of them today but I didn’t like any of them either. Don’t take it too bad though, I didn’t like any other blog either. Yes, you guessed it, not your fault, the folks at WordPress have stuffed up on the last day of the year. Never mind, we’ll have a Happy New Year anyway.


  7. Happy New Year, Frank! Looks like I’ll be spending my New Year’s day driving home from New Hampshire early. Supposed to be a storm along 90 from Ohio into New England on Thursday, exactly where I’ll be driving. In my Prius. With two teenage boys. Bet you’re jealous. 😉


  8. I was gonna rag on ya for not giving me a day, but then I saw National Humiliation Day. I figure, that’s any day I post something. 😉
    Hope you’re having a great New Year’s Eve, and have a wonderful New Year’s Day tomorrow!


  9. Frank these videos are great 🙂 Ha ha, no alcohol involved. Hard to believe… but makes it all the more truly joyous! Just wonderful. And the bottle band was great.


  10. (pst. Pst!) Hey, Frankie, over here! Don’t want to intrude – just wanted to let you know some idiot is slandering your good name. Check out the most recent post from some crazy goof called the “Windy City Wonderer”. Oh – and I was never here. Right? 😉


  11. Thanks for the great ‘Bottle Band video’. Just the right thing to watch with my first cup of green tea of the year. Happy new Year to you and yours Frank, and good luck with the house move. 🙂
    PS: Isn’t there a “Get over a bad cold day?” 😦


  12. ok a few things:

    1. the mummers are (in my observation) a bunch of guys, dressed as girls, doing the Ralph Kramden dance.

    2. i can’t imagine any, not any of the mummers not being drunk while “performing.”

    3. did you know the mummers have various divisions, including a “wench” division? this, for me, is their only saving grace.

    happy new year, and a year of new happiness to you and yours, and those who are not yours but wish were yours, specifically, bb, ak, cr, ip, eieio. and that goes double for me.


  13. Well the Mummers are at least very festive. We have a Doo-Dah Parade out here…it makes little sense to me either, but is a big hit. It sounds to me like you have a lot of transition to come in 2014 and I hope it will be an abundant year, Frank. We have a lot of family transitioning going on in our lives, too, with older parents and a variety of challenges, but I am hopeful that we’ll adjust with the winds of change. I plan to pour myself into gardening therapy, so the Year of Family Farming may be a nice way to go! Cheers!


    • Debra,
      Thanks for the tip on the Doo-Dah Parade. Courtesy of YouTube, it brought a smile! The Mummers Parade is a big deal in Philadelphia, and the bands have elaborate shows.

      Good luck with those challenges ahead, and the garden therapy will work! … and I hope you got all of these celebrations into your calendar!


  14. Love the Mummers, there is a compilation (it is long so I won’t post it) of the best from the 70 through 2010. The bottle band is interesting, they are so serious!

    Happy New Year Frank. I wish for you and yours a peaceful one, full of joy and dancing!


    • Val,
      Cheers to your appreciation of the Mummers! The beginning of the bottle band cracks me up .. that is the conductor’s hand go up, the heads go down to the bottles. Happy New Year to you … and may 2014 bring more smiles as it moves along.


  15. Wow, now that’s some Ushering in of 2014!…… I am just pooped out reading! I know it will be a great 2014 for many.. 🙂 Happy New Year! to you and Yours Frank may it bring all your Dreams, Health and Happiness..


  16. Just Brilliant … love that “looking for a 4 leaf clover” – ages since I listen to it .. last time. At least 40 *laughing. Very enjoyable post and it made me sing along … tomorrow I think I will celebrate whipped cream day. *smile


    • Viveka,
      That a way to get in the spirit! You made may day … If you celebrate Whipped Cream Day early, you’ll have to celebrate again on Sunday. 🙂 … A shot for the can directly into my mouth for me!


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