On Exploring the Sun

Happy 2014! My regular posting schedule returns next week.

After exploring light and nature, the next logical thought is that big, glowing object in our daytime sky.

Humans once thought Earth as the center of the universe … that is everything revolved around our pale blue dot in the dark sky. Although some still believe that, most of us have bought into the fact that our sun is the center point of our solar system.

In some ways, the sun starts our day, then ends our day … although we don’t set the clock that way. It’s the foundation of biological life on our planet, and has served as a source of inspiration from some.

The sun puts on quite a show. Thanks to the dedicated personal at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, we are able to observe the sun’s beauty through different wavelengths. Also, thanks to Jim who made me aware of this video.

What are your thoughts about the sun and/or the video?

83 thoughts on “On Exploring the Sun

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  2. What a beautiful video to start the New Year! Happiness in 2014 to you and yours, and happiness to us all that our solar system has a great sun to give us warmth and light.

    Also happiness that your video linked me to the website of the Goddard Space Flight Center which in turn linked me to the website of the James Webb Space Telescope. It’s exciting to know that the next generation JWST will soon be in earth orbit using its infrared technology to discover wonders in the universe beyond even the capabilities of the Hubble Space Telescope. http://jwst.nasa.gov/index.html


    • Tim,
      Many wonderful sites about space are associated with NASA with each site provide depth and additional resources. Thanks for leading me to JWST!

      Cheers to your 2014, and my images of deep space inspire the next marching band show.


  3. Thank you, aFA, for your….well…My Friend, thank you for many instances of friendship. This video…made deep thoughts into the realm of: taking for granted and the many that we do take. A bittersweet year just left behind and a new one for each and every one to take on and make what it will be. You have a tendency to inspire, aFA…I’ve polished my piano to a dust-free shine and am waiting for the “marching band” on the parade field. Ready or not…shall we begin?


  4. Brilliant selection of video today, sir. Thanks for the hat tip.

    No sun here this morning. No son here this morning, either. He left about 45 min ago to drive back to OK to continue his pilot training with the A Force. He had nice 10 day break. It could be months before he gets away again. Glad we have video chats etc.

    Have an interesting day.


  5. The Sun is indeed our Jewel, without which we would be a frozen planet… It has recently cleverly reversed it polarity again… something which has happened here on earth too… We are more connected to the planets than any of us realise πŸ˜‰ and loved the video and music..
    The Sun is peeping from behind the clouds today a nice change as I see blue skies in patches.. We’ve had constant rain I think for at least 72 hours… Not good for many parts of the UK where flooding has happened over Christmas…
    Enjoy the start of the New year Frank, and will look forward to your posts in 2014 πŸ™‚


  6. Happy New Year, Frank. Since I’m back at The Grind, I cannot watch the video until later, but right now, it’s cloudy and 27 here in the Apple with a snow storm heading this way shortly. Right now, I sure wish it was sunny and 64. I would even take sunny and 46.


      • That coming winter blast weighs heavy on my mind. And of course Milton and I are attending our first Broadway play of 2014 on the night of that day’s blizzard. Joy. Oh boy, I’m #2! My exes tend to use a less flattering word when the call me that on those (cough) rare occasions.


  7. One might think that the sun, being a huge ball of gravity-compressed plasma, ought to be as uniform as water in a jug, but of course that isn’t true. It is complex. While it is mostly hydrogen (becoming helium in the fusion reaction), it is unusual among stars of its size in having a core with an unusual amount of dense, complex elements.

    Sun spots have a cycle of approximately 11 years, and coronal mass ejections occur unpredictably and could threaten serious danger to the power grid and satellites. In a sense, this variability is similar to weather on Earth.

    What is most awesome to me is that this violent and complex energy source has been stable enough for 4 billion years to evolve life. To me it is proof of the anthropomorphic view of philosophy: we are here not because of some complex plan but because this just happens to be a rare Goldilocks place in the vast universe.


    • Jim,
      Cheers to your love for the sun. Interestingly, I’ve never that of Earth as “a rare Goldilocks place in the vast universe” …. very interesting wording Thanks for the sun info tidbits, too!


  8. And just to play off Guap (since I haven’t been annoying him on a regular-enough basis), there would be no moonlight without the sun. Indeed, there would be no moon without the sun, as it pulled in whatever smacked the Earth to blast the Moon into its’ current orbit. But without the moon, and its’ tide, it is doubtful whether life would have emerged the way it did. And without the moon being a noble beast and taking a lot of hits, life might have been wiped off the earth many, many times.
    But sadly, I see no sun. Just …. white. I think a cargo plane dumped a whole load of white paint over our neighborhood! πŸ˜€


  9. The Sun has been very busy over the past couple of days, Frank – it ushered out 2013 and welcomed 2014 with two mid-level flares on Dec 31 and Jan1. NOAA is predicting a 70% chance of M flares, and 30% chance of X flares over the next two days, and we’ve got a minor geomagnetic storm in progress in response to a solar wind stream which is buffeting the Earth’s magnetosphere. πŸ™‚


  10. NASA artists, scientists, explorers, beggars, mystics. All these new telescopes reveal so much magic – how can we not be enchanted?
    (Sun is in the middle of reversing it’s magnetic poles…will be interesting to see what all comes of that, solar flares and what else?)


  11. Speaking as a new follower, I just know I am so going to enjoy your posts throughout this year! The shot of the moon with Venus is nothing short of spectacular – Oh Wow! is entirely the correct response! Any invitations from Shania yet? πŸ™‚


    • Pauline,
      By no means to discourage, these posts a more abnormal … but my tone is similar. My About page as a subpage showing my typical posting schedule and topics … and the Testimonials subpage will also give you a feel for whatever my normal is. However, regardless of the topic, this is a respectful place.

      No call from Shania. 😦 She’s probably at her Swiss home for the holiday before returning to Las Vegas for her shows. Oh …. maybe she’ll stop by in transit! After all, I am on the way!


      • I stand by my original comment – I am looking forward to what will come….. I try to see all sides of any argument [I sometimes still work as a life coach πŸ™‚ ]

        You might have more luck with Sam Neill, I’m sure he’d enjoy your blog too – Shania appears to be very busy!


  12. Frank, once again an amazing video with wonderful music … I miss the sun so much – haven’t seen it for weeks. We need the sun to feel good … in our heart, body and soul. Would like to get my ears on to this music … this is just AWESOME!


  13. Happy New Year Frank – I have been getting caught up with your work – I hope you had a warm holiday season. i also hope you are staying warm – i have been thinking about you and your family. Celebrating the holidays after a loss is not easy, but celebrating makes it easier.

    also, are you getting into gear for the weekend? I am a superstitious person, so i cannot say what it is I am referring to but I am pretty certain you know – grrrrr………

    till next week. xx


    • Kimberly,
      Happy New Year!

      Thanks for the kind thoughts. The holidays had an empty spot, but as I like to say … it dampened our holiday, but it didn’t kill it!

      As far as the upcoming game, many reminders this week of the infamous Freezer Bowl … and yes … I was actually there! … but it looks like the Green Bay game will be colder this Sunday.

      Bengals have the longest streak without a playoff win and the NFL ,,, so it’s time to break the streak. Interestingly, the Reds streak without a playoff winning a series is longer (I think).


      • Guess where I was the day of the infamous Freezer Bowl? I was standing at a bus stop after having been to the CBC podiatrist – I had just gotten a shot of novacaine in one of my toes – an infected corn. I was on my way to CCM-UC we were about to have our first Les Sylphides rehearsal in front of the critics for the Post and Enquirer. We were going to be debuting it in February and the critics were invited to watch. The novacaine numbed my entirely leg:) !!!!!


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