On Exploring a Place Beyond

The purpose of the Exploring series was to serve as a break from normal blogging activities while allowing everyone to be intrigued.

While we are in space, there is a place where monsters hide. Let’s take a peak.

Enjoy this wonderful video from Symphony of Science. What thoughts did this cause you to think about?


62 thoughts on “On Exploring a Place Beyond

    • Bumble,
      Cool is a good descriptor for this one. As one not into astronomy, I see this as an educational video … plus its fun … and I love the Symphony of Science series! Meanwhile, i will say that “majestic” is the adjective for the next one.


  1. Good morning Frank! While I’m all for the popularization of science and science education in general, there is something about auto-tune which just grates on me. Though I don’t really appreciate the music, I must say the folks at Symphony of Science do a fantastic job of creating videos. Also, this particular video ties in well with your header. πŸ™‚


    • Alex,
      Good Morning to you …. and I imagine your coffee is taking care of the morning chill. But it’s more than a chill here!

      Interesting point & counterpoint about Symphony of Science. Although I must have a great tolerance for auto-tune, I came across this one when wondering “has SoS done anything new?”

      … and I promise … tomorrow’s music is not an auto-tune.


  2. Thanks, Frank. Quite a wake up call today. There is a lot of animation and imagination that went into that video. I offer you a 24 sec video of the real activity of about 30 stars in the near vicinity of the Milky Way black hole. There were a couple of glimpses of it in the video. Toward the end, the full orbit of one of them is traced over about 15 yrs from 1992 to 2007. The + in the middle of the orbit is the location of the black hole it orbits. That unseen object is 4.1 million times the mass of our sun. Sometimes reality is even bigger and better than our imaginations.


  3. Frank, maybe there is black holes out there … to be honest today I couldn’t care less … because I today I’m in my private one. *laughing I really enjoyed the video and the music is just great, going to buy it.I love the speakers voice too. And I love Freeman *smile –
    Thanks for brilliant post again, Frank …


  4. I couldn’t help but smile at an auto-tuned cosmos! The vastness of space and the galaxies is sometimes too magnificent to truly comprehend, but I never fail to fully appreciate. This was a very exhilarating video!


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