On a Cold Monday

Greetings from the changing weather in Cincinnati.

Although we just missed a major snow dump, a blast of bitter cold will grip us through Wednesday morning. After Sunday afternoon’s high of 44 F (6 C), change is happening with Monday’s forecast being a high of 3 F (-15 C) … and that will be in the morning as it will be falling during the day. From there, we are expecting a low of -9 F (-23 C) with wind chills of -30 F (-35 C) with more of the same on Tuesday. No, that is not normal Cincinnati weather!

Anyway, how was your weekend? What did you do? Ours included going to the movies for Saving Mr. Banks (which we enjoyed) and then watching the Hitchcock classic Rear Window at home.

With January being Soup Month, we celebrated with and enjoyed this Italian Wedding Soup recipe from Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa).

After both of my college football teams lost their bowl games, the Cincinnati Bengals keep the longest streak in the NFL of not winning a playoff game continues at 23 years and counting. Cincinnati fans need not to worry because baseball season on the near horizon, and the Reds streak of not winning a playoff series is only 18 years. Oh the agony of it all!

Even though its good to return to the comfort of my normal posting cycle, the recent Exploring series was fun to do. Thanks for the positive feedback.

The final act of Time: The Musical is on the schedule for this week.  Curtain time is 9:30 pm (Eastern US) Wednesday with a Seasons theme.  So, get your songs ready with titles include season(s), fall, autumn, spring, summer, and winter. Beware – those words in compound-word form (such as springtime) are not acceptable.

Celebrations for your calendar!

  • (Week) Somebody-Will-Laugh-About-It Week (ends Wed), Folic Acid Awareness Week, 3-D Week
  • (Mon) Cuddle-Up Day, Thank God It’s Monday Day,
  • (Tues) I’m-Not-Going-to-Take-It-Anymore Day, Fruitcake Toss Day, Tempura Day, Harlem Globetrotter’s Day
  • (Wed) Argyle Day, Bubble Bath Day, Earth’s Rotation Day, English Toffee Day, Women’s Day, JoyGerm Day, Show-and-Tell-at-Work Day, War on Poverty Day, Happy Birthday Elvis
  • (Thurs) Balloon Ascension Day, Static Electricity Day, Apricot Day, Dance Day

Given the winter weather blasting much of the USA, let’s start the week with a wintertime chuckle. Thanks to Guapo for finding this one. Have a good week!


86 thoughts on “On a Cold Monday

  1. Love the bears! I just came into Calgary from Vancouver and hit minus 25 degrees. I brought my heaviest coat, but I’m not used to this cold. This is when hot tea really comes in handy!


  2. Great commercial!
    Considering the harsh cold weather – Monday is a perfect day for Cuddle-up Day.
    Elvis Bday on the 8th. I always remember that one. 😉

    Stay warm & don’t go out & about if you don’t have to.
    I’m staying home – just got an email from management who forwarded the company email that gave us the ok to stay home if approved. She said – approved. So – I will be working from home. YAY me!


  3. It’s cold here, too, Frank… -7 tonight. But 31 tomorrow. That’s Colorado! We got about 8 inches of snow this weekend. And we’re going skiing next weekend, which should be great after all the snow, woo-hoo! Loved the bear video. Didn’t see the polar bear thing coming. And truthfully, I was rooting for the Bengals. Now Denver has to play San Diego. 😦


    • Cathy,
      Nobody likes this cold, but you skiers love the snow! Cheers to you in the form of fresh powder and reasonable weather!

      Thanks for rooting for us on Sunday.The hopes were high, thus the low feeling. Good luck to your Broncos!


  4. It’s raining here. It will all turn to ice soon. I’m staying up late, so I can get some salt down. Rich might have a chance getting to work in the morning if he can get to the car.

    I made potato soup today. It was a good day for it. Have a good week, Frank!


    • Maddie,
      Cheers to another soup for the day!

      Indy is only about 100 miles away … thus the difference between 11 inches and 1 inch of snow. Oh so close … but we couldn’t escape the cold. Stay warm up there!


  5. For reasons I won’t get into right now, this weekend had a high degree of suck. If this is how 2014 is going to be, wake me when it’s 2015.

    We made a delicious mushroom beef soup with barley. It was the highlight of the last two days.


  6. So ridiculously cold, isn’t it? I feel like I’m back in North Dakota where I grew up. This is the norm there. Of course, my sons are thrilled because school’s been canceled. I have to admit, I was looking a little forward to them being back in school. 😉

    I saw American Hustle today. Great movie but some really bad comb-overs and perms (not to mention plunging necklines). Ah, the 70s…


  7. The temperature is on the rise here in the Big Apple, Frank. Tomorrow, it could reach a high of 48, so there will be more melting snow and pond-size puddles from Friday’s blizzard before temperatures plummet to 12 by day’s end. Tuesday’s forecast is even colder. So that means everything will freeze and the streets will be slippery. I hate that so much, but I LOVE the bear video! Considering the weather, it’s nice to know that Tuesday is I’m-Not-Going-to-Take-It-Anymore Day. But I think that day could last for weeks with me this winter.


  8. Haaa love the video a Frank. What is Joy Germ Day? I’m up for some soup… This weather is the pits.
    thank God it is Monday for sure ( my day off) cheers FrAnk and stay warm.


  9. My husband is a Saints fan, so is quite please his team made the playoffs. What did I do this weekend? Laundry, lots and lots of laundry. I lead a very exciting life Frank. The kids are going back to university, so there was lots to do getting all their stuff together. Our house will be down 2 kids, and 1 dog, our beagle Cocoa is going to be quite sad. Middle child wants us to get another dog, I would like a doberman, but hubby is not in agreement with another pet.


  10. OMG–the bear video was crazy-hilarious!

    Stay warm. That’s some serious cold you all are dealing with.

    And aren’t you PICKY–no compound seasonal words! You crack me up, Frank. I’m gonna have to work on that one.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      Good you enjoyed the bear video! It still cracks me up! Meanwhile, Time: The Musical producer is a crank, so I have to pass on the messages. Then again, compound time was another act.


  11. Upper – Your post today
    Downer – The Bengals yesterday
    Upper – The Golf Channel yesterday during the Bengals game
    Downer – The temperature today
    Upper – “Saving Mr. Banks”
    Downer – “Inside Llewyn Davis” (but I liked it a lot)
    Upper – “Time: The Musical” this week


  12. Goodness I didn’t know the Bengals and Reds streaks. You are a true fan. The Better Half is a Denver fan (all teams), including the Nuggets. The nuggs are a hard team to cheer for sometimes, but she never gives up believing.

    Stay warm. Those temps don’t sound fun and it’s been ages since I had to endure them. London, even with all the rain and wind, is looking pretty good right about now.


      • The Better Half is excited about the Broncos but also careful. They have a great way of making it so far and then losing in such a pitiful way. I really hope they don’t disappoint this year. Fingers crossed. Stay warm!


  13. Greetings from chilly south Mississippi where we’re expecting temps in the teens and will be doing some ice sculpting later in the day! The weekend was all football, and the Saints gave us their first ever playoff win on the road -WOOHOO!


  14. I am impressed you ever left the house, Frank! I don’t think I could make it. 🙂 We enjoyed “Saving Mr. Banks,” also. If you enjoy Judi Dench, “Philomena” is very good, too. I just printed out the Italian Wedding Soup recipe. It’s not freezing cold here, but I think it’s still soup weather, and this looks really delicious. I will put my thinking hat on for our next musical challenge. They are so much fun!


    • Debra,
      I did leave for much of the day, but any walks outside of the car were very short.

      Thanks for the tip on Philomena, which is a movie my wife has mentioned more than once. Enjoy the soup recipe … and meeting the musical challenge should be easy.


  15. You guys are seriously having cold there! Soup and movie weather for sure. “Saving Mr Banks” is intriguing – want to see that one. A movie about a back story of a movie – fun.
    Speaking of fun – the bear is hysterical – thanks Guapo!
    Bundle up and stay warm everyone


  16. Everytime I see that commercial I laugh. Funny.

    Stay in Frank, it is simply far to cold to go outside. We are having our own version of cold here in North Texas, I am just grateful we have no rain so no ice on the roads. Love, Love, Love the soup, one of my favorites so I will have to try this one.


    • Val,
      To my surprise, I did go out yesterday on some must-do errands. Driving was easy, and the walks from the car we OK as long as they were short! Single digits today, but at least above zero. Temps start to change on Wednesday!

      Enjoy the soup … and glad the commercial still causes a laugh!


  17. Well am late, it is Tuesday and oh Baby its cold outside…. -25C in the sun with windchill of ‘minus utterly stinking ridiculous’. Sorry for my absence am taking a long time to recuperate from sickness and the festive season did not help matters. But I had to come outta hibernation to comment on video. A common everyday occurrence here in the wilds of the Great White North. Though to bad Samsung didn’t partner up with Tim Hortons to give get that extra bit of authentic Canadiana. Thank you for an enormous chuckle, am passing the vid along to other tuke wearing persons of interest. Merci beaucoup, Frank!


    • Hudson!

      Happy New Year to you!!!!

      Love the idea of tossing in some Canadiana! Meanwhile, although you are used to the cold, I imagine it’s a tad nippier than normal for. But heck … you Canadians can take it!


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  19. I EXPERIENCED your cold Cincinnati Monday! It was 22 degrees when we left Athens Monday morning, and the temp dropped to ZERO when we reached the Queen City. Going to and from the car was BRUTAL. The day was warmed by getting to talk with you by phone.


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