On Satire Bits: Vol. 80

The cold blast is in the process of celebrating Elvis’s birthday by leaving the building. Well, that’s for me, but the US east coast is still feeling the blast.

How your week going so far? Mine has been a bit hectic, thus why you haven’t been making my rounds as much this week.

A reminder to all that the next post is Time: The Musical (Act 12). With Seasons as the theme, song title must include season(s), fall/autumn, winter, spring, or summer in the title – but not in the form of a compound word as summertime. Something else to mull over, be careful of using fall in a context that isn’t a season. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 PM (Eastern USA).

It’s time for the first mid-week dose of satire of 2014! It’s also the first opportunity to accept the creative challenge by forming your very own original satirical headline. But, here’s the twist to the challenge – You can only use the words in the headlines below. My original combo is at the end of the live.

Have a good rest of the week!

Terrified Obama inside healthcare.gov

Woman builds ironclad case proving Mila Kunis look bad without makeup

Billboard alerts drivers to existence of situation comedy starring stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld

Apple unveils panicked man with no ideas

New poll finds Americans view death of close relatives more favorably than Congress

Department of Agriculture locates perfect goat

Hostage freed after tense 7-minute standup set

Intricacies of meal plan discussed

Boardroom table a complex web of feet massaging genitals

Dad actually yelled at that guy

David Bowie asks Iman if they should just do lasagna again

Nobody knows what third light switch does

My Combo: Hostage terrified of panicked goat massaging genitals for 7 minutes

42 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 80

    • Kathy,
      Keep in mind that the producer/director is a graduate of the Joseph Stalin/Idi Amin School of Musical Productions.

      Meanwhile, how about this one: David Bowie terrified of third light switch.


  1. Billboard alerts drivers to existence of Congress with tense 7-minute standup set.

    I don’t think I do any better on these in the morning than I do at night, Frank. Have a good day!


  2. I hope that you keep yourself comfortable warm in your winter over there – I’m longing for winter, but not that cold.
    Department of Agriculture locates perfect feet massaging for goat’s genitals


  3. I was the guy with no ideas that Apple unveiled. I thought they were just going to pull back a curtain. I didn’t panic until they started to remove my clothing. That’s prohibited by Geneva Convention….and good taste. πŸ˜•


    • Archon,
      You panic? No way someone with your intellectual fortitude would be spoofed by Apple. Then again, once they started removing your clothes, all is understandable. Glad to see the winter blast hasn’t iced over your dose of Erickson-like wit.


  4. Been a crazy week. The weather messed up the regular schedule programming in the household. Yesterday was my first day back in the office since mid December. I’ coping with the fact that I didn’t win the lottery during my time off & had to go back to work. Lots of new projects for the new year. But – it’s all good – job security I say!

    Woman builds ironclad case proving Congress massaging genitals after tense 7 minute plan discussed.


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