On Monday Style

Last weekend, those of us in the eastern USA were getting blasted by bitter cold. For us in Cincinnati, today was sunny and in the low 40s. What a difference a week makes!

We started the weekend expecting a low-key weekend. After time on the ballroom floor Friday night, we returned home to a message saying we have an offer on our house. YIKES! … we definitely weren’t prepared for that news.

Saturday involved errands, including a meeting with our realtor to develop a counter offer. Saturday night we stayed home and watched Jack Reacher.

Sunday morning was handbell time. Pavane is a slow piece with long notes, which makes it very vulnerable for a 14-member choir. Here’s a duet during the same piece. If that’s not enough, here’s a soloist … but it’s still a tricky song to place.

Shortly after lunch, our realtor called with the news that the buyers accepted our offer! So now we wait to see if the deal falls in place; plus time will tell how this affects may blogging routine. After all, demands have already taken a bite out of my visits.

How was you weekend? Tell us about it!

Celebrations for your week ahead.

  • (Week) Cuckoo Week, Dance Week, Letter Writing Week
  • (Mon) Clean Off Your Desk Day, Rubber Duckie Day, Coming of Age Day, Pubic Radio Broadcasting Day, Peach Melba Day
  • (Tues) Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, Dress Up Your Pet Day, Poetry at Work Day, Organize Your Home Day
  • (Wed) Strawberry Ice Cream Day, Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Day, Humanitarian Day
  • (Thurs) Appreciate a Dragon Day, Nothing Day, Fig Newton Day, Women in Blue Jeans Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day

Because it’s Cuckoo Week and Dancing Week, this is close enough to both. Enjoy and have a great week.

80 thoughts on “On Monday Style

    • Carrie,
      Thanks … and now we continuing packing and preparing the move while we wait and hope for all well from the other party. The weather you described is very typical for my corner of the state.

  1. wonderful news about your home sale and guess what? i got video back…yay! love the dancing bird, Frank. good find for Monday. happy week to you! …and Tuesday is a good day to organize the house. :)

  2. Congratulations on selling your house, are you moving to Canada, the great white north? Actually, not so white here, we had lots of rain on the weekend, but it was still very slippery. I had a quiet weekend, hubby worked and worked, the eldest went away, so it was just the dog and I pretty much. Thus I had time to start an online course I signed up for.

  3. Well done on the house sale – hope the next one is in the bag? As Monday comes to an end, the sky show a promise of clearing. We seem to be having the worst summer ever – it seems our weather has turned on us and gone out in sympathy with the northern hemisphere! Consequently we spent our weekend inside – which makes me grumbley……

    • Pauline,
      Thanks … and the next one from our end should be very smooth. Bummer that your summer weather is in a bit of a funk, and being stuck inside during the summer is no fun.

  4. Dera Frank, I wish you luck with the change of home… more and more to the north, well, not always it gets colder ;-)
    I never had heard bell’s music solo… these are usually included in orchestral concerts, always special for the”clerical” touch that can give to a piece! I wish you a lovely week :-) claudine

  5. Whoa Frank, that’s great news about the sale of your house. If everything works out it sounds like you’re rocketing head-first into Whirlwind Weeks Plural. Compared to your weekend, mine was rather anti-climactic: I power slept, met a bud for brunch and visited the Museum of Modern Art for this week’s Lame Adventure with pithy Milton.

    • Lame,
      Given all that’s going on, you see why I have yet to respond to your message. But I will soon! Congrats on you getting some power sleep, which I imagine doesn’t happen as often as you would wish. Looking forward to Milton’s comments on the museum visit … and his thoughts on the Golden Globes …. Given award season, time for the Milties …. Idea … you come up with the categories … he does the winners!

      • I recalled you were in the process of moving, Frank, so I figured you were Real Busy. Milton does not know this year but I committed a cardinal Miltonian sin: I didn’t watch a second of the Golden Globes. I was too busy writing. But yes, he has been bursting with opinion about Awards Season since November. He takes these things Very Seriously.

        • You not watch the GGs. The hosts were great, the evening was lighthearted, but I seemed a bit out of the loop because …. I didn’t know many of the films … We don’t have any of the premium cable channels, so we don’t know those shows …. Many of the nominated actors we didn’t know. …

          Yes, busy at this end .. but busier times are ahead.

    • Georgette,
      Many thanks. I imagine that after 27 years, the final drive away will have many mixed emotions … but the excitement (and work) of the next step will be like a new frontier. Good news is that we’ve already getting to know the new neighbors! … and by summer, hopefully I can join you at Graeter’s!

  6. Congratulations on the house, Frank. Let us know if you have found someplace new to hang your handbells and your dancing shoes!

    It was a monsoon here in DC on Saturday. So it was slow and lazy. Just what I needed! Yesterday was lots of cooking and errands, so all in all a relaxing day.

  7. Glad you got a contract on the house, Frank. Do you have a new location scoped out? We were skiing this week from Thursday through Saturday. Got home Saturday night and watched the New England/Indianapolis game. Yesterday was chores and getting ready for the week along with the nail-biter ending to the Broncos game!

  8. I hope your house deal goes smoothly. Are you staying in the same general part of the world?

    We had a fairly quiet weekend. Still didn’t sell our house. Probably since it isn’t on the market. Did enjoy the warmup. The furnace is on a lot less of the time. We even got outside for some walks. You know, 45˚ feels balmy in January.

    Have an interesting week.

    • Very close … less than 10 miles. Meanwhile, not being on the market is a good reason not to sell your house. Then again, wouldn’t it be interesting if someone approached you. Yep – that happened to my sister. Enjoy the balmy weather!!!

  9. One weekend getting thing ready for bitter cold, this past one finally sun and 70. We celebrated by taking the dog out for a hike to look for gators( pictures shortly)
    Whew! Contract on the house. One stress less. (Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly) So glad you know where you are settling next – good time for a new adventure! YEA!

  10. Hi, Frank! Good luck with the move. It’s such a chore, but I’m guessing you are very organized. Ah, this weekend. We did NOTHING. Which was wonderful, wonderful. I think I turned on my computer a couple of times, but not much else. Did go to a Christmas party (yes, Christmas party!), so it was fun – was cancelled earlier in December due to bad weather in these parts. Was a lot of fun – and funny, too – to see Christmas trees and decorations! :) Such is the fun irony of life. Have a great week. I’ve got a very heavy schedule this week, but I will catch up even if it’s all in one day. Cheers, D

  11. Thumbs up on the house. Fabulous.
    I like that it’s letter writing week. I shall scribe some snail mail. Happy Monday!

  12. I watched the 1st dancing parrot video last night just before going to bed. Loved it. What fun! Congrats on the house sale. Hope the deal goes through smoothly for you. Yes, that hand bell piece does sound tricky, but it’s beautiful. Have a great week. :)

    • Sylvia,
      As a musician, you know what I mean about vulnerability in a slow piece with long notes … easy to play, but not easy to play well.

      You will appreciate this tidbit. To deal with staying together problems at last Monday’s rehearsal, the director wanted to see how well we would do without her directing. So she directed the first two measures, then sat down …. and we played it very well as we were forced to listen to each other. Of course we laughed saying, “Know we know the problem isn’t us!” … so that’s the way we played it on Sunday … but she directed the last 4-5 measures from a chair.

      Thanks for the best wishes on the sale!

    • Hood,
      Many thanks.Oh yes … and at our age, it’s time to hire movers … so I’m getting four quotes and info this week. Fortunately, we’ve done some packing and gotten rid of stuff.

      • I don’t blame you! Moving and packing is a lot of hard work. Now you got me wondering, what would be in a FrankAngle yard sale? :)

        • Well …because we made the decision to move in late May, we started going through stuff for a yard sale. Our idea was to get rid of much and what doesn’t sell, take it to Goodwill or trash it .. and that’s what we did.

          We had some nice prints that didn’t go .. but let’s see … a rocker was popular … so were the vinyl record albums. Ah heck, I can’t remember the other stuff!

  13. The parrot is hilarious! You have to smile at that! Great news about the offer on the house, Frank, but I feel a little overwhelmed for you! LOL! You guys haven’t had much of a chance to catch your breath lately. I hope it all goes very smoothly and then when you have landed in your new home you can hopefully recharge your batteries. I can well imagine it will cut into blogging time! You’ll get caught up later. :-)

    • Debra,
      That bird is a dancing machine!!!!

      Thanks on the congrats, and yes, it’s when quite the whirlwind with other aspects of life. But we are managing it .. well … at least at the moment. Of course once we arrive at the new place, then their is the unpacking, settling in, and the other stuff on a long list.

  14. Yippee! This is excellent news. Congratulations. Now what? Now where?

    Hope you are doing well, my friend. I have been so busy and not able to keep up with blogging. I do have a new post scheduled for tomorrow, but SO little time to read blogs. I’m sorry to have been absent this week. I tried something new in the creation of this piece, and it ate up way too much time–time as in days. Why do I do this to myself? LOL

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Kathy,
      Many thanks as we are excited by our move to a condo in our area. I understand your point about lacking reading time because I’m going through that at the moment .. but hopefully I will catch your next post.

  15. Ha – I think those feathers on the top of the bird’s head made the dance more entertaining.
    Congrats on the house offer. Hope the rest of the process goes smoooooothly.
    We enjoyed a nice day in the 40s yesterday.
    Today back to ugly cold freezing temps. Brrr…
    And – there goes my furnace again…

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