On a Popping Monday

While a new week starts, some in the USA start with week with a holiday. How was your weekend?

Ours served as a getaway from some hectic times. Along with snow, Friday brought us two inspectors. Even with that, our weekend included ballroom dancing, a live production of Sound of Music, dinner, visiting family, and a few other things … and Saturday night’s snow fall cancelled a ballroom event!

My week starts with a slice of unknown because I’m unsure about the number of posts publish – but, I hope to conclude Time: The Musical with a prologue that will offer choices.

Upcoming celebrations for your calendar!

  • (Week) No Name Calling Week, Handwriting Analysis Week, Hunt for Happiness Week, Clean Out Your Inbox Week, Snowmobile Safety Awareness Week, Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Week
  • (Mon) Penguin Awareness Day, Disc Jockey Day, Camcorder Day, Butter Crunch Day
  • (Tues) Squirrel Appreciation Day, Compliment Day, Rid the Word of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day, Granola Bar Day
  • (Wed) Blonde Brownie Day, Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day
  • (Thurs) Rhubarb Pie Day, Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day, Pie Day, Measure Your Feet Day, Lichtenstein’s Foundation Day

Let’s use the Muppets to start the week. This is very timely because Sunday was Popcorn Day. Did you celebrate? Enjoy and have a good week!

57 thoughts on “On a Popping Monday

  1. You’ve had a busy weekend! Much more productive than mine. But as is my norm, I went to a movie today: ‘August: Osage County.’ Talk about a dysfunctional family. Meryl Streep was amazing as the drug-addled, cray-cray matriarch and so was Julia Roberts as her equally sharp-tongued daughter. Made me very grateful for my own kin!


  2. This weekend was nice, thanks Frank. Sounds like yours was too.

    But I will have to do something special for Friday; when we were traveling east in 1998, I insisted that we stop for lunch in Lichtenstein, just because I liked the way it sounded.


  3. Huh. Two “Popcorn” videos in a row from you, Frank. What does it mean? Probably just two “Popcorn” videos in a row. My weekend was okay. Hung out with friends. Coco took some pictures that might be my next post. I was very disappointed that the 49ers lost. Now I’m rooting for Denver by default since I hate the Seahawks.


    • Lame,
      Two popcorn videos was actually planned when I was looking for the first one. You would have enjoyed the small theater where we saw Sound of Music. Interesting place. Good production … here’s the review … http://tinyurl.com/q4ys5ft … Always a bummer when favorite teams lose … thus way I just watch for the enjoyment of the game.


  4. A great and busy weekend behind you again ….. thanks for the video – my music and my favorite TV-chef. This I have use for the right post – never seen it before. Thanks for my morning laughter.


  5. Oh, wow, a live production of the Sound of Music sounds awesome! Nothing like live theater–especially musicals. We had a busy weekend! Plus, my 20-year-old nephew arrives from Lexington tonight. He’s staying for 6 months.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  6. You manage being a busy bee & a social butterfly quite well. πŸ˜‰

    LOL on the video. I can see me doing that. Not sure I’d get as many hits on YouTube though.

    We had a full & fun weekend too. The kids had a music recital on Saturday & yesterday we went to Chicago to catch the Bruins vs the Blackhawks. Bruins lost – womp, womp, womp. But – it’s all good. We had a great time still.


    • RoSy,
      The 3-day weekend had a bit of everything in it!

      Bummer … as a Blues fan I would have wanted your Bruins to win! Meanwhile, we just got more snow. 😦 … and the temperature is droppnig. 😦


  7. Oddly, we did dig through the cabinet and find some popcorn! Must be on some wave length.
    Since the Broncos are going to Super Bowl, spent Sunday trimming up bushes in the front year – hope to get the back done this week – traditionally we bushwhack before Super Bowl, but don’t want the mess around and miss parts. The huge cardinal male is a tad annoyed he lost a perch. He’s been visiting and singing loudly. Must not be Molly’s playlist, though – she sits under his tree limb and barks and barks all during his songs. Hope the house stuff is as painless as possible!


  8. I have never considered “Measure Your Feet Day.” I’m not sure of the “why” behind it, but it is definitely unique! You had a very busy weekend, Frank. I hope the efforts towards your move continue to go well for you. We had a fairly quiet weekend. I took advantage of being home and getting some organizing and cleaning done. Not very exciting, but I’m home so little it was actually perfect! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your musical post this week!


    • Debra,
      Here are some ideas for Measure Your Feet Day. 1) Measure length and width, 2) Measure both feet, 3) Have everyone at the office measure their feet, and then do a statistical analysis, 4) Measure Jay’s feet.

      Cheers to you having a weekend to get some things done around the house.


  9. Sounds like you had a very full weekend, Frank. You’ll have to excuse this short comment, but I must get ready for Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. I have two cats and they are extremely curious creatures which means I’d better get prepared. πŸ˜‰


  10. Dang I missed squirrel appreciation day. Our new park doesn’t have any. It’s kinda weird and I can’t help wondering why. I think Miles loves having a squirrel-free park since they always told him off.


  11. Blonde Brownie Day is a bit unnerving. I think this might involve recipes that might delete key ingrediants – i.e.: chocolate.
    I’ll have tp pick Squirrel Appreciation Day as my friend used to rescue injured or abandoned squirrels so I had one walk on my shoulders. They have sharp nails but weren’t harmful.
    Fun post, Frank. ~~~~~ : – )


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