On Ode to Bubble Monday

Another weekend has gone into the memory bank, so how was yours?

Ours was lower key than normal. We had time on the ballroom floor, started Saturday by shoveling the new snow, stayed in that evening by watching Backdraft with good wine (and company), then Sunday afternoon we went to the movie theater for Philomena (thumbs up).

After a mild Sunday, temperatures will be dropping overnight to pave the way for blistering cold (low of -10 F, -23 C scheduled for Monday night/Tuesday morning). At least it’s only a 3-day blast, so Thursday starts the upswing.

Celebrations for the week

  • (Week) Snow Sculpting Week, Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week, Hoof Care Week, Meat Week
  • (Mon) Bubble-Wrap Appreciation Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, Punch the Clock Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day, Thomas Crapper Day, Chocolate Cake Day
  • (Tues) Kazoo Day, Daisy Day, Blueberry Pancake Day
  • (Wed) Curmudgeon Day, Freethinkers Day, Puzzle Day, Seeing Eye Dog Day
  • (Thurs) Croissant Day, Inane Answering Message Day

Alert 1: The last week of January also means it’s your last chance to celebrate Love Yourself Month and Get Over It Month.

Alert 2: Here’s an attempt to break the comment record on WordPress. Click here and then comment on anything (if needed, use the a celebration from above, and tell them I sent you.

Here are two choices to start your week, so watching one or both. Enjoy … and have a good week!

At the Time: The Musical – Prologue, Elyse disclosed that Ode to Joy was played at her wedding. Then, my research staff discovered this video from her wedding (and just in time for Tuesday)


With a toast to Bubble-Wrap Appreciation Day, here is a guy wasting his employer’s time and money.

86 thoughts on “On Ode to Bubble Monday

  1. Frank, Frank, Frank. That wasn’t the version of Ode To Joy that was played at my wedding. This is:

    But I have a special affection for kazoos. When I had my big operation in 1982, I woke up to find a clown (really) holding a bouquet of balloons at the end of my bed. I had just come out of ICU and was still heavily drugged. He looked at me and said, “You don’t really want me to sing, do you?” I must have smile to indicate he was right. Then he gave me a couple of other options. Finally, he said, “how about a couple of notes on my Kazoos — we both have to say we did it.” And he blew his kazoo, gave me a kiss on the forehead and tied the balloons to my bed. The balloons proceeded to bonk me in the head for days.


  2. I hate to tell you this, Frank, but we’re setting record highs in Sacramento. It was 79 the other day! Perfectly balmy. Stay by the fire place, Frank. That bubble wrap video reminded of that dance troupe, Stomp! He’s a great dancer.


    • Amy,
      Cheers to your warm winter. As I like to say, if somewhere is cold than normal, someplace else is warmer than normal. Congratulations on winning the latter prize! …. and cheers to Stomp!


  3. If Elyse ever renews her vows, has a party with kazoo playing clowns, Muppet’s singing and cavorting, along with the Bubble Wrap Hip-Hopper….please add JOTS to the invite list!
    Stay warm, aFA….spring is almost here…(Cheshire cat grin)…
    I’m taking tomorrow, Monday, to think seriously about all the special squirrels in my life…the list is long…I’ll be in touch…


    • Hey Jots,
      Our winter has been abnormally cold, although 1976-77 and 1977-78 winters were worse …. plus more snow than normal. Meanwhile, I imagine Elyse is already in the planning stage for that renewal party!


      • I just love a party that has wedding cake! Actually, any kind of cake with that cake frosting made of artery-clogging mystery substance….lard maybe?
        And here the Pacific NW sits in drought….we’ve had forest fires in January. This summer does not bode well for keeping the green…..
        I do watch the news, aFA, and think of the misery you (all) in the mid-west and throughout the east coast endure on a daily basis…..Waiting until spring to move, I hope??


        • Hard to imagine the Pacific NW being in a drought during what is typically the rainy season! … but it all adds up to one strange winter! Because our move is scheduled for mid-March, that is the season of who-knows weather.

          Gotta love good icing …. not the overly, sugary, paste … but the creamy stuff that is finger linkin’ good!


  4. A January Monday in the dead of winter is Squirrel Appreciation Day? They must be appreciated in a place much warmer place than New York City — maybe in Sacramento with The Bumble Files. Even the pigeons are in short supply out here these days.


  5. Clearly someone has far too much time on their hands. However, I can see this thing going big once it hits youtube!! Bubblewrap-Hip-Hop… Ha & no one’s ever thought of it before? As for the weather…Please give me the region… I’ve been off the tube as of late & need to know if I should be asking my son to bring in wood. Last week we got down to 3 degree’s. According to our weatherman. Six below with the wind chill. Coarse I can’t complain. I’m one of the few people in this world that absolutely love the cold weather. For real. And it’s not an easy love as everywhere we go all we here is foul comments & negative posts on cold weather & how everyone is so sick & tired of it. Inion looks at me & reasons with me “Please don’t do it. They’re going to think we’re crazy!!!” But I can’t help myself. I love, love, love winter!! Everything about it. Now, as for the movie, great choice. Backdraft is a brilliant movie with a stellar cast. Sutherland did a phenomenal job in my opinion. As did De Niro. And can’t wait to see Philomena as we are huge Judi Dench fans!! We made sure to leave a comment on the link you left for the guy going for Guinness record commenting although I’m not sure why! He was already over 3,000 & probably have already achieved #1 place!! Love the post, sharing now.


    • Inion,
      Welcome first-time commenter. This is a typical Monday post focusing on looking back and looking ahead while staying light.

      Cheers to your love of winter, but as I’ve gotten older, the less I enjoy it. My location is Cincinnati, Ohio … and Anchorage, Alaska is going to be much warmer today than us. Where are you? JD does a great job in Philomena, then again, when doesn’t she do well! I didn’t know the story going in, but enjoyed the film very much.


  6. Bubble wrap is so much fun when you walk on it.

    Saturday we went on a double date with the eldest and her boyfriend. We visited Niagara Falls; I wanted to see it frozen, the Canadian side wasn’t plus to see the coloured lights they shine on the Falls at night. It was beautiful but freezing cold. I don’t need to go in the winter at night for another 10 years or so.


    • Georgette,
      I was surprised to find the bubble-wrap stomp! Meanwhile, we will take any way to stay warm over the next several days! FYI … the high in Anchorage today is supposed to be 40!


  7. The bubble wrap hip hop …. amazing!! Elyse’s wedding video … brilliant! And that everyone join it. Just brilliant – thanks for the big Monday smile. And this week I will celebrate the Croissant Day. Love croissants. I wish you a week full of many reasons to celebrate. *smile


  8. When we first got engaged, me and my now-husband toyed seriously with the idea of employing several of our friends to play the Bridal March on kazoo for us at our wedding. ….looking back, we should have probably taken this as a sign that we were too immature to get married. Thankfully, we had a long engagement, and by our wedding wised up and employed an organist. Though I still wonder, “What if…?”


  9. Fenway heard the Ode to Joy on kazoo, ran in here & started barking. He was ok with the bubble wrap video though. Go figure…
    I think the song in kazoo form was fun!


  10. Hoofcare week, huh? I will have to think about how I might celebrate that one! I don’t have enough energy for Free Thinkers Day and I always enjoy a Croissant. This is quite an odd assortment of celebrations this week, Frank!


  11. Sounds like you guys are having a miserable winter. I won’t complain about the endless rain since at least it’s not that cold. Loved the bubble wrap guy. Miles didn’t appreciate it–he was trying to nap.


  12. I’m glad to hear you all will get a brief reprieve later this week. This has been a crazy winter. Suppose it’s a good chance to practice get-over-it week (or month), whichever it was. And the bubble wrap video was a hoot. Who ever thought about putting the stuff through a pasta maker! Take care, Frank, and stay warm!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  13. Philomena is on my to do list now, thanks to you. And if nothing else, it seems that most of the country HAS come together this winter. If only to prevent frostbite from setting in, but hey, it still counts.


    • Cayman,
      Philomena was a pleasant surprise …. a good story and very well done …. and a throwback to quality movies not having to be full of special effects. Enjoy!

      Meanwhile, stay warm!


  14. And to think you can waste an employers money with bubble wrap! That is a new one, but one in which I will file away for future use should I ever want to work “officially” for THE MAN again.

    I have stopped by your friend’s blog and left a wacky comment to help him reach his goal of “most comments.”

    Movies? Saw “The Heat” this last weekend, and it is a MUST for you and yours to see. I was ROFL most of the time. Highly underrated movie. In fact, I think I must buy it to catch all the witty sayings used that I missed the first time (wine will do that).

    Cheers, Frank


    • Deb,
      Is The Heat in theaters or a rental?

      Glad you were able to contribute to the efforts regarding the comment record. Interestingly, the hosts and I aren’t visitors to each other, but we run in common circles … so I decided to give them a plug … and I greet them each day with something to celebrate.


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