On a Variety of Thoughts

On Why
For whatever reason, several times this week my mind was a day ahead that the actual day. For instance, Wednesday night I was thinking it was Thursday, so I posted Opinions in the Shorts a day earlier than normal. Of course that was a carrier over from Tuesday night when I was thinking it was Wednesday. In order to fulfill my self-imposed obligation, I looked through old bookmarks to gather a collection of random thoughts – and now I can delete these. Enjoy. Which did you watch? Any favorites?

On Looking Back
Does anyone remember this commercial from days gone by?

On Food & Wine
Food recalls are serious – so when one happens, the media has an important role in informing the public. Does anyone remember any of these recalls? πŸ˜‰

Did you know that guitarist Jimmy Stafford (of Train) is involved with wine?
On Kindness
If you needed a kidney, who would you ask? If a friend asked you to donate one of your kidneys to them, would you do it? Would you ask a stranger or consider donating to a stranger? You will have to watch this one on YouTube.

On Travel
Are you looking for a unique adventure? Would you consider staying here?

On a Musical Treat
Being in the grip of winter, fall seems so long ago. Besides, after the move – no more fall leaves to rake or mow!

On to the Weekend
Because it has been so long since I’ve done a cartoon post, here’s a tribute to a classic character.

70 thoughts on “On a Variety of Thoughts

  1. I wish your day count was right, Frank. I also wish I wasn’t old enough to remember that ad. I am, and I do. And the first time I saw the actual painting (wherever the heck it is, and however old I was at the time) I was really confused. Thanks for Wiley E!


    • Bulldog,
      The Wile E – Roadrunner chase is a classic. Interestingly, there are videos out there showing his success complete with psychological care. As far as the advert goes, in case you don’t know, that is based on a famous painting named American Gothic.


  2. There is no way I’d stay in that hotel. I was so cold yesterday, my poor husband had to listen to me ranting all evening.

    I think these weeks are long for everyone. 14 days for pitchers and catchers!!! Yay


    • Audra,
      Seeing that hotel during our winter may not have been a good idea because we want the cold out of here … let alone think of colder! …. oh yes …. mid-February is the time for Play Ball!


  3. Frank, your video of kindness – not available for me. Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No.1 – so beautiful, quite a while since I heard it last. Love that you are showing our Ice Hotel – http://wp.me/p293Pw-2mc – my post has a video about how the hotel is built every year … 47 min long, but I promise you will enjoy every minute. Road Runner …. absolute brilliant – love the music being used too.
    Have a lovely weekend .. and keep on dancing.


  4. I don’t remember the Corn Flakes commercial (depending on when it came out, I was 4 or 5 years old), but it’s a good one. I would definitely stay at the ice hotel. πŸ™‚


  5. The commercial is a bit before my time.
    Some o’ the recalls sound familiar.
    If I needed a kidney…I think I would ask (depends how old I was when I needed it though).
    Similarly donating to someone who needed one. And – if I knew someone that needed one – it would depend on who they were too. A complete stranger…maybe. I’d need more info though. I know – I’m a bit warped. I blame life experience for that.
    On travel – I experience that here with this weather. So – no thanks.
    On musical retreat – niiice! πŸ™‚
    Om Wile E – I always rooted for him. Oh well…


    • RoSY,
      Thanks for taking the time to stroll the buffet in this post. Oh my … with your winter, I can understand you passing on the Ice Hotel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about kidney donations. The video about it is moving.


  6. Happy Friday Frank πŸ™‚

    Though the ice hotel looks interesting, and I certainly wouldn’t mind a walk through, I doubt I’d want to stay there. I’m not really into touristy places, nor am one for letting hotels decide my activities when I travel. To me cruise ships and all-inclusive hotels completely cut me off from the people and culture that I’ve traveled so far to immerse in. Ok, rant off!

    Enjoy your weekend!


    • Alex,
      I know you are well-traveled, so I understand your point. I see cruise ships are a travelling hotel, thus when in port, we like doing thinks on our own. On the downside, the stay is short, so immersing into the culture can’t be done.


  7. I had never seen the commercial, but know it is based on the painting ‘American Gothic’
    The kidney video is ‘not available in your country’ which is unfortunate – this often happens!
    No to the ice hotel – not because it isn’t intriguing or beautiful or unusual – I just don’t like the cold! The Colours of Autumn was lovely and Wile E Coyote I do remember.

    Discombobulating when you lose a day, or invent another one, isn’t it! Happened to me constantly when I stopped working out in the world – now I just happily potter along and respond to the day on its merits and appointments without often acknowledging its name ….
    At least my 365 Days project keeps me up with the number of the month πŸ™‚

    I know its coming up to your weekend – so have a good one!


    • Pauline,
      I hate when videos are blocked … especially good ones. Go to YouTube, then search On the Road Asking for Kidney … it’s a CBS News story, and very good.

      Thanks for watching all the videos. Each was different, but enjoyable. And the Ice Hotel is a long way from home!


  8. I was able to access the YouTube from your link, Frank. The message appears that says it’s disabled from embedding, but also includes a live link to youtube. And that was quite a video. I feel so much sadness for that couple, in particular the gentleman who is fearing the worst. Would I give a stranger a kidney? I can’t imagine that I would. I would want my “extra” organ for a family member. Not a very philanthropic position to take, but giving a live organ is much more serious than giving platelets or bone marrow. Seeing the emotional pain of this couple does make the importance of organ donation very real, however. I do hope they found one!


    • Debra,
      Correct, this video must be seen on YouTube, not through embedding. Interestingly, some in other countries can’t get it, so they had to search for it. For whatever reason, bizarre.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about organ donation. A tough choice indeed …. and yes, the importance of organ donation.


  9. We missed out on that corn flake ad…what a pity. The ice hotel looks great. That is a Finnish name, I wonder why. We were close to a couple of ice places when we were in Lapland but we didn’t make it there.


  10. I wasn’t aware Jimmy Stafford was involved with wine, but I know I have been involved with wine whilst listening to him.
    And that video on donating a kidney is the kind of thing that should be shown in schools, starting on Monday.
    Today is Sunday. Right?


    • Cayman,
      Absolutely today is Sunday. FYI: Super Bowl is tonight and the Bengals nor Dolphins are involved.

      Great point about the kidney video … and a creative teacher could develop a unit around it!


  11. Frank, I’ve been a day off all week as well. Maybe it is something in the air blanketing the entire US. It was serious with me–heading off for appointments on Wednesday that were scheduled for Thursday. I thought it was a post menopausal thing–what is your excuse? Ha! I certainly remember the corn flakes commercial and that makes me sad. How fast did I grow old? Hope your move went well. E


    • E-Tom!
      OK … you get post-menopause as an excuse … well, assuming WW buys into it … and I get nothing! That’s OK because this event is rare for me. And just because you recall that commercial doesn’t mean you’re old … just means you are prime age for wisdom!


  12. Linked minds as far as the days go … I had my days mixed up too. ~~~ : – O
    The video on fall was heartfelt. I miss the fall. Seeing the colorful leaves was enjoyable. Thank you for that one.
    Good ole Wylie … he always made me laugh. A good belly laugh for me this morning –
    enjoyed this post – a lot.
    Happy Sunday Morning and Super Bowl Day !!!!


  13. Your opening paragraph makes me smile, both because (a) been there and (b) I just bought a calendar for Li’l D yesterday. I didn’t think much of it, but his first words upon awakening were, “My calendar!” I showed him how to cross of a day and explained why we do that. Then we went through and circled family members’ birthdays. In light of his new (and likely short-lived!) enthusiasm for dates, it makes me smile thinking of the first time he mixes up the days. I hope he’ll tell me about it. πŸ™‚

    As far as an ice hotel? I’d walk in and take a look around, sure, but no thanks to sleeping in one!


    • Deborah,
      Cheers to your attempt at teaching the calendar. DOn’t forget to add any pertinent days that Lil’D should note from my Monday and Friday posts!

      I’m not sure how I would react to the Ice Hotel. And because I know my wife’s interest would be slim, that means I probably won’t get there. After all, she hates cold weather.


    • Val,
      Knowing that you are the queen of craving never hot enough weather, your rejection of the Ice Hotel isn’t a surprise … but your treehouse alternative is quite the place!

      Meanwhile, I hope I can keep track of the days this week … and good luck to you with that as well. πŸ˜‰


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