On Super Monday

A new week is upon us, so how was your weekend? It’s time to tell others about it.

Ours was simple with an evening one the ballroom floor, a Saturday afternoon basketball game party with friends, rented The Heat (Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy) (… thanks Deb), and attended a Super Bowl party in the neighborhood (our last one as members of this street).

A new month has started, thus I imagine you are itching to know what month-long celebrations can you plan. February celebrates adopt rescue rabbits, baking for family fun, from Africa to Virginia, expect success, hoof care, jobs in golf (contact Bulldog), library lovers, spunky old broads, bird feeding, caring for your indoor air, responsible pet owners, Haiku writing, hot breakfasts, potato lovers, hot breakfast, avocados & bananas, beans, snack foods, cherries, exotic vegetables & star fruit, fabulous Florida strawberries, grapefruits, mend a broken heart, time management, pet dental care, laugh-friendly, women inventors, therapeutic recreation, sleep safety, embroidery, creative romance, pull your sofa off the wall,  spay/neuter awareness, relationship wellness, planting the seeds of greatness, and condoms.

Celebrations for your calendar

  • (Week) Dump Your Significant Jerk Week,  Friendship Week, Solo Diners Eat-Out Week, Just Say No to PowerPoint Week
  • (Mon) Carrot Cake Day, Elmo’s Birthday (from Sesame Street). The Day the Music Died
  • (Tues) Create a Vacuum Day, Liberace Day, USO Day, Cancer Day, Gumby’s Birthday
  • (Wed) Thank a Mail-Delivery-Person Day, Nutella Day, Weatherperson’s Day, Digital Learning Day, Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon, PA Day, Peter Pan Day
  • (Thurs) Canadian Maple Syrup Day, Frozen Yogurt Day, Pay a Compliment Day, Waitangi Day in New Zealand

Given a certain Monday celebration, here are two videos to start your week. First, Don McLean’s American Pie; followed by a musical interlude that will start you week with a smile. Have a good week.

82 thoughts on “On Super Monday

  1. I remember way back when, Don McLean came to our elementary school and sang American Pie. I have loved the song ever since then.

    My weekend consisted of a funeral, and laundry. Hubby worked all weekend again, so it was just the dog and I. Oh that is starting to sound old.


  2. If my sister celebrated “pull your sofa off the wall” day I’m sure she’d find all of Thurber’s missing toys, Frank.

    I ushered an extremely disappointing play on Saturday at a very prestigious off-Broadway theater company that did not get good reviews so it’s closing in two weeks. I was in the theater as the actors were rehearsing when I overheard a conversation they had with the stage manager about wanting to quit the show! They completely ganged up on her. It was surreal and vastly more entertaining than this evening’s Super Blowout.


  3. Classic song by Don. The Ode was fun.

    Superb Owl episode by Steve Colbert was a lot more entertaining that the game. Too bad it was lopsided.

    Then, we watched a Louis C.K. episode for some uplifting humor.

    Wednesday I plan to open my new jar of Nutella in celebration.


  4. I loved the “Ode to Joy” video, Frank. That was lovely. We’ve had a good weekend. A baby shower, our son came over for SuperBowl, and all in all, very relaxing. 🙂 I also just loved “The Heat.” It is really rare for me to find a comedy that I really enjoy…this one, yes! Now I’m spending a little time on the computer before I give all my attention to Downton Abbey in a few minutes. LOL! A good weekend!


  5. WOOHOO SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!! PACIFIC NORTHWEST ROCKS. WE ARE FINALLY ON THE MAP FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN MAKING THE MOST RAIN!!!!! Psst……think I’ll take Tuesday/Liberace Day and play me some of those blacks and whites…..


  6. How was your weekend? Ah, the horror, the horror of the question. I can’t say I went dancing, Emergency Rooms in my area have forbidden me dancing after the last time I hit the dance floor.

    Super Bowl parties -that explains all the cars lining up in lane ways.

    No movie to glow about. The local theater is shut down for reno’s. The remote control quit working (just realized the dang TV and DVD has power on/off button as function keys).

    I did get a new bed, thankfully heights don’t bother me. Why do they make them so high now? Fortunately am not vertically challenged like my bed mate, am still able to sit on the new bed and put my socks on.

    A niece stopped in this afternoon with her two daughters, Sneezy and Wheezzy. Cute kids, nice to see them, then see them go. They ridiculed the upstairs bathroom, for it’s (their words) ooooooooo pink toilet, ooooooooo pink bathtub. It’s not PINK -it’s Dust Rose. Really. What does a four and six year old, who attend French only school know about design tastes.

    I was guest writer on a friends blog. My first time to be asked. They say you always remember your first. It was an honour.

    But the high high highlight of this weekend happened when I stopped by here. American Pie. Not a week goes by, if no one is within earshot, I sing it aloud to myself. I was good to hear the way it was meant. Just one of my all time fav’z. Thanks Frank. Have a good un, Eh!


    • Hudson,
      One question about the bathroom …. pink toilet paper?

      To answer your bed question, I’ve got the feeling beds are high now has something to do with aging baby boomers.

      Congrats on the guest blogger opportunity … and thanks for sharing your weekend.


  7. Well, I have been out of touch for a few weeks, not even reading fellow bloggers very often. This is a great way to ease back in! I love the thought of a pay a compliment day–matches up nicely with the Ode to Joy video you posted. Such fun! Thanks as always for a great kick start to the week.


  8. My, it’s looking to be a busy month Frank! I celebrated the end of January by posting about the completion of the first twelfth of my year long art project. Feeling quite pleased that I managed to stick to it for a whole month, eleven more to go 🙂

    Enjoyed the videos too – fun to see them trying to make sense out of the lyrics to American Pie – I’ve always loved the tune, but never understood what it’s about.

    New Zealand thanks you for noting our national day 🙂


  9. I remember playing this during lunch in the office and Ms. Crabapple asked me to turn the music down. Calmly, I told her I would turn it off when it was over. Really, I was pretty good at tiptoeing around Ms. Crabapple, but that lunch I had to have a listen to launch me into the afternoon. Only now I realize it was 8:00 +, too much for her, I guess. I smiled when during another lunch someone asked “Hey, G., play your song.” ooo–I gave it to Ms. Someone so she could play it. I love this song! It has everything. Interesting to learn Don McLean was a paperboy who delivered all that news and also, lost his father during the 60’s. Always something new to glean from that song. Great Ode to Joy. Happy kick off to the Olympics Week, Frank.


  10. The Don McLean clip is a true work of art, Frank. I’m swimming in nostalgia! Funny, isn’t it, how memory works? I never suspected when I was a teen-ager that the mind would be so efficient, replaying all the salient emotive parts of one’s life with such fidelity! If I had known, I might have been more careful. But, probably not. At that age, life stretched ahead like an endless highway and the past receded like dust behind.


  11. Frank, you made me literally burst out laughing! Dump a Jerk and celebrate a friend.

    I am on the week celebration! Red has been visiting since last Thursday and is here till this Thursday. It has been a blessing.

    Hope all is going swimmingly well with the move. Thank you for the from the belly laugh.


  12. I enjoyed a great Super Bowl dinner last night. I didn’t understand the game, but it was fun watching those ‘incredible hulks’ on the big screen. Florida strawberries are yummy. I’ll celebrate them any day. 🙂 The Ode to Joy was lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Have wonderful week.


  13. One of my ATF songs. That’s one eclectic list of celebrations! Even I can find a few to enjoy. Frank, we had a pretty good weekend, too. Went to the annual Medieval Faire on Saturday; I’ll see about getting some pics posted this week. A little sad over the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman, thankfully the sun is finally shinning today, so that helps a little. Have a great week, Frank, and be careful (of you back) while packing.


  14. Great choices, Frank!

    What did you think about the movie?

    I will post this to shamelessly market my blog in honor of Liverace–I mean Liberace–Day:


    The credit goes to Frank Hardy. He has some great photos. I’ve got a great post coming up in the next month or so of John Wayne and airplanes (with photos).

    What did we do? Grocery shopping 😉 “They” were out in FULL FORCE in honor of the Super Bowl, of course.

    We watched the Super Bowl at home, and the best part was the opera singer at the beginning with all the military service members and the BlackHawk helicopters going over at the end. I always tear up at that song. Especially when it’s sung so well.

    Love Alex Autin’s comment. Very funny – I noticed that, too. No coincidence there!

    Here’s another quick fact about me that reminded me of your friend Debra’s comment about “Liverace” – when I was little – about 2 1/2, I was already talking and singing in full sentences like a grown-up. (Or so my parents say.) So, I loved the singing part of church. The Song “Holy, Holy, Holy…Lord God Almighty, early in the morning…” was my favorite. So I belted it out LOUDLY and with MUCH gusto (Again, my parents say this.)

    The only problem? I thought they were singing: “Oily, Oily, Oily…Lord God A Mighty!” 🙂

    I meant well. I tend to do these types of things. Even to this day! Have a great week, Frank.


    • Deb,
      Thanks for the Liberace link of your post (which I remember), thus I encourage others to stop by!

      Oily, Oily, Oily … now that’s a hoot!

      I was lucky, thus didn’t go to the grocery store this weekend (as the shopper, this is unusual) … but I imagine I would have been fit to be tied!


  15. Calendar looks full – carrot cake!
    Our neighborhood has pretty much changed from the original group. We are considering, but not rushing a move.
    It was cool seeing the Seattle’s sea hawk. Poor thing was probably hoping the flight was going to warm Mexico or someplace – but it was warmer there than Seattle.
    Great videos- can’t go wrong with blue hair


  16. Dude what happened to the Broncos. We were so excited and stayed up to watch it in London. At least we didn’t have to watch the whole thing to know how it would end. Pathetic.


  17. Girls video … brilliant choice. My team won the Superbowl .. what about that ?????? Seahawks 43-8 ???? I saw the match on Swedish TV – so my world is blue and green just now *smile I wonder what the Broncos was on.???!!! Going to Stockholm in 10 days time .. to visit my best friend and to enjoy Michael Buble alive. Exciting Febr coming up for me personal. Going for check up .. and got a new medicine that seams to ease things off a bit. So happy puppy over here, so fare, but only 4 days into the months.
    I will you a great Febr … and keep on dancing. *smile


  18. So, is PA Day, PA as in Pennsylvania, I wonder. If so, I love it. Glad you had a good weekend. Guess you guys are getting an insane amount of snow, according to my mom and sister.

    Sorry to have been away for a few days. I’ve been busy finishing another chapter of my mafia memoir to read at a literary event here in Cuenca Thursday night. Hard to catch up. I’ve missed your posts!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      No apologies necessary because my time roaming blogs has greatly diminished. Yes … PA as in Pennsylvania .. .and yes … ice and snow are approaching the city, so it should be messy in a few hours. YUK! Good luck with your writing!!!


  19. Loved watching the Super Bowl (half- time minus the Red Hot Chili Peppers was great) even though Peyton was a disappointment. It reminded me of the Olympics. You know, when the gymnast practices for 500,00 hours to get there and falls off the balance beam. Gosh … nerves can destroy!!! – BTW – I love sports and my husband keeps me company. Although, I have to say I think he is starting to enjoy the game recently. I lost 5 bucks to him so he’s been grinning all week. Thanks Peyton. lolol
    Sooo … a new month and 2014 just started.
    Time is flying by. ~~~~~~~~~~ : – )


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