On a Correction

In my haste and going in a variety of directions, I mistakenly announced the wrong date for Opening Night of Life: The Musical. Curtain time is 9:30 pm (Eastern US) on Wednesday (not Thursday). After all, Opinions in the Shorts occupies the Thursday night posting time slot.

Act 1 features songs with any of the following in the title: life, living, alive, lived, or live (that rhymes with give, not five). Get yourself ready. Reminder, Act 1 has a special Invite-a-Friend promotion! Tell them to identify who sent them.

Meanwhile, a special edition of Satire Bits is up next.


15 thoughts on “On a Correction

  1. Thanks for the correction. When I saw Thursday, I wondered if you had just decided to move things to another day for a reason I didn’t understand. Moves can do that to people. Force us to make changes we hadn’t anticipated or mistake one day for another–as you did in this instance.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      I know what happened … Most people will see the post on Thursday, so that’s in my head … but I publish the night before (my time) … thus it’s easy to do. Oh well … at least I caught it.


  2. No problem with you correcting the Opening Night for “Life: The Musical.” It does mean however that you’ll be dually distracted Wed. evening taking care of last minute curtain time details on top of having to rethink your past views on evolution.


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