Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 211

On Politics
Cheers to the Congressional Republicans who voted with the Democrats to extend the debt ceiling. Then again, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of the day when Congress abandons the debt ceiling, which is nothing more than a political tool.

The White House recently delayed the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate on certain-sized business. Besides that this is a prime example that size matters, I don’t like the employer mandate.

As Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) attacks former President Bill Clinton to excite his base, he does so at the expense of alienating the ideological center. Meanwhile, so now he’s suing the White House. He’s very much about positioning himself.

I put Sen. Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the same category … “Keep Them Talking.”

Here’s an interesting comment from a conservative: GOP reform efforts must aim to restrain government, not immobilize it.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Report: It’s too soon to glance back at attractive person
Exhuming mom for one last hug: A privilege of the wealthy?
Renovations force Yosemite National Park to temporarily relocate in Sacramento
Live cow lowered onto floor of US House of Representatives (visual proof)
Couple never dreamed they would be able to talk so openly and honestly about kitchen cabinets

Interesting Reads
Norway’s Winter Olympics success 
The wonders of curling shoes
Is the jobless rate a questionable statistic?
Resisting the Social Media Revolution
Remember Baghdad Bob
A great collection of wine infographics by The Wine Wankers
Aurora borealis slideshow

On Potpourri
Hooray … it’s time spring training baseball!

College football player Michael Sam public announcement about his sexuality was interesting, but (to me) the most remarkable news was that he told his college teammates August – which means his teammates, coaching staff, and others kept it quiet. This is another example of how the younger generation (as a whole) is much more accepting of gays than other generations. Cheers to them for leading the way.

With the Winter Olympics in process, I want to see a snowboarder go off the tall ski jump. Guapo: Would you be willing to try?

We are scheduled for more snow on Friday … but after that, a warming trend!

Given the publicity of last week’s evolution-creationism debate, I wonder how many pastors took advantage of the opportunity to address it from the pulpit. I know mine did not.

Here are your weekend celebrations

  • (Weekend) Backyard Bird-Count Weekend
  • (Fri) Valentine’s Day, Ferris Wheel Day, Cream-Filled Chocolates Day, Read to Your Child Day, Have a Heart Day, Call in Single Day, Race Relations Day, Quirky Alone Day, Library Lovers Day, Condom Day, Women’s Heart Day, Donor’s Day, Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • (Sat) National Gumdrop Day. Whale Day, Hippo Day
  • (Sun) Do a Grouch a Favor Day, Almond Day, Innovation Day

Given Friday’s special nature, a 1977 flashback will lead you into the weekend, so enjoy Heart with Crazy on You. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

76 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 211

  1. The start of spring training motivated me to look at the calendar, Frank. Spring officially starts on March 20 at 12:57 pm EDT. I am not being anal; it’s what I discovered in my Google search. Considering that we’re still getting pummeled with snow over here in the Big Apple, I wish I could just fast forward to that date. Or maybe I should beware of what I wish for. I know it can also snow in spring. Enough already!


  2. I’m glad that Rand Paul is bringing up the Clintons, because it underscores the fact that he’s living in the past. Plus, I think it helps Hilary, but that’s just my opinion. As for baseball, yes and yes. I love baseball for many reasons, not the least of which is the weather it will bring . . eventually.


  3. I was impressed at the low level of noise over the debt ceiling.
    I wonder how many politicians will lose their jobs over their Yes votes…

    I had a bad experience with a snowboard.
    How about a car hood instead! 😀

    (And Heart still rocks that song.)


  4. “Call in Single Day”. Empowering!
    I agree, being bothered by sexuality is on the way out. Some governments and scared people cling to rigid and exclusionary ideas and make life a misery and/or dangerous for non-straights but, the ship is turning. Young people I know don’t give a hoot about others’ sexuality.


  5. Finally: The Establishment Republicans have decided not to go the way of the Whigs.
    I agree: That Congressional debt ceilings are a (stupid) waste of time.
    Doesn’t: Not liking the employer mandate mean not liking the Affordable Care Act?
    Credit goes: To Rand Paul for the way he positions himself between his daddy and Ted Cruz.
    GOP reform efforts: Are geared to keeping America “. . . just slightly behind our time.”
    The reason: Your paster didn’t touch the evolution/creation debate is what I’ve been getting at.
    All is well: When spring training begins.


    • Tim,
      In terms of your comment about the ACA, I guess you are saying that it is an all-or-nothing choice .. so I disagree with your premise.

      In terms of my Sunday sermon, I know the reason why mine didn’t preach on it … and that does not mesh with your thought.

      Rand Paul is all about positioning … meanwhile, keep him talking.


  6. “Exhuming mom for one last hug: A privilege of the wealthy?”—Eww, that’s kind of along the same lines as having your head cut off and stored on ice in case head transplants might be possible someday.

    Be careful what you dare Guap to do. He might just take you up on that jump… 😉


  7. The debt ceiling wags the dog. It’s something to do instead of doing something – a total waste of energy and time. How many tax dollars have gone to the endless debating, knowing in the end what will happen, while other problems are never discussed. *Sad*


  8. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be out of Kentucky when Rand Paul makes some of his moves. However, I guess we are closer to having my state recognize gay marriage, which is pretty cool. Happy Valentine’s Day, Frank. Hope you all have a great weekend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  9. The GOP are also being intentionally myopic about the immigration issue. Despite full public awareness of the strongly-passed Senate bill they have apparently decided to snub it. With Republican strategy like that, the Democrats need only to avoid some kind of personal scandal. Ha. Like that can happen. 🙄

    Attractive couple openly hug last live cow.


    • Jim,
      Intentionally myopic is being kind. Meanwhile, the GOP Civil War continues, so it will be interesting to see which side strengthens at the mid-term elections … and thanks for teh combo!


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