On a Random Saturday

I didn’t plan this post, arising early on this Saturday morning is a good opportunity for some random thoughts in the spirit of the potpourri portion of Opinions in the Shorts.

This is actually the stimulus for these random thoughts. Let’s face it, everyone has different posting schedules … so I use notifications to let me know when certain random bloggers post. I’ve suddenly stopped receiving email notifications of many of your posts. Is anyone currently experiencing the same problem? Any suggestions?

Juggling numerous tasks associated with both ends of the upcoming move has taken a huge bit out of my blogging time. With less time to visit and write, special thanks to the faithful who continue to stop by here while knowing my visits are limited … and oh the agony of also not keeping up with new visitors.

NBC’s Olympic coverage drives me crazy because I hate the way the network manipulates the schedule to their benefit. After all, I was counting on watching the US-Russia men’s hockey game this morning, but oh no … it’s on a premium channel!

Because I can’t watch the hockey, guess I’ll shovel the latest snow. Darn, I don’t have this nifty toy.

For those who missed Jay Leno’s last monologue, here it is. My favorite part is about the politicians, so forward to 5:00. Have a good rest of the weekend. 

69 thoughts on “On a Random Saturday

  1. I’ll miss Jay. Got to see him December 30, 2002 live from a second row seat with my daughters. RE: notifications I get them to my e-mail box, hit or miss. There was a time they came routinely without fail. What’s driving me crazy now is the comment box continues to light up and light up and light up on the same comment. There’s no extinguishing it, unless I log out.

  2. I went through a similar problem but it sorted itself out after I went in to my reader and then the edit of people I follow, found a whole lot that had been change to no mail notification…
    shared the youtube clip on FB it is damn good…

  3. You’ve started another one of my days off with a smile, aFA. Perfection……!
    Taking on my weekend not with a snow shovel but with an umbrella and wellies.
    Here’s to thoughts of spring coming to a neighbourhood near you…soon.

  4. When will they learn, you just don’t screw with hockey. I watched a tad here.
    Just add the http:// to the beginning of the link….they make suffer through 2 ads,,,,your clever you probably already checked it out on the web.

  5. I hope wordpress sorts out the notifications soon. It is a bit annoying to realize you are missing posts by favourite bloggers.
    Enjoy your day Frank – even though you missed the hockey game.

  6. We are watching the game this morning. Two questions, one have you tried to get it on a radio station? (long shot) Or have you considered buying a Canadian IP address, so you can watch the Olympics on our CBC,which has excellent coverage. Else it is snow shoveling for you, sorry. :-(

  7. For your email notification problem, try going into your reader, click ‘blogs I follow’ then select the ‘edit’ tab. Then click ‘delivery settings.’ At the bottom of that page there’s a box that say something like ‘turn off all email notifications.’ Uncheck that and you’ll receive your email notifications again. Hope that helps. It worked for me when I had that problem which was different from my unfollow problem. Arghhh.

  8. I’m glad I watched that. I saw him at a performance about 30 yrs ago near Chicago. He was hilarious then, and still is. Thanks for including it.

    Heading for KC to meet Son in Air Force for a couple of days.

  9. Would you come and shovel us out too, Frank? I haven’t recovered from Wednesday … and I need to watch Jay.

    I find that Word Press occasionally decides to modify my blog-reading habits. It keeps things interesting.

    Since I don’t schedule (I’m late to all the work schedules I try to keep; fun time is fun time!), you probably don’t know that I have published a Nobel prize winning novel in the last week. You’re missing so much Frank!

    • Elyse,
      Jay’s Leno show was a good one. Billy Crystal was outstanding and had some good surprises. You will love the political bits I suggested.

      Because you don’t schedule, I rely on notifications (which I’m suddenly not getting) … but I think Carrie may have saved the day. … see … and I missed the Nobel award!!!!

  10. I sometimes have wordpress problems, too! Posts just disappear out of my ‘Reader’, but I usually find them in e-mail and then *poof they magically come back! (don’t have a clue)
    Enjoyed the Jay clip (loved the bit about the luge with the attorney – it made me LOL!!) Sorry you are still shoveling snow, Frank! We are in store for some sunshine and warmer weather today – I’m very thankful.

  11. Well, honestly Frank, I would not look at the Olympic Games even if I had the TV! On these occasions, what happens to people, animals and so on is simply revolting. They have invested billions while there are people dying of hunger and cold right there in Sochi Russia… They even killed animals that “bothered” by their presence the scenario of the games… In short, things I can not tolerate!
    Anyway, let them all enjoy the hunt for medals… hoping that no one gets hurt!
    I wish you a lovely weekend (and sorry if I was nasty) :-) claudine

    • Claudine,
      The stories about the animals in Sochi is sad. On the other hand, it created a story about an American athlete who saved six dogs and is attempting to get them to the US. The games always have a twist world politics, which seems to get more noticed than the wonderful human interest stories that come from games.

      • You fully right, Frank. But sometimes (if not always) politics and manipulations goes with it… and is very sad to realize that the people (we) can merely watch and hope… Thank you for remembering me of the “dream”… a very old one… starting from the worlds “I had a dream…” M.K. King said once, and maybe this american athlete has it too, deep in his heart! Lovely week to you :-) claudine

        • MLK’s “I have a dream” speech is applicable to many issues of humanity throughout the world. Thus why I continue to believe in the goodness of people throughout the world.

  12. 1. My blogs appear to be intact. Guess I’m lucky.
    2. Hadn’t seen the last Leno, and thanks to you, Frank, now I have. And I agree about the pols being the best part, and the best part of that I think was the Obama entrance. Hilarious.
    3. Be careful out there in the snow, Frank, and know that Missouri is sending you some warmer temps – it’s on the way. :smile:

    • Jim,
      thanks to Carrie’s comment, I’ve discovered an issue … of course I don’t know how the box got checked.

      The political collection had us laughing! What a hoot!’

      Meanwhile, thanks for sending us some warmer temps because I know it’s on the way!

  13. We’ll be sticking with snow.

    Thanks for the video – I ended up watching his sign off as well.
    Well done, but I think they missed an opportunity by not having Conan come out to console him and walk him offstage…

  14. Well done to the US men’s hockey team! Didn’t watch the game, but saw the result. :) Love J Leno. He will definitely be missed. :( Hope your weather warms up soon, and the moving preparations are going well.

    • Sylvia,
      This week is supposed to deliver warm weather and some rain … oh the mess to come! Meanwhile, moving preps are progressing, but we are not in rush mode … well, not yet. Thanks for the thought!

  15. That was a brilliant exit by Jay Leno!
    I had the same problem with the notifications. I think it was because of an overload of notifications due to my absence. A day after I cleared my mailbox it went back to normal.
    Happy rest of the weekend, Frank! :-)

  16. We are such risers that we rarely stay up to watch the ‘late’ shows.

    And I’ve noticed our Olympic info doesn’t always match what they’re actually showing during that time slot too. What gives? We may all need to revert to streaming. Happy weekend!

    • Renee,
      We don’t watch the late shows, but the glories of DVR allowed us to see Leno’s finale. May have to record Fallon’s debut.

      There is a 9-hour time differential between us and Sochi … thus so much is delayed for broadcast during primetime … or shown live on a premium channel.

  17. I was never a Jay Leno fan and after the Conan fiasco, I completely soured on the guy. I love Letterman and yet, I’m okay with Jimmy Fallon. I’m glad he’s bringing the Tonight Show back to New York — where it belongs. I appreciate that you posted the clip because I didn’t even think to watch Leno’s last show. I watched Carson’s sign off, but none of these guys will ever be Johnny.

      • That was a Carson classic moment, Frank — and Johnny’s comeback was PERFECT!

        When I was a film student at NYU(seless) a dry as dust professor of the lesbian persuasion (who was probably about my age now then) called me in to rip to shreds a short comedy script I wrote. She wanted her students to write serious, meaningful shorts and to use Ingmar Bergman as an influence. I like Bergman very, very much, but no way can I write like him now do I have any desire to parody him because the best someone who thinks the way I do would parody. I stood my ground about my script, a piece of crap about a family of taxidermists, and she stood hers that I should buckle down and get serious about the art of cinema because comedy is for the low lives. To drive home her point she said, “If you stick with writing this kind of crap, the best you’ll ever do in life is write jokes for Carson.” My heart skipped a beat and I blurted, in the most hopeful of tones, “Ya really think I could write for Johnny?!” She replied, “Get out of my office.” She was such a lump of sour!

    • Val,
      We got good melt today … more tomorrow … but I was able to remove some of the ice to allow draining water to flow. Meanwhile, whoever is the Tonight Show host faces much pressure.

  18. Hi Frank – catching up today. Just saw the political clip – what a hoot!!! Genius. Whoever comes up with these has a great sense of humor. Will be sad to see Jay go. Liked him, but generally am more of a Letterman fan. :) Will check out Fallon – saw Jay’s heartfelt speech, was pretty great. Talk about pressure to come up with something to say on your last night – especially after all the greats before him. Cheers and hope that snow shoveling and moving stuff gets done soon for you.

    • Deb,
      I thought Jay did well on the last night … and I agree that the final farewell had to be overwhelming … but he held it together. Meanwhile, we’re getting some good melting at the moment, but I haven’t been packing much because I’ve been spending time with advance prep (plumber, TV, Internet, etc setups) … and it’s also tax season. Oh well … all will get done in due time.

  19. Yes I so understand how our lives take president over Blog land.. Mine too, I had to have time out to give myself some sanity… Hence the Catch up with your own posts Frank.. Hope all is settled more now.. Sorry your Olympic coverage hasn’t been a good one.. I have to say we have really enjoyed the Winter Olympics this time around… :-) Sue

    • Sue,
      Today, NBC did broadcast the Women’s hockey final on a “regular” channel, but the big men’s semi-final match will be on a premium channel … so I may go to a bar to watch it. But overall, I enjoy many competitions … and love the human interest stories.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by … and yes …. I just can’t seem to get around to many places these days.

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