On a Delayed Monday

Given I substituted the regular Monday Morning Entertainment for a bunch of trivia threw some for a loop, but sometimes it’s all about timing. Therefore, this is the Tuesday edition of Monday Morning Entertainment.

Cincinnati is getting a dose of warmer weather this week, so it looks as if the upcoming rain will melt much of the snow. Although I can’t imagine that winter is over, the upcoming muddy and slushy mess will be a welcomed change.

Celebrations for your calendar

  • (Week) Wildlife Week, Nestbox Week, Poison Prevention Week, Condom Week, Through with the Chew Week, Date Week (the fruit)
  • (Tues) Thumb Appreciation Day, Battery Day, Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day, Pluto Day, Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day
  • (Wed) Chocolate Mint Day (thus a trip to Graeter’s),  Single Tasking Day, Cherry Coke Day
  • (Thurs) Love Your Pet Day, Hoodie Hoo Day (northern hemisphere), Day for Social Justice, Clean Out Your Bookcases Day, Toothpick Day, Cherry Pie Day

I know gymnastics and basketball are Summer Olympic competitions, but with the Winter Olympics from Sochi currently in progress, here’s a head-shaker to start your week. Have a good rest of the week.

54 thoughts on “On a Delayed Monday

  1. I’m an old (not that old…but a few years older than you, aFA…she said grinning) family dairy farmer. Yes…true story. Won’t bore you with details, however. So I figure tomorrow, Tuesday, is my day and I’ve got dibs on COW MILKED WHILE FLYING IN AN AIRPLANE DAY. And here I thought I’d done it all up to now! Got an airplane I can borrow? and….maybe a cow?

    Hoping your Special day was anything but quiet……


  2. I just got in from shoveling snow as sleet was coming down on my head. Two to four inches by morning. I will be delighted with 50 degrees on Thursday – I think. Severe thunderstorms and probably water in the basement with all the rain and melting snow. Phew! We need a break, Frank!

    I’ll clean out my bookcases on Thursday and eat a cherry pie. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂


  3. “Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day,” you’re not serious are you?? as for the vid, can it be? 4 in a row, seems one hell of a fluke to me… love this post though…


  4. The gymnastics basketball looked like fun, however could you pick up what language they were speaking? It didn’t sound like English, but in the video I see the word “subscribe” on a banner near the ceiling.


  5. Way to make Monday drag by bringing it on a Tuesday – LOL
    Just joking – It can be Monday every day as long as we are alive & well. 😉

    I hope the gymnast soccer basketball player got a gold medal for that stunt!


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