Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 213

On Politics
The fact that President Obama and House Speak John Boehner met this week is a good thing. The fact that they haven’t met in 14 months is not.

Although Congressional Republicans have been outwardly obstinate, I wonder if Congressional Democrats have also been quietly obstinate.

Given the odds are high for overreach, maybe it’s a good idea that one party doesn’t control Capitol Hill and the White House.

Comments by rocker Ted Nugent about President Obama are an example of one of the downsides of today’s information highway. As many elected Republican shrugged their shoulders and danced around the situation, cheers to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and several others for stepping to say Nugent was out of line.

For those waiting on the edge of your seat with high anticipation, please relax because Nincompoop will not seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination for one reason – a loss would damage her brand.

I enjoy listening to Michael Smerconish on an XM radio political channel (124). Coming soon – He will have a new, Saturday morning show on CNN (I believe starting next weekend).

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
American Airlines to phase out complimentary cabin pressurization
Man who keeps keys on carabineer must rappel into office building every morning
Self-conscious flasher fully clothed under trench coat
Fourth-grader named Jackson to fire you someday
Report: Local gas station would not be hard to rob

Bonus Onions
Worst selling frozen dinners
Dogs who know fun

Interesting Reads
FBI and Osama bin Laden
The Smithsonian writes about the Monument Men
How a trust can reduce taxes
Interesting thoughts about the study of economics
Interesting images of sand art
Interesting graphic about crossbows

On Potpourri
Barbeque lovers know that macaroni and cheese is a great accompaniment. Chef Michael Symon takes it to the next level with this recipe. I haven’t tried it, but I delivered an OMG when I saw him make this.

WLWT is a long-time Cincinnati television station. This commercial for them caught my attention, and it’s a good way to you to see scenes of my city, including my beloved Skyline Chili – but I’m not sure the two kids are eating Graeter’s ice cream.

Saturday is a new month, so I hope to put month-long celebrations in the next Monday Morning Entertainment. After all, I still want you informed.

Jim Lange, former host of the original Dating Game, passed away this week. Here’s a list of star-to-be that appeared on the show: Karen Carpenter, Steve Martin, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, John Ritter, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Kaufman, and Suzanne Somers. Does anyone remember the episode when comedian Don Rickles stood in for a shy girl to select here date? Here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXzu8qgkINs

Here are your weekend celebrations (Wow … there are many!)

  • (Weekend) Snowshoe Days
  • (Fri) National Chili Day, Public Sleeping Day, Floral Design Day, DNA Day, Pockets Day, Car Keys and Small Change Day, Read Me Day, Tooth Fairy Day, Chocolate Soufflé Day, Rare Disease Day
  • (Sat) Beer Day, Bachelor’s Day, Underling’s Day, Go Bowling Day, Wear Yellow Day (for endometriosis awareness), Horse Protection Day, Peanut Lovers Day, Pig Day, Plan a Solo Vacation Day, Retire but Not Retired Day, Share a Smile Day, Compliment Day, Sock Monkey Day, Days of the Seals, Self-Injury Awareness Day, Holy Experiment Day,
  • (Sun) Banana Cream Pie Day, Daughters’ and Sons’ Day, Pyramid Day, Old Stuff Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Book Day, Silly Putty Day, Babysitter Safety Day, Cat-in-the-Hat Day, Frozen Food Day

This past week was very difficult, but at least I made it to Friday. The project is finished, and I made progress in terms of packing.

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t written or visited others, as I prefer to do. I thought cutting back to three posts per week would help more than it did. With that in mind, common sense tells me that I have to step away from blogging even more until after the move. Knowing that I will have a difficult time doing that, I will soon temporarily fade into the abyss …BUT … I hope to put together some timed short posts to keep you entertained during my absence.

Earlier this week we learned of the passing of actor Harold Ramis – and to me, this fun song from one of his movies is perfect to send everyone into the weekend. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

53 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 213

  1. Milton and I were both bummed out about Harold Ramis buying his rainbow, Frank. I love Groundhog Day.

    Hey, I got a head start on Public Sleeping Day on Thursday when I entered a coma at my desk at The Grind. I was cross-referencing and editing tile color charts; a task that is as effective as Ambien.


  2. Excellent post & spot on, Politics..yuk!! Sorry but it’s the only word I could think of to use for it. We had heard about Harold Ramis’ passing and we’re so saddened. Not only was he a brilliant actor. He was a brilliant writer & director. One of my favorite movies directed by him, Analyze This. Just some of his writing, Back To School, Stripes and as the commenter above pointed out, Groundhog Day. Love that musical spot by the way with the Ghostbusters. Those three on the screen we’re larger than life and their humor seemed to feed off each other. Wouldn’t you love to be a fourth on their buddy-group. It just seemed as though they had fun whatever they we’re doing. We will miss his humor dearly!!


    • Inion,
      I thought Ghostbusters was a wonderfully fun movie. Meanwhile, Ramis films had a sense of appeal quirky, that is for those you appreciate that kind of humor. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 … but I’m bummed about not reciprocating.


  3. Hang in there, Frank. Lots of things to celebrate this weekend, especially Banana Creme Pie Day. I hope you get to make the mac n’ cheese recipe. Moving is so stressful. Don’t worry. We will all be here when you get back! Hope all goes smoothly.


    • Amy,
      Breakfast lunch or dinner, Banana Creme Pie Day does sound fabulous! In terms of the recipe, Michael Symon but the pulled pork (cooked and sauced) in the bottom of the pan and then covered it with mac n cheese before going into the oven …. and my eyes were huge!

      Yes, moving is stressful … but I still believe we’re ahead of the curve (in terms of timing) .. and we should take way as long as I keep plugging away and no expected, time-consuming surprises come along.


  4. Silly putty, I remember the first time my mom brought it home, and we used it on the Saturday comics. It was plain simple fun that quite my brothers and I out of my mom’s hair for about an hour.

    Stepping back into the abyss. Understandable with the move, you will be missed. I will think of you each time I see an empty box.


    • Catherine,
      LOL … I remember doing that with Silly Putty as well! Thanks for the laugh .. .meanwhile, the empty box will serve as several metaphors … now for filing … later for emptying … folded for pitched! Hopefully I will get some posts together along the way.


  5. I didn’t know so many now famous individuals were once on the Dating Game. I felt sorry, and little old, when I heard Jim Lange had died. I would love to enjoy chocolate soufflé day tomorrow to assuage my sadness! Some good reads, Frank. I’m interested in the one about the FBI and Bin Laden. Headed into the weekend…hope you have a good one!


    • Debra,
      I didn’t realize that about the celebs to be … although I’ve seen it a lot on the news since Lange’s passing. Let’s face it, in that sense, The Dating Game was way ahead of its time thus paving the way for The Bachelor. I know you need rain out there, but not by the bucket full. Don’t look up … meanwhile the same storm is supposed to create havoc here!


  6. Frank, I love the little ad-video … really nicely done, and it had that proud American undertone too. That only you have over there. I haven’t been very active neither in this world, the online – been in Stockholm and Stockholm said hello to you and told me to tell you to hurry back!!!
    Have a great weekend and … keeping on dancing. Our version of “Dancing with The Stars” starts tonight, but we Swedes are only happy armatures compare to your stars. *smile


  7. Your posts are always full, in a good way. I don’t always comment, but want you to know I’m reading. I know what it’s like to try to keep up with blogging while moving, and it ain’t easy. Take a break for yourself.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse of Cincinnati (been forever since I’ve visited your city), and the Ghost Busters song. I’m looking forward to celebrating Cat-in-the-Hat Day. Have a great weekend, Frank. 😀


    • Robin,
      I recall your move, so I appreciate your advice. If I can get something timed, ok .. but if not … ok …. and if I do, I won’t reply to the comments. … and as you know, putting a short post together can be a getaway from the grind … and remember – don’t eat green eggs and ham.


  8. Thanks for the read, “The Smithsonian writes about the Monument Men.” I plan to see the movie when it comes out on Netflix but from the reviews it appears I’ll have to fight through the blizzard of Dirty Dozen style comedy quips to find out what happened to the art.

    Speaking of art, I liked the sand art designs. Also, I disagree that the Nincompoop would damage her brand by losing the GOP nomination in 2016. In fact, WINNING the nomination would cost her much more, considering the millions she makes (and by law would have to forego) traveling around the country speaking at Tea Party pep rallies.

    Concerning your move, KEEP AT IT Frank, the end is in sight! And don’t worry about us, we’ll still be there after you’re settled in. You’re a great writer, and we count on your daily blog’s unique mix of Truth, Justice, and the Eclectic Way! (Eclectic being defined as: “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”)


  9. Thanks for the Monument Men article link. Such a story.
    Enjoyed the Cincinnati views – it’s always fun to see what blogger see around them. Adds depth to the posts and makes them live.
    You always have great stuff here – don’t know how you manage to get it all done – and now with moving? Arrrrrggghhhhh.
    Blogs consume time and energy – no matter what you try. It’s just difficult. Close comments and leave the like button? (If you discover the magic answer, please let me know.)
    We’ll wait around while you get moved and settled. Take care!


    • Mouse,
      You hit the reason why I include the Cincy video.Thanks for the support and the suggestions. My plan is to do some short, posted with a supporting video with comments open … but I won’t respond. Then again, time will tell if I get that done.


  10. The title for the link, “How a trust can reduce taxes” is a little misleading, I think. Also, you have to be a subscriber to the WSJ to access it. However, I found this comment on the article which probably tells the tale:

    The article discusses steps that trusts can take to save money with the advent of higher taxes introduced in last year’s tax act. In particular, trustees and financial advisers are aiming to lower their tax liability by increasing their distributions to beneficiaries, who are often in a lower tax bracket than the trust itself. Because of the higher rates, it may have a bigger tax impact for 2013 and the future than it has in the past. Further, it can be important for trustees to run the numbers early in the new year because the Internal Revenue Service allows trusts and beneficiaries to count any distribution made in the first 65 days of the year as income for the prior tax year. In order to qualify for this treatment for 2013, distributions must be made by March 5, 2014.

    I am fiduciary of a qualified disability trust for my sister and do its taxes every year, so I have some experience in the area. I offer this advice: If you have a trust and want to minimize taxes, invest in an index mutual fund that minimizes earnings and income and maximizes growth. Such a fund is Vanguard’s Tax-managed Capital Appreciation Fund. It’s also interesting that the tax code now treats “qualified dividends” as capital gains and as such, the first $12,500 of such dividends is tax free. (Just one more example of how the 53% take care of themselves.)

    On Harold Ramey, I was not a fan of Ghostbusters, but I did think Groundhog Day was just about the funniest movie I ever saw. 🙂


  11. I am thinking Chili Day and Beer Day should be combined because who makes Chili without Beer, though in this part of the country Rattlesnake isn’t in season yet and really the best Chili is Rattlesnake Chili. So I am at a loss. Guess I will have to make Chili with Buffalo.

    The FBI article was fascinating. Always more isn’t there?


    • Val,
      Rattlesnake chili doesn’t surprise me, so thanks for your endorsement. As you know, Cincinnati-style chili is very different, so I celebrated the day at Skyline … and look forward to having (hoping) to have the version with green spaghetti on St. Patrick’s Day!


  12. Gosh, Frank, I know what a challenge it is to write while moving. Glad you are getting some packing done. Hang in there, my friend. And, by the way, Ted Nugent may be the biggest ass on your side of the equator. You are right!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      The solution is simply not expecting myself to do what I normally do … after all, readers are more patient and understanding than the hosts! Thanks for your encouragement.


  13. YAY – you made it through the week! 🙂
    Enjoyed the Dating game bit.
    Snow she weekend – Sounds about right as it snowed here last night & has been snowing for over an hour again.
    Smile Day – I can do that —> 😀
    DOn’t forget to take your breaks between the hustle & bustle of moving.
    Take care & take it easy.


    • RoSy,
      Breaks are important, so they best way is to get out of the house with something unrelated to the move … at least I’ve learned that much. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep plugging away with hopes of minimizing the last-minute panic. Glad you enjoyed Don Rickles on The Dating Game!!!! … and thanks for the encouragement.


  14. Ted Nugent was taken to task by Erin Burnett, and when he tried making light of the situation, he looked like the clueless gas bag he is. As for the Onion peels, I love that American Airlines cabin pressurization headline. We can say this about Harold Ramis. He left this world a much funnier and better place.
    Best wishes on your move.


  15. Hi there, Frank! I hope Life is treating you well. I chuckled at the Onion headline re: American Airlines and cabin pressure. It made me think of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_yvpeonJCg

    Many apologies for not stopping by sooner. Life has been really busy for us! Hope you are well and things are getting warmer in your neck of the woods. Cheers! Deb


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