On Looking Ahead with a Look Back

Yes – This is me live-and-in person, thus not a timed post. How was your weekend? This weekend gave me the following:

  • Dancing one evening as it was a good getaway from the key task at hand
  • My beloved Graeter’s announced a new flavor – Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie Ice Cream (What do you think?)
  • My wife safely returned late Saturday from her cruise (ahead of the snow & ice)
  • Sunday brought ice and snow, so we stayed in and did some moving related odds and ends

March provides quite the eclectic list of month-long celebrations:  Awareness for Brain Injury, Colorectal Cancer, Endometriosis, Chronic Fatigue, Caffeine, Ethics, Eye Donors, Workplace Eye Wellness, Kidneys, Collisions, and Dolphins

Deaf History, Music in Schools, Athletic Training, Credit Education,  Cheerleader Safety, Play a Recorder, Youth Art

Bell Peppers & Broccoli, Berries & Cherries, Peanuts, Maple Sugar, Frozen Food, Sauce, Flour, Noodles, Hamburgers & Pickles, and Exotic Winter Fruits Leaks & Green Onions.

Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig, Cabin Fever Supply Management, Employee Spirit, , Humorists are Artists,  Expect Success, Craft, Color Therapy, Umbrellas, Kites, On-Hold, Optimism, Furniture Refinishing, and Supply Management

This Week’s Celebrations

(Week) Women in Construction, Telecommuter Appreciation, Severe Weather Preparedness, Save Your Vision, Sleep Awareness, Pet Sitters, Invasive Species, Return Borrowed Books, Words Matter, Consumer Protection, Pancakes, Ghostwriters, Write a Letter of Appreciation, Celebrate Your Name, and Human Beings Week

(Mon) Fun Facts About Names Day, i Want you to be Happy Day, Mulled Wine Day, Princess Day, Peach Blossom Day, Wildlife Day, and What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs? Day

(Tues) Pancake Day, Pound Cake Day, Courageous Follower Day, Stop Bad Service Day, Scrapbooking Industry Day, March Forth-Do Something Day, Math Day, Toy Soldier Day, Cadbury Chocolates Day, Unique Names Day, Dance the Waltz Day

(Wed) Discover What Your Name Means Day, Namesake Day, Sports Car Racing Day, Cheese Doodle Day, Dr. Dolittle Day, Mother-in-Law Day, Healing from the Inside Day

(Thurs) Day of the Dude, Nametag Day, Oreo Cookie Day, Frozen Food Day, Fun Facts about Names Day, Chocolate Cheesecake Day

(Fri) Cereal Day, Middle Name Pride Day, Dress in Blue Day, Be Heard Day, Doodle Day, Day of Unplugging, Crown Roast of Pork Day, Unique Names Day

(Sat) Genealogy Day, Fanny Pack Day, Women’s Day, Proofreading Day, Peanut Clusters Day, Learn What Your Name Means Day, Aunt’s Day, Plant a Flower Day

(Sun) Get Over It Day, Panic Day, Bang-Clang Day, Name Tag Day, Check Your Batteries Day, Crabmeat Day, Barbie Day

Probably nobody has ever wonder about the video that appeared in the very first Monday Morning Entertainment, but in case in ever comes up as a Jeopardy question, here it is. Have a good week.

69 thoughts on “On Looking Ahead with a Look Back

  1. Always enjoy the live-in-person Frank, truthfully didn’t know there was another state of Frank. Oh well…….it’s not that hard to pull the wool over my head, an easy mark is I.

    Here, I just celebrated life, nothing much et al..


    • Hudson,
      I had a speck of time (as I do now) thus thought I’d make an appearance. Oh well … such is life when moving. Meanwhile, thanks for your sense of humor making me chuckle.


  2. I’m pondering this one, Frank: What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs? Day. I am glad that’s not the case with Thurber, my family’s dog. He gets into enough mischief. My sister really does not need him opening doors with the first one being the refrigerator and the second, the pantry.


  3. Your weekend activities sounded good, especially having your wife back from the high seas. This month I plan to celebrate Music in Schools, Play a Recorder, Youth Art, and Credit Education.
    This week I’m looking at Women in Construction, Telecommuter Appreciation, and (today) Wildlife Day.
    Also thanks for the reminder that somehow I got a week off and yesterday accidentally celebrated Get Over It Day.


  4. That’s one BIG chicken!

    So, in the midst of moving, your wife goes on a cruise? How does that work?

    Headline in the U IA student paper…
    Area man allegedly stabbed a person at Brothers Bar.
    Gotta get out my T-shirt.


    • Jim,
      Good question about the cruise. They made reservations last March or April … and actually before we even had a thought of moving … thus when the two events became inevitable, I gave the trip my OK. Meanwhile, who would have guessed that a Christmas gift would have caused so much havoc!


  5. Pancakes day – I think we have it in Febr. Can eat pancakes every day. And the track on the video is my of my favorite … it makes me so happy!!!! Panic Day … ????!!! I think I will jump that one. My weekend I spend fooling around with my new playmate. *smile


    • RoSy,
      Trying that ice cream seems like a dangerous proposition. Being that I feel like I’m up to the challenge, I will report my findings back to the masses. …. How about Melinda as a middle name?


  6. You’re right, Frank. That is an eclectic list of celebrations. Everything from eye donation to adopting a rescued guinea pig. Don’t you wonder who thinks these things up in the first place? So glad your wife and her sister arrived home safely and I hope they had a wonderful time! I’m sure you’re getting very busy with moving day getting closer, so I’ll wish you a good week, and hope the weather doesn’t impede your progress!


    • Debra,
      I’m convinced that many of the celebrations are driven as promotions by organizations … but they still make me smile. Meanwhile, the ladies had a good trip .. and in the case of my wife, she needed a break. As for the weather, March has roared in like a lion and is traditionally a yo-yo … so who knows what it will be come move day!


  7. I am so behind (again). That ice cream, oh my; I believe I gained pounds just reading the name and salivating … send me gallons please.

    Glad your wife made it home safely, I am certain it was a relief.

    Dallas also got hit with Ice, it was unpleasant. That is all I am saying.



    • Val,
      Don’t worry about being behind, especially because I’m even further back … so far back that I’ve given up any hope of catching up … thus will return to regular visits after I settle in after the upcoming move. Meanwhile, I haven’t had that ice cream yet, but I’m anxious to try. Don’t forget that Graeter’s can be found in stores around the Dallas area! Probably not all flavors … but some is better than none!!!!!


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