On Exploring a View of Home

Our journey from deep space to the Pale Blue Dot means we are getting closer to our home – but we are not there yet. Brian Eno writes ambient music, and his sounds wonderfully support the images of our home planet from the International Space Station. Surrounded by a sea of darkness, our pale blue dot seems like an oasis in a vast desert. Please share your thoughts.

15 thoughts on “On Exploring a View of Home

  1. Frank, images of earth from space always look amazing to me. Actually seeing earth from space would be one of the few times that I think the extremely overused word “awesome” would be put to perfect use.


  2. Ecstatic Images, Frank…
    when I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut! I had very clear ideas 🙂
    and not jet defeated…
    Who knows, maybe one day I will send mei posts and I will write my novels traveling in a vehicle around the planet
    I keep dreaming 😀 I wish you a lovely w.e. :-)claudine


  3. We are only a pale blue dot from outer space.. But she is one beautiful Dot. and HOME to us for the duration of our experience.. Lets hope those upon the blue dot take care of her.. or she may not remain blue for long.. xxx Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. and hope all is well with you and yours
    Sue xox


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