On a Revved Engine for Monday

To say our life has been a whirlwind of late is an understatement. The old homestead (which we are still in) is officially not ours, and the new place should be ours Monday morning.

If moving isn’t enough stress, last Thursday we received VERY unexpected news regarding the new place … so unexpected, we sought legal counsel. Although there is progress and the closing should be smooth, the news took a huge bite out of packing time, thus now I’m fearful of not being ready.

Meanwhile, our move day is in a few days, our router will be going offline (maybe already so) and hopefully it will be up and running in the new place in short order … but only time will tell. But hey … the show goes on because the Explorer series continues.

I know you count on me to pass along chance to celebrate … and there are good ones in this list.

Celebrations for your week (17th-23rd)

  • (Week) Chocolate Week, Act Happy Week, Straw Hat Week, Clean Your Closet Week, Goof-Off Week, Clutter Awareness Week, Anonymous Giving Week
  • (Mon) Rubber Band Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Submarine Day, Irish Coffee Day, Green Beer Day
  • (Tues) Awkward Moments Day, Forgive Mom & Dad Day, Sun-Earth Day, Oatmeal Cookies Day, Supreme Sacrifice Day, Biodiesel Day
  • (Wed) Kick Butts Day, Chocolate Caramel Day, Swallows Return to Capistrano Day, Poultry Day, Social Work Day, Let’s Laugh Day
  • (Thurs) Snowman Burning Day, Big Bird Day (Sesame Street), Ravioli Day, Alien Abduction Day, Astrology Day (I’m Aquarius … your sign?), Jump Out Day, Proposal Day, Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day, Day of Happiness
  • (Fri) Dance Day, Down Syndrome Day (Trisomy-21), Memory Day, Common Courtesy Day, Puppy Day, Brain Injury Awareness Day, Poetry Day, Forests & Trees Day
  • (Sat) Goof-Off Day, As Young As You Feel Day, Day of the Seal, Roller Coaster Day, Bavarian Crepes Day, Badminton Day, Sing Out Day, Francophone Day, World Day for Water
  • (Sun) Turtle Day, Chip & Dip Day, Kick Butt Day, OK Day, Near Miss Day

My favorites above are Goof-Off Week (oh I wish I could), Snowman Burning Day, Dance Day, and my wife’s birthday (which I didn’t list). Meanwhile, I will have more Exploring posts this week.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s a comedian who defines hyper!  Enjoy, and have a good week.

25 thoughts on “On a Revved Engine for Monday

  1. If moving isn’t stressful enough, Frank. I’m sorry to hear about all your troubles. I must tell hubby all about Rubber Band Day! He hates them, and even runs from them. Oh, this is going to be fun. Best of luck with the rest of your move!


  2. Snowman burning say – I’m in! I will bring marshmallows.

    Here’s hoping your move finishes with less stress. I will make a toast to you, your better half and the new home while in Jamaica. 🙂


  3. Goof-Off Week stood out to me, too, Frank, but my second choice is Awkward Moments Day, which really can be almost every weekday when I’m sandwiched in so tightly amongst strangers on the subway train during rush hour, it’s like partaking in an orgy, but fully clothed.

    I wish you well with the move. It sounds stressful.


  4. Thursday…Won’t You Be My Neighbour Day…should be right up your new alley! And, Happy Birthday to Mrs. aFA. enjoy! Will be dancin’ down in a little while with a bottle of wine to launch your new front porch….save me a seat.


  5. We agree with Carrie. Utilize Chocolate & Happy Week to make up for the other!! Moving can be such a headache. When we made the big move from Florida to North Carolina I stayed stressed at what should’ve been the happiest time of my life. It was a life long dream to move to the Smoky Mountains. But after the buyers pulled a last minute $10,000.00 difference in “what we’ve been approved for” along with the movers breaking more than 50% of my crystal collection I found myself cursing like a sailor & appearing as though I was the grumpy old lady that everyone avoids. I found my way through with lots of wine at night when the kids settled down & some fine movies to watch while unpacking!! We’ll be holding you up in thought & wishing you well that it goes smoother from here on out my friend!! 😉


  6. Nice lineup of celebrations this week! Happy Birthday to Mrs. Frank! And I hope you both get to celebrate “Move-In” day, this week, too.
    Your Double Gemini friend from North Florida.


  7. I can’t tell you how much I sympathize with you with the moving business. I’ll say one thing, these last days, keep your spirits up [more or less like the guy in the video!] and …drink wine and cheers to your wife! A very Happy Birthday!! 🙂


  8. I’ve been out of town (Ann Arbor, MI) and just got caught up with your “On Exploring a View of Home” and Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot.” Wonderful and inspiring!

    Sorry to hear of your moving troubles but hang in there with the old “one step at a time/one foot in front of the other” drill, and soon you’ll be sipping an outstanding Italian vintage in your new living room among a pile of moving boxes.

    Eventually looking forward to your how/why/who/what got U. of Louisville a #4 seed in the NCAA?


  9. Hope your unexpected news gets resolved smoothly.

    This Capricorn likes a lot of this month’s celebrations. But – what I’m looking forward to the most is spring & all its beauty. I can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing the laughs. 😀


  10. Common Courtesy Day and Puppy Day together – coincidence? I think not! We all need that Act Happy Week: if people try it – pretend- it could be come real and a true happy habit? Let’s hope so.
    When moving at some point there’s a”waiting for the other shoe to drop” situation – yours is done! Over! Smooth sailing now.
    No one is ever packed and ready when movers come – at least you have an excuse. Eat healthy and try to smile – you’ll be all settled in soon. YEA you!


  11. I’m so sorry to hear that things have been so rough and I do hope things have smoothed some by now. It will probably take awhile before the new home feels like home, but I hope you’ll be very happy there. And may all the troubles and hassles just stay behind!


  12. I am totally on this week! Chocolate, got that. Clutter Awareness, I am fully aware. Clean the closet, one down three to go. Finally, I would totally burn any Snowman I saw at this point.

    Sorry about the last minute troubles, hope they resolve to your satisfaction and the move goes smoothly Frank. Hate that you might be held up.

    Loved the video, he is quite funny.


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