On Exploring an Incredible Sky

I remember a flight of many years ago from Washington, DC to Worchester, Massachusetts. It was a clear night, so the lights below seemed like a continuous illuminated necklace. As much as that image of the long string of lights has stuck me with, I realized that the same lights that display our surroundings also hide the lights that are above in the night sky.

Just as I stand in awe of images from deep space, I can say the same for the night sky … and maybe someday I will see what it really offers. Enjoy and please share your thoughts.


11 thoughts on “On Exploring an Incredible Sky

  1. The video was calming & soothing.
    It would be nice if there was less pollution in our environment so that we could enjoy more of what the natural sky has to offer.


  2. Wow, just wow! Simply inspired.

    My first flight (that I remember) was from Seattle to Munich, I was 6, almost 7. I was fascinated by the clouds and made up stories till I drove my parents to distraction.


  3. What a truly gorgeous video. I can be completely lost in awe staring at the night sky from my own backyard, with more light pollution than would give me anything approximating a full experience. On those very rare occasions when we’re in the desert I get a good idea of what’s up there, but really, total darkness is impossible anywhere I travel. I am still inspired.


  4. When I was in the Navy, far out at sea–no land in sight–I became aware of two realities: (1) by day the horizon is a circle met by a dome of sky, and (2) by night the sky teems with so many stars that there is as much light as darkness, with scenes just like in the video. In our light-polluted cities, we are unaware not only that we are part of the Milky Way but that we could SEE the Milky Way if we could only GET away.


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