On Exploring the Most Beautiful; Part 2

Whether old or new, one can find spectacular human creations across the globe. Whether the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, or others from the modern world, our world has much to offer. Where is the most spectacular place you’ve visited?

Maybe readers will give you ideas of places to visit in the future. Do you get any ideas? For me, with its small towns hugging the steep hillsides that go down to the sea, Italy’s Amalfi Coast is breathtaking. Enjoy.


10 thoughts on “On Exploring the Most Beautiful; Part 2

  1. This is beautiful it would be wonderful to drive along – must research when tourist traffic is less.
    For me, hikes on the upper trails of Rocky Mountains – early in the day in spring – before schools let out for the summer….but fall is pretty nice,too.
    Ditto on hoping your move is flowing smoothly now


  2. This was beautiful Frank. Loved this.

    For one of my favorite day trips, state side. This is it.

    Start at the Garden of the Gods, sunrise. Next, head up to Manitou Springs and The Stagecoach Inn for an early lunch, take in the sights and the local cuisine, spectacular. Now, on up the mountain and the high plains to Cripple Creek, stop in to the saloons for a light snake and some history. Now, if you are there in the late spring early summer take the old gold road down to Royal Gorge for Sunset (if not, well take the safe road).

    This is by far one of the most spectacular day trips ever. If you are brave and walk over the bridge there is a small hike up to the peak. It is an amazing view at sunset.


  3. In all my Navy travels, the most spectacular PLACE I ever visited was the entire Island of Hong Kong, from the skyscraper-rimmed harbor to a pebble-sand beach on the opposite side of the island. I’ve never experienced as much geographic and cultural diversity and natural beauty as I did there.


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