On Exploring South Africa

I am fortunate to have two South Africans as regulars here, Bulldog and Sylvia. Besides being pleasant people with good senses of humor and good bloggers, they are prime examples of human goodness. I’ve never been to their country, but their photographs have shown me portions of the beauty their land offers.

I found this video about South Africa, and I must admit that I had no idea about the beauty and the diversity their country offers. I hope everyone enjoys the video journey that I dedicate to my friends. Have you ever been there or desired to go?


18 thoughts on “On Exploring South Africa

  1. Lovely video, Frank. Beautiful country.

    I have two almosts for South Africa. In 1976 I met a graduate law student from there. It was during Apartheid, of course. He took me out to lunch, where we did NOT fall madly in love. Nevertheless, on the way back to my office, he proposed. I laughed, assuming he was joking. He had no sense of humor, actually. I did not understand about green cards for several more years. I also did not marry the twit.

    The second time still breaks my heart. Just before I left Geneva, I helped to organize a meeting in Durban, South Africa, which I was to attend. But it got postponed, and began on my very last day there. I was heartbroken. Still am.


  2. South Africa is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. Living away from it, I do appreciate this fact even more. Whoever goes to visit is sure to enjoy the trip.


  3. Having traveled in South Africa I especially enjoyed your video. It is indeed a beautiful country, and I feel lucky to have been there soon after Apartheid ended.


  4. (Hey, Frank, hope you are doing okay!) Bulldog is great…I learn a lot of things about animals from his blog and I love his photography. The video was breathtaking.


  5. “prime examples of human goodness”! You couldn’t have said it any better about both Sylvia and Rob [and a warm ‘get well soon’ for Rob]. Beautiful video, Frank! 🙂
    I hope you are settling in well!!! 🙂


  6. I’ve never been to South Africa, but it is on my list. This is a beautiful video, Frank. Thanks so much for sharing it. I had no idea that it was so beautiful. Hope your move was successful and that you and Mrs. A. are doing well.


  7. South Africa is on my bucket list! I so want to travel this wonderfully diverse country. Their wine country is top on my list, who could have guess this?

    Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it.


  8. I agree with you, that I, through Bulldog, have had my view of South Africa greatly expanded to better understand what a diverse and gorgeous, region it is. It’s more of an airline flight than I can envision, but I have many friends who have gone, and our old friend, Rosie, was born there, too, Frank.


  9. Your friend, Bulldog … that are poorly … would love to see that you’re sharing his beloved country with us. After watching “Out of Africa” … Africa has really fascinated me. Maybe one day.


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