On Exploring the Namib Dessert

I admit that Namibia is a land that seldom crosses my mind. I knew it was in Africa, but I couldn’t spot it on the map, let alone even know that it is along Africa’s west coast. Fortunately, several years ago I saw a collection of photographs from the Namib Desert that captured my attention … so an Exploring video would be perfect!

Tell us what you think. If you want to learn more after seeing this video, here is a bonus.

14 thoughts on “On Exploring the Namib Dessert

  1. Again, so beautiful. I have a friend who lived and worked in Namibia for many years. Prior to her relocation I am afraid I hadn’t even heard of it. There is so much more to the world than I’ll ever know. There’s something very intriguing to me about these vast stretches of desert. You find the best videos to share, Frank!


  2. Lovely movie, as usual, dear Frank. But I was there some time ago and the feeling I hade once, still fill my heart looking at these pictures! The quiet of the Nature was unique, emphasized by the beauty of the plants, animals, dunes that reach the sea… without forgetting the nightsky 🙂 with bright stars. Thank you for that… 🙂 claudine


  3. Frank, thank you so much for finding and sharing all this beauty …. and the music it gives us too. “Sundown in Madagaskar” – must buy for me now. Like Louis sings – what a wonderful world and it’s all for free. Magical.


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