On Exploring Around and Above a Volcano

How you ever been to Indonesia? When I picture Indonesia, images of lush tropical rain forests come to mind … but not volcanoes – although I realize that area is volcanic. The Exploring series continues with another stunning time lapse with wonderful music, so sit back and enjoy.

13 thoughts on “On Exploring Around and Above a Volcano

  1. I have been to Indonesia, but never been close to a volcano, they have quite a few of them.
    Stunning video: music and photo. Would love to know more about the track. Wonderful piece, just my type of music .. soft and dramatic. Nice to have you back!


    • Madhu,
      Standing beside the flowing lava on Hawaii’s big island was interesting, other than that, I haven’t had much exposure to active volcanoes. It would be interesting to see one (from a cruise ship) spewing lava at night


  2. The time-lapse photography is both beautiful and instructive. Excellent.

    Indonesia sits on the ring of fire at the north edge of the Australian tectonic plate, floating on the hot magma of the Earth’s crust. How strange is it that this phenomenon was not scientifically understood until only a half century ago?


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