On a Time Lapse Across America

This is the last of this installment of Exploring as I hope to return toward my normal routine with the next Monday Morning Entertainment.

I love time-lapse photography, especially ones involving the sky as it moves over the stillness of land. Please share the thoughts that this video stimulates in your mind.

Enjoy this trip across America from National Geographic. For those desiring a guide, below is your itinerary.

00:00 – Badlands National Park, South Dakota
00:16 – Yosemite National Park, California
00:26 – Zion National Park, Utah
00:37 – Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
00:44 – Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
01:06 – Monument Valley National Park, Arizona
01:20 – Marysville, Ohio
01:31 – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
01:58 – Central Florida
02:03 – Flagstaff, Arizona
02:09 – Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho
02:13 – Holbrook, Arizona
02:21 – Marysville, Ohio
02:25 – Monument Valley, Arizona
02:29 – Texas
02:32 – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
02:36 – Bandon Beach, Oregon
02:39 – White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
02:43 – Big Sur, California
02:46 – Santa Barbara, California
02:53 – Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
03:26 – Bruneau Dunes State Park, Oregon
03:51 – Zion National Park, Utah
04:03 – Yosemite National Park, California
04:19 – Zion National Park, Utah
04:34 – Monument Valley National Park, Arizona
04:46 – Yosemite National Park, California


14 thoughts on “On a Time Lapse Across America

  1. I have seen this one before, loved it then loved it this time. Makes you wonder doesn’t it, why aren’t we fighting harder to preserve all this majesty, this great and wondrous land of ours. I have been to many of the places featured, have always simply stood in awe.


  2. Escapism?

    It is not that I did not get swept away in the splendid emotion in-motion of landscapes presented, I did in fact. We get swept away by it’s glow, just as a child’s face lights up when they see their mother. However. I still would rather experience all things in real time. Upfront and personal. Just plunk down in one spot for 24 hours an watch it happen, which I have done at times; most memorable the Bay of Fundy tides and an on the porch of a log cabin in the middle of a mountain meadow in northern British Columbia. This vid strikes a cord in me, not so much in it’s beauty, but rather how we see ourselves on this planet. We are led to believe Earth, Nature and Living is something to escape from -we are after all an insecure lot. I belong on this earth and I happy to be here -I cannot escape it nor do I want to, I will take the good with the bad. Nature is worth protecting, it is after all the very essences of our being.


  3. Very nice, Frank. For me, the time-lapse photography accentuates the reality of astronomy and that the Earth really is a globe. How odd, I’m thinking, that our species has been around for some 200,000 years and only in its last thousand or so, a mere half of 1%, has it realized that. The evidence was there all along. Human history is a mere blink of they eye compared to geological history and we now live in an explosion of change, and that change is a consequence of our own making.


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