On Toasting April

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April is here. For us in the northern hemisphere, it’s a time for showers and spring flowers. Leaves return to the barren trees and green grass emerges from its slumber. Migrating birds return to the summer home they share with year-round residence, and day and night air fills with familiar sounds that have been absent.

April is also a time for celebrations – a month to increase awareness about cancer control, Cesareans, irritable bowels, alcohol, autism, math, habitats, multiple births, heartworm, Parkinson’s, stress, pet first aid, testicular cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, DNA, genomics, & stem cells.

April is a time for month-long promotions about greyhound adoption, amateur radio, car care, welding, community spirit, home improvement, card & letter writing, facial protection, landscape architecture, safe digging, and rebuilding.

April is a month to appreciate couples, frogs, military children, decorating, holy humor, guitars, jazz, humor, kites, poetry, straw hats, and smiles.

April is a time to celebrate Food Month while cherishing culinary delights as soft pretzels, cranberries & gooseberries, grilled cheese sandwiches, BLTs, tomatillos, Asian Pears, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, pecans, and soy foods.

April celebrates Knuckles Down and provides 30 opportunities to issue a Twit Award.

April always starts with All Fools Day. I love this classic video that aired in the UK on April 1, 1957. (Start at 30 seconds) Enjoy – and good luck with finding a fool today.

65 thoughts on “On Toasting April

  1. Ah, the old spaghetti crop video, Frank! April Fool’s Day is also my sister’s birthday. I had a great time with that when I was a kid. Now I just hope the card I sent her on Saturday reaches her in time.


  2. Happy April Frank, thanks for the heads up here with all of these, there were a couple of things there I had TOTALLY forgotten about. April sure is a busy month, I’d better get on with it to make sure I mark all of those in some way…


  3. Oh Frank, that clip is brilliant. I just happened to be watching BBC where the producer of the program was talking about making the story and I opened your post to find it…thank you.


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  5. I’m a fool every day ….. our most memorable TV April fool joke was in the 60’s and we were told that a tight would give us color TV. just hold it in front of the screen – brilliant, there was thousands of tights wasted that day over here. Mom and me .. wasted a pair too. *smile Happy April, Frank

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    • Colline,
      Cincinnati had great weather on its biggest day of the year (yesterday) as it was warm and sunny with blue skies. Oops … but yesterday was still March. Today is supposed to be warmer, but the rains are behind it.


  6. Happy April, Frank!

    Sorry to have been away all weekend. I don’t know how many posts I may have missed, but it’s going to be a busy month for me–traveling to the beach, teaching a week-long workshop, and having friends visit from the US. Fun, but YIKES!

    As I commented on another blog, maybe all of this happening at once is appropriate, given that it’s April, after-all. When it rains,, it pours. Right?

    By the way, spaghetti harvest, my ass!!!!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      Ask around to down there to see if there is a version/variety of spaghetti trees that can grow in the Ecuadoran climate.

      Sounds like you have busy times ahead … so good luck and enjoy!


  7. Haha! Love the video… but now I’m craving spaghetti! Which isn’t all that unusual. 😀
    Happy Spring, and 1st Day of April, Frank! No shortage of fools ’round here. I take the #1 spot, at home.


  8. I was halfway through reading an online science article on a new theory about the Permian mass-extinction when I remembered what day it was. Now I don’t know what to think. I suggest that April 1 be officially designated as National Skeptics’ Day. 😀


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