On Satire Bits: Vol. 88

Woo hoo! After a hiatus, the mid-week dose of satire (along with the combo challenge) is back for you to enjoy.

How was your going so far? On Monday I took a day for myself to go downtown for all the Opening Day hoopla. (I’ll report on that later). In return that means the rest of the week will be full of run around and more reorganizing.

Yesterday’s post about April celebrations included a BBC video about the spaghetti harvest. Coincidentally, the BBC also did this report about their 1957 … (or the post gave them the idea for the report.) A special thanks to Debra (at Bagni di Lucca & Beyond) for featuring my post in hers, which gave me a nice spike in stats.

On to the satirical headlines. For those willing to step up to the challenge, scramble the words in the headlines to make your unique headline. Mine is found at the end. Have a good rest of the week.

Spaced-out flowerchild groovin’ on a doobie wave

New leather-bound notebook to unleash area woman’s creativity

All-knowing invisible hand of free market guides millions in profits to nation’s bead stores

Hypochondriac maple tree convinced it has Asian Longhorn Beetles

Nation’s moms dance nude around moonlit bonfire to conjure spirit of Emma Thompson

Woman takes short, half-hour break from being feminist to enjoy TV show

Interns treated to informative 30-minute Q&A session with totally miserable employees

Laid-off man finally achieves perfect work-life balance

Nation’s lunatics lament rising cost of car meat

More Hollywood celebrities reproducing by asexual budding

My Combo: Spaced-out, all-knowing, laid-off, nude, hypochondriac lunatic profits from Q&A session with Emma Thompson

49 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 88

  1. Area nude lunatics groovin’ to invisible bonfire.

    Today, we saw our son move ‘graduate’ from level 1 of his pilot training to level 2. His plane will be bigger and faster and go farther. Enjoying the Air Force way.


  2. Welcome back to normalcy, Frank.

    And thanks for letting me know that it is baseball season. I might have missed that at my house. In fact, that might have made me quite happy …


  3. LOVE your combo Frank. I won’t attempt, as I’m a failed humorist. Still, I’m glad to hear your life has returned to relative normalcy.

    We had an magnitude 8.2 earthquake hit northern Chile last night, and it triggered a tsunami warning along the entire coast of Ecuador until just a bit ago. Felt important to us since we are headed to the beach in a couple of days. But all is well. And things could have been much worse in Chile than they turned out to be.

    That’s not an April Fool’s joke, by the way.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  4. Opening Day. Seriously? How did I miss it? I see Boston is in third. Good thing it’s very early. Thanks for the heads up. I miss going to Fenway.


    • TBM,
      After the horrendous winter, the wonderful weather for Opening Day in Cincinnati was a fitting passage into spring. Last night was our Opening Night celebration, which started with a 2+ hour rain delay.


  5. New leather-bound notebook to unleash area woman’s creativity – this got me going, but I thought it was all leather-bound notebooks .. I should read a bit more careful.
    My combo: More Hollywood celebrities reproducing by asexual budding with laid-off man that finally achieves perfect work-life balance. – hope I got it right .. *smile


  6. As you have seen – my weeks have been busy. But – I’m here tonight catching my breath & trying to make my WP rounds.
    LMAO on the headlines! 😆


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