On a Mallow Monday

It’s the start of a new week, so how was your weekend? Come on now, tell us about it.

NutsAppetizersOurs included dance time, a shopping trip, more reorganizing, walking in the new neighborhood, and our dinner group met. Nuts was the theme and the evening include our host dressing as Mr. Peanut plus wonderful food, wine, and company. Appetizers was our course, so we provided Rosemary Roasted Cashews, Stuffed Mushrooms with Pecans, and Goat Cheese, Grape, & Pistachio Truffles.

Not sure how many posts I will have this week, so time will tell. Then again, it’s also important to continue reconnecting with readers on their blogs.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Money Smart Week, Bat Appreciation Week, Explore Your Career Options Week, Animal Control Appreciation Week, Volunteer Week, Window Safety Week , Read a Road Map Week, Bake Week
  • (Mon) Beaver Day, Snailpapers Day, Metric System Day, Beer Day, No Housework Day, Coffee Cake Day, Sweet Potato Day, Day of Remembrance of Victims of Genocide
  • (Tues) Draw a Bird Day, Roma Day, Trading Cards for Grown-ups Day
  • (Wed) Cherish an Antique Day, Former POWs Recognition Day, Winston Churchill Day, Jenkins Ear Day, Name Yourself Day, Chinese Almond Cookie Day
  • (Thurs) Farm Animals Day, Sibling Day, Safety Pin Day, Cinnamon Crescent Day

Last week I opened April with a video from the BBC about the spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland. In a similar situation, did you see the report about the devastated marshmallow crop in North Carolina? For your Monday Morning Entertainment, see for yourself. Have a good week!


69 thoughts on “On a Mallow Monday

  1. It had the potential to be a great weekend, Frank, but I got smacked hard with a monster cold on Saturday. I think this is one that is going to linger for a while. Therefore, I don’t have the energy to celebrate Snailpapers Day at The Grind tomorrow. I look forward to celebrating the departure of sneezing, coughing and aching.


    • Lame,
      Bummer about the cold … especially the monster kind because I know that when they hit you, they like to do it in grand style. Hang in there … and sweat it out on the bike.


  2. I feel for the poor marshmallow farmers. If I was in there position, I would start importing jars of Fluff as a backup income source. They can probably get guvment subsidies for them.


  3. My weekend stared out horrible -the coffer maker broke. Turned out as a blessing as I had to pull out 60 year plus campfire coffee percolator. Not sure why, but it makes great coffee on a camp fire or the gas stove. The prep time is longer, so Monday will begin with a newly purchased coffee maker.

    Goat Cheese, Grape, & Pistachio Truffles sounds good. With the popularity of Greek feta, Greek yogurt and goat cheese growing, goat farms are popping up in my area. Which is good for those who wish to make a living at farming on a small. Perhaps the family farm may have a renaissance, not sure about marshmallow farming.

    By the way, a really good feta, with a little olive oil on fresh figs is heavenly.


  4. North Carolina marshmallow farmers are just one small branch of that state’s political orchard when it comes to failed and in trouble. And, since I continue to pack for moving house, choose to take on Bat Appreciation Week and assume we (bats and I) will be crazier than….by the end of the week.


    • Jots,
      I feel for you being in the packing phrase .. a time-demanding, never-ending chore that seems to never end …. and all in the light of facing an imposing deadline. Good luck and hang in there!


  5. It was funny, but not quite as good as the spaghetti harvest, maybe because I saw that first.
    I spent my weekend end at a flower market in Lucca and Sunday walking through a couple of Bagni di Lucca’s villages…see them soon on Bella Bagni di Lucca.


  6. Wait. Beer day? Today?! Oh well if I must, I must. It’s important to mark these ancient traditions.

    My weekend was mainly ferrying the kids around, housework, grocery shopping and a bit of my course studying. That all sounds rather dull, but actually it was quite pleasant strangely, it wasn’t manic, it felt quite relaxed, and sometimes I find it quite grounding just getting on with every day things. Plus I knew the kids were off doing some fun things so I had pleasure from that too.

    I hadn’t seen that marshmallow video, that’s great, really well done, I can imagine some people falling for that!


  7. The marshmallows are funnier than the spaghetti tree.

    I spent Saturday dealing with a migraine, and feeling somewhat better Sunday I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. I even hung my first load of laundry, that was very satisfying.


  8. So sorry to hear about the failure of the marshmallow crops in your country Frank – I hope the weather didn’t have too adverse an effect on the M&M vines – now that would be a disaster!

    My weekend was spent recovering from my holiday and catching up on missed blog posts. This week I am doing my annual autumn clean and room renovation in preparation for winter.


    • Pauline,
      Fortunately the M&M vines are just starting out, so I may have a report to share next week. Cheers to you autumn task in preparing for winter. Hopefully your winter won’t be like my past one.


    • Shimon,
      Good observation. In that regards, marshmallow’s and spaghetti are something in common … that is, naturally-grown ones are much better than mass produced, synthetic versions.


  9. I had a very good weekend. My coffee maker and lawnmower both worked, I (started) to clean out my garage, I finished my taxes, and I found the first of the three wines which my wife and I tried at the Italian cooking class she talked me into going to last week. And I found the secret of the golf swing.


    • Tim,
      Oh my … you had the lawn mower out? But I can’t believe you didn’t have wine while doing your taxes! You are a continuing treasure trove of new secrets of a golf swing.


      • Keep in mind that the Wright Bros. solved the problems of manned flight by concentrating on control. If they, like others, had stuck to “see the clouds, fly to the clouds,” we’d all be traveling long distances by trains and cruise ships!


  10. I know I would have so enjoyed your nutty evening, Frank. Sounds delicious. Very busy weekend, and an even busier week ahead, now that we’ve sold our house. So many arrangements to make and stuff to sort through, but you know all about such things. 🙂


  11. i finally had my big Brother interview this weekend. Came into work today to find out there’s a sea-change underway.
    So now I have to figure out if one will conflict with the other.


  12. lol! I have to wonder how long it took to put all those marshmallows on the trees. Thank you for the chuckle on this rainy Monday.
    My weekend was good. Busy, busy, busy, but we had wonderful weather. 🙂


  13. THis is amazing post, and I am sure it is amazing video too but but I can’t watch youtube in here, you know our court opened but our PM banned again!!!! we are democratic country… I am sorry I can’t watch. Thank you dear Frank, love, nia


  14. Marshmallow farming, yes that is my next job. I am telling you Frank you never cease to amaze and amuse.

    I have been exploring my career options for three months now, done with it.

    Love how your weekend sounded!


  15. Your dinner sounds like so much fun! Nuts! What a great theme, complete with Mr Peanut! This is the busiest time of year in my work, with commencement looming, and I’m finding it difficult to keep all those plates spinning. And the weekends aren’t much better right now. I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I have some catching up to do! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Mr. Peanut’s appearance was a surprise, and the ladies take advantage of the photo opp. Good luck with your hectic time of the year … and stay tuned because Life: The Musical is preparing to return.


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