Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 215

On Politics
I find it interesting how former Florida Governor. Jeb Bush’s name has been receiving much attention of late as the frontrunner-for-the-moment regarding the Republican presidential candidacy in 2016.

Recent comparisons of President Obama to President Johnson (LBJ) confuses me.

This Pew Research Center poll provides interesting data about feelings regarding the Affordable Care Act. Although many citizens may have concerns about the law, while one party focuses on its repeal, the other party defends it – thus there doesn’t seem to be much interest in Congress to improve it.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Forbes release 2014 list of most-punchable CEOs
Spider invasion leads to Mazda recall
Alcohol unfairly blamed for local man’s impaired judgment
FedEx confirms more than 600,000 people try to mail themselves each year
Landmark Supreme Court decision lets American cram cash directly into politicians’ mouths

This is not from The Onion, but because Friday is Barbershop Quartet Day, here’s a mid-post dash of humor that’s not for the easier offended. As a time saver, start at 50 seconds.

Interesting Reads
Sweden, Finland, Russia, and NATO
Geopolitics of Energy
Brain waves and tango dancers (Thanks Elyse)
Extinct musical instruments
An LA native spent 4 days in Cincinnati and posted about it
The USS Thresher
Trent’s post about bloggers losing followers

On Potpourri
This week we get an old office chair out with the garbage. Once I heard the garbage truck outside, I looked out the window to see if they took the chair. To my surprise, it was in the street, but in front of my neighbor – so I watched … and then discovered that one of the two workers would sit in the chair and hold on to the truck as the other drove to the next building.

This post by Khamillion is very moving. It’s a short read with awesome images, so I encourage you to visit. Thanks to Cayman (@Drinks Well with Others) for directing me there.

For those who enjoy unique architecture, Cathy (@LargeSelf) shared this link featuring images of the expansion at the Denver Art Museum.

If I can get my act together, I’m hoping Life: The Musical returns next week.

Get ready! … The next post marks the return of Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons!

Here are your weekend celebrations

  • (Weekend) Youth Service Days
  • (Fri) Barbershop Quartet Day, Day of Silence, Education & Sharing Day, Louie Louie Day, Pet day, Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Day, Eight-track Tape Day
  • (Sat) Licorice Day, Big Wind Day, Walk on the Walk Side Day, Slow Art Day, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, Human Space Flight Day, Drop Everything and Read Day, Look Up in the Sky Day
  • (Sun) Scrabble Day, Baby Massage Day, Peach Cobbler Day

Given the celebrations, two classic songs equally qualify as worthy to send you into the weekend. Because both are worthy of high praise, I will put them in chronological order. Enjoy, have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Louie, Louie (The Kingsmen, 1963)

Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed, 1972)

53 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 215

  1. As it is Friday here already I got to enjoy the musical tunings of the Barbershop Quartet you included on the correct celebratory day and have a bit of a chuckle at the same time. I see Barbershop Quartets springing up all over the place with members fighting to be the tenor lead for this song………

    Just so you know, in this country – well for all the people I know any way – the name Jeb Bush elicits either a cynically raised eyebrow or wildly hysterical laughing and cries of ‘Oh no, not again….’ Just saying 🙂


    • Pauline,
      Glad you enjoyed the quartet. Quite the catchy song, isn’t it!

      I understand the raised eyebrows when mentioning Jeb Bush. Interestingly, his personality is more like his dad’s, not his brother. Some even say that Dad wanted Jeb to become president, not GW. Then again, Jeb would have problems within his own party, which doesn’t seem to embrace moderates …. even though they continue to nominate them.


  2. “there doesn’t seem to be much interest in Congress to improve it”…. Observations like this bring tears to my eyes and make me wonder when, if ever, common sense will be invited back into our political culture.


    • Twixt,
      I see at least several more election cycles before the trend reverses … thus the reason while I do not want to see the same party in the White House and in control of both Congressional chambers … in this climate, it would be classic overreach … and yes, it’s quite sad.


  3. …. I can’t watch any video of youtube 🙂 You know why. And also you know why I hate politics 🙂
    Thank you dear Frank, it is a dream for me now, to have a real democracy, freedom, human rights, international laws, peace,…. etc. Love, nia


    • Nia,
      I hope the tide changes in Turkey – but it may take time. To me, Turkey’s incorporation of the West has separated them from other countries in the region … thus it seems some no longer want the country to move in that direction. Sad … very sad.


  4. It seems I have learnt something new again among your amazing postings here Frank.. I was interested in seeing which instruments were now extinct through lack of knowledge of playing them..
    Imagine my surprise to see on the List the Yorkshire Bagpipe was among them 🙂 Now I was born in Yorkshire England.. and I can agree with their findings.. I have never seen a Yorkshire Bagpipe,, Only the Scottish Bagpipes.. which may have been played now and again by a Yorkshire Man.. 🙂

    Have a Brilliant weekend Frank.. great to visit today 🙂
    Sue xox


  5. I immediately sent your read on Extinct Musical instruments to my mother-in-law in Northern Ohio who got her Masters in Ethnomusicology from Oberlin College.

    Whew! Thanks for making sure I didn’t miss celebrating “Louie Louie (the all-time basketball pep band favorite) Day” today.

    Related to “Although many citizens may have concerns about the law, while one party focuses on its repeal, the other party defends it . . ” The GOP some time ago dropped their call to repeal the ACA. They’ve since replaced it with “Let’s get back to the good old days when the notion hadn’t gotten stirred up that decent healthcare for every U.S. citizen might be a RIGHT implied in the U.S. Constitution.”


  6. LMAO on that 1st video. I saw the title & though – what? Forgot the title played it & then WHOA!

    Louie, Louie – all you need is a great beat & a descent voice – who cares if we can’t understand all of the words? 😉


    • RoSY,
      It seems the first video caught you by surprise, but it caused a smile. 🙂 … the key question is this: Is the song stuck in your head?

      Louie Louie is a classic song … and oh yes … there is the question around the lyrics. Did you know the FBI invested the lyrics!


  7. Especially after seeing the movie “Noah,” I still think the GOP benefits from the combination of your intellect, sense of fairness, and voice of moderation.


  8. Alcohol unfairly blamed on 2014 list of most-punchable CEOs

    Loved the video! Though I am thinking it might have been a bit of envy going on there 😉

    The Lou Reed, my favorite! Always loved Lou and this one, spectacular. Saved it to my personal favorites in YouTube.

    I am going for full force weekend specials those all sound wonderful and with a new grandbaby, well I am thinking massage therapy could use practice.

    I had to save the reads since I am still catching up, saved them to a note pad and plan on reading this weekend on my IPad while I am visiting with my kids. Happy days.


    • Val,
      That combo works especially since the most-punchable CEOs can use it for an excuse.

      Gotta love Lou Reed! I know you one of the readers who enjoy the OITS “Reads” list … and that is one of the things that keeps me going!


  9. The Penis song … brilliant!!!! Yes, this with Sweden and NATO .. what a carry on, but I think we should stay out that monkey business – don’t have a clue why we suddenly start think about joining NATO. But it’s election year over here. Russia isn’t interested in us – we have nothing of interest more than maybe SAAB’s Space and some Atlantic cod.
    They have always been teasing us .. with their airplanes and submarines – name of the game.

    Been watching DWTS – wow, this year there is same serious dancing. Amazing, Amy .. with no legs. Top Class.
    Wish you and the wife a “danceable” weekend and spring sunshine.


    • Viveka,
      About the barbershop song … is the catchy tune stuck in your head? 🙂

      Interesting seeing your perspective about the Sweden, Russia, NATO thing. Thanks!

      DWTS Amy is impressive. Simply amazing … the two ice skaters are fantastic!


  10. That was an interesting selection of videos for this post, Frank. You really did take a “walk on the wild side” with your choices. I also read Trent’s post. He made many spot on points. Looking forward to the return of your Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons posts, but how many classic cartoons are left? Another mystery will soon be revealed here at AFA.


  11. Hi Frank – had to run by and catch up. It must be spring…”Louie, Louie” playing!
    Really enjoyed Trent’s place and Cathy’s LArge Selfie. Thanks for the links and heads up.
    Jeb Bush? Please we aren’t supposed to have dynasties ruling…either party…New faces! New faces! New energy. Please? We can only hope.
    We fought traffic all over town this week with the President’s visit. There should be a rule that if they come as a couple, they have to stay together…no. they went different places for lunch and stuff so streets closed in 2 areas not just one. Really inconsiderate to those who must work.
    And what is the LBJ-Obama comparison? Just so media has something to talk about? Odd. Just odd…
    One is a city boy, one a country boy….Different styles. Different apparel. Different games. Both Presidents. Both trying to make things better. I don’t know. An odd contrast and compare thing. But hope the first couple got to enjoy the weather and wild flowers
    HAve a great weekend!


  12. CEO’s wins.

    been hearing about ol’ jeb for 12 years. he seems competent, more than just competent, but i worry that he’s faking it, going in as a moderate, and then the RNC will jump out of him like a trojan bush.


  13. This weekend I had the opportunity to be with my nephew’s newborn baby. I participated in baby massage day and didn’t even know about it at the time! I’m glad to see I didn’t miss out entirely on all the happy weekend offerings. 🙂 Hope you have a great week, Frank.


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