On a Growing Idea for Monday

How was your weekend? Hopefully you had a chance to enjoy yourself. Did you have good weather? Come on … tell us about your weekend!

We had warm, dry weather, so our weekend was full of activities and interactions – such as out to dinner with a group of new neighbors, ballroom time, hosted our first family gathering, the handbell choir played at two services (I couldn’t find a recording or video), my first trip to the golf driving range, and watching the Masters golf tournament.

Life: The Musical returns this week with a curtain time of 9:30 PM (Eastern US) Wednesday. The theme for Act 2 is “Born” – so get your song title that includes any of these words: born, birth, baby, or babies.

Your celebrations for the week

  • (Week) Wildlife Film Week, Crime Victim Rights Week, Environmental Education Week, Robotics Week, Library Week, Undergraduate Research Week
  • (Mon) Dictionary Day, Moment of Laughter Day, Pecan Day, Pan American Day, Ex-Spouse Day, Dolphin Day
  • (Tues) Take a Wild Guess Day, That Sucks Day, Bicycle Day, Art Day, Library Day, Rubber Eraser Day, Stress Awareness Day, One Day Without Shoes Day, Glazed Spiral Ham Day
  • (Wed) Bookmobile Day, Save the Elephant Day, Eggs Benedict Day, Day of the Mushroom
  • (Thurs) Bat Appreciation Day, Blah! Blah! Blah! Day, Ellis Island Family History Day, Haiku Poetry Day, Nothing Like a Dame Day, High Five Day, Ford Mustang Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day, Poem in Your Pocket Day, Cheeseball Day

We went from harvesting spaghetti from trees to marshmallow farm, so the journey continues with the wonders of M&M farming. Enjoy and have a good week!

81 thoughts on “On a Growing Idea for Monday

  1. I was just about to power down my laptop when I thought, “Hmm, Frank’s Sunday evening post should be popping up soon.” No sooner had I thought it than I saw a new post pop up in my reader. Sure enough, it was yours. So yay! I get to be the first commenter. πŸ™‚

    Gorgeous Ohio weekend, wasn’t it? We went to a movie today (Captain America), and then I took a wonderful walk this evening. Sadly, it’s supposed to be in the 30s on Tuesday, which is oddly appropriate given that’s also That Sucks Day!


  2. HI Frank. Happy weekend. Ours was quite pleasant — lots of walks by the river and the bluebells are in bloom!

    But tomorrow is Monday. Since I still hate my new office, I figure I’ll celebrate “That Sucks Day” all week. OK, I’ll get over it by Friday, I promise.


  3. Saturday, the warming trend continued. The yard is no longer covered in snow, unfortunately that meant yard work -raking and trimming branches around the shotgun shack I live in.

    Temperature hit a whopping twenty three degrees Celsius today., Sunday. I had breakfast at a place called Angels, the walls are covered in photos of dead stars and musicians. The place was lined out the door the warm weather had everyone out of their igloos. Fortunately we were the only one’s in need of a table for two, so the Princess and I we’re seated without the wait. Got the usual #TWO; 2 eggs over easy, hash browns, brown toast and the worlds best Montreal Smoked meat on the side (if your going to require a rib spreader at some point in life, you might as well go down with Montreal Smoked meat hanging from the lips).

    Wonders out load, when your going to run the documentary of the trials and tribulations of frozen vegetable farmers in the arctic?

    Entertaining as always Frank, thank you.


    • Hudson,
      Warm weather was abound this weekend, so cheers to that. Weather report has us with the possibility of overnight snow showers, and tomorrow’s high is about half of yesterday’s high. Welcome to April!

      I’m convinced … if I’m ever in your area, I’ll join you at Angels. I found one in St. Catherine and one in Waterloo. Meanwhile, glad I able to keep you informed about the world around us.


  4. We went out for brunch this afternoon, then spent several hours in the park, me with my guitar, my wife with her hula hoop.
    At last, we were able to enjoy a nice weekend!


  5. growing m&m’s…how funny! πŸ˜› unfortunately i can’t resist parting with any to plant so guess i’ll continuously go to the candy store. ha-aha! well, warm, dry weather is good and so is rainy weather…except now the grass and weeds feel they must get some attention so up they come. have a wonderful week, Frank. πŸ™‚


  6. The weather was very nice over here, Frank, but I’m still under it, so I’m still in recovery mode. Milton and I saw a lousy play at Lincoln Center on Saturday night. Today, I cleaned my bathroom. I will make sure to inform my colleague, Godsend, when she returns from her vacation on Tuesday that it’s That Sucks Day.


  7. Saturday was my youngest sons 34 birthday party (Friday actual birthday) so it was an evening of darts, board games and chatter. Along with a vegan diet.

    House work kept me busy, along with trying to finish up taxes (yes I procrastinated).

    Weather? This is Texas, hail, rain and warnings of tornadoes today. Yesterday was simply the foreshadow of today.

    Good to know yours was better!


    • Val,
      Happy Birthday to your youngest! Meanwhile, spring weather can be a real see saw, so I imagine your weather is the reason for our big change overnight into tomorrow. Then again, it’s still better than this past winter.


      • Anything, well nearly anything, would be better than the past winter. Our overnight storms were a mess and honestly we need the rain so I am not going to complain about it. Our lakes are so low right now, some look like you could walk across them. If I get a good day I am going out with my camera. It is the hail and tornado touch downs that are bad.


        • Val,
          Absolutely agree. Whenever someone complains about the weather, I’m quick to remind them of this past winter … which is (of course) what they don’t want to hear.


  8. Lovely sunny day in Portland. Flip-flops and short-sleeve T’s. The Ira Keller Fountain was turned on today. Not only were the shallow pools filled to the brim with cascading water…but neighbourhood children and adults, as well. Nice to see!

    I’ve grown M&Ms in several of my raised bed gardens plots. Your video aFA is quite good and spot on re: the growing instructions. I was, however, a bit frustrated because the Dark Chocolate Peanut variety wasn’t even mentioned especially since they require a more scientific approach to seasonal planting and of course harvesting. I shall follow through with my own research and continue lab experiments. Copious notes and samples a must.

    This time around I shall hold court on Monday and stake out Moment of Laughter Day, and follow through with Art Day on the Tuesday. Enjoy your week!


  9. The weather was beautiful here on the weekend sadly though I was once again down with a migraine. When I was outside, I hung out laundry. There is nothing more satisfying then having the clothes dry outside. So Tuesday is That Suck’s day appropriate since we are suppose to have a return of that four letter word beginning with “s”. I can’t even say it anymore.


  10. Tuesday is also the Tax Day, and Take a Wild Guess Day, That Sucks Day, Rubber Eraser Day, Stress Awareness Day, One Day Without Shoes Day all seem more or less appropriate alternative names for it.


  11. πŸ™‚ Ha-ha-ha! Oh Frank, when I left my comment the other day I had no idea there was a video about growing m&m’s in your own garden! Too funny! I had a great weekend and am having a great week already – except our weather has become decidedly wintery already – it looks like it might be a long, cold season to match the one you just survived!


  12. I’m pretty partial to library week :). I love these clips Frank!! My kinda gardening. My grocery store has stocked some new flavors of graeters. Can’t wait to try one!


    • Audra,
      Expanding the flavors of Graeter’s available is a great thing … gotta love the chip flavors – so hope you get one. Meanwhile, glad I can be an informative gardener for those who want to know.


  13. Looking forward to 9:30 pm this Wed. to send my Life: The Musical pick.

    Thanks for the heads up that tomorrow is National Rubber Eraser Day, celebrating that on April 15, 1770 an English man named Joseph Priestley officially discovered the erasing properties of Indian rubber.

    I’m guessing you went to the driving range to begin practicing the shots you’ll need for our long talked about round at Stonelick Golf Course.

    Still waiting to hear what you would do to toughen up the Augusta National Golf Course.


  14. Hi Frank.. I just couldn’t resist to see how M&Ms were grown! :-)… My weekend was half and half.. Saturday a brilliant day with family.. Sunday back at work… πŸ™‚ but Monday today was made all the brighter with your gardening tips… πŸ™‚

    Have a great week.. and enjoyed your post… Take care… πŸ™‚


  15. M&M’s!!! I must go plant some in my garden right now. πŸ˜‰ My weekend was spent mostly outdoors, doing a lot of gardening work. I did get to the beach yesterday afternoon. That was wonderful. πŸ™‚

    I think I’ll celebrate “That Sucks Day” tomorrow since it’s highly likely we’ll miss the lunar eclipse overnight. Clouds and rain will be rolling in.


  16. Ok – I really need to go somewhere with ideal weather & soil so that I can plant all the sweet trees & plants that you’re introducing to us here. Any suggestions?


  17. M & M farming is an excellent endeavor! We talk about eating what comes from the earth, so they would just have to be healthy. Of course, I would only want organic M & M’s!

    Looking forward to our musical appointment this evening!


    • Debra,
      Organic M&Ms are definitely a cut above the manufactured ones … but more expensive and harder to find. You know – the supply & demand thing.

      You’ll be anxious to read my tidbit in the upcoming OITS about naturally-grown marshmallows.

      Anxious to resume Life: The Musical after a lengthy delay. As usual, I will start with one that most people wouldn’t use.


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