On a Few Murals

You may recall two past posts (this one and that one) about attending this year’s Opening Day festivities in the city. As I walked many miles, certain sights reminded me of Resa – a Canadian photographer who uses her blog to share the graffiti art and murals she finds in cities. (If you visit her blog, tell her I sent you.)

Granted, on this day I wasn’t prowling Cincinnati’s city center looking for outdoor murals, but because I thought of Resa each time I stumbled across a mural, I knew a post was in the making. Enjoy some of the murals I captured on this day. Which is your favorite?


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67 thoughts on “On a Few Murals

  1. Oh Frank! You’ve made my day. Your pics are fabulous, and the thought that I make anyone think about outdoor art and murals sends me to heaven! I can’t choose between the girl shapes and the rooster. πŸ™‚ OMG! This is fantastic! xoxoxo 😎


    • Resa,
      Glad you saw these because you sparked this post. I know downtown has others, but I didn’t see them on this day because the trip was for a different purpose. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Lame,
      Flying pigs are well noted in Cincinnati … it is the name of the upcoming marathon …. there are statues of them at an entrance to a riverfront park (which created quite a stir when they appeared).


  2. Though I’m not a fan of ‘Opening Day’, or really anything to do with baseball, I am a fan of murals. I think they help to define a city and brands it with a sense of uniqueness. Sort of in the same way as mom and pop restaurants and locally owned book stores and coffee shops. And, I really enjoyed checking out theses murals!


  3. Your city plays host to some amazing murals Frank. I am always intrigued by the painting process of such big works and in awe of the perspective and proportion/s that the artist must employ. I love to see nature depicted in the city and love the birds [though I don’t recognise the type] and the tree scene caught my eye. They are all quite stunning in their own ways though and it just comes down to which arty stream one leans towards the most I guess.


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