On a Merry, Merry Month

William Shakespeare (in Sonnet 18) wrote, Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May

May is named after the Greek goddess Maia – mother of Hermes, daughter of Atlas and Pleione the Oceania

May is the time for two astrological signs: Taurus the Bull (through May 20th) and Gemini the Twins (beginning May 21st)

May is the time for Lily of the Valley as the official birth flower … but other say the official flowers are daisies and sweet peas.

May is the month for the emerald birthstone – the one of love or success

May begins Beltane in the northern hemisphere, and Samhain in the southern hemisphere

May delivers many colors, but (according to somebody) dark forest green and pale sky blue are its official colors

May is a month of awareness for ALS, APS, arthritis, brain tumors, borderline personality disorder, celiac, cystic fibrosis, EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), fibromyalgia, global civility, home schooling, Huntington’s Disease, lupus, allergies & asthma, hepatitis, Lyme disease, neurofibromatosis, strokes, toxic encephalopathy & chemical injury, pet cancer, preeclampsia. skin cancer, mental health, Tach-Sachs & Canavan diseases, medical orphans, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, Tourettes Syndrome, skin cancer, Social Security

May is a month of culinary delights as hamburgers, barbecue, salad, salsa, strawberries, eggs, asparagus, beef, sweet Vidalia onions, chocolate custard, and vinegar

May is a month to chip your pet, garden for wildlife, revise your work schedule, get caught reading, heal children, prepare tomorrow’s parents, react, and strike out strokes

May embraces drums, EcoDiving, Latino books, tennis, bicycling, wetlands, clean air, Mediterranean diet, meditation, physical fitness & sports, photos

May promotes better hearing & speech, building safety, foster care, good car keeping, guide dogs, inventors, motorcycle safety, pets, youth safety, drinking water, spiritual literacy, healthy vision, family wellness, creative beginnings, and gifts from the garden

May commemorates Pacific Islander heritage, Haitian heritage, Jewish-American heritage, South Asian heritage, and the Freedom Shine

May wants us to smile more often

May birthdays include these famous people

Let’s conclude with Blue Rodeo singing 5 Days in May

55 thoughts on “On a Merry, Merry Month

  1. May may be merry in the northern hemisphere, but here in the south it is often not even mildly happy! It contains the increasingly cold, wet grey and windy days that wend slowly towards mid-winter……… We await the merry month of Movember 🙂

    [Not a spelling mistake, the N being changed out for an M in honour of mustache growing for charity – do you have this too?]


  2. As a child, I always looked forward to Mayday. We used to dress up in our new Spring clothes, and had a parade at school. I always had to have a new hat, which wasn’t so pleasant, but I suppose it was character-building. Love the William Byrd music and video. 🙂


      • I did. My first introduction to Blue Rodeo happened when I was a wee Howl at the Misty Moon in Halifax. NS and subsequently on CBC Radio Canada. They did good ‘shtufffs’ no question.

        I thought the song in the last post was rather powerful for a fairly fresh trio out of Winnipeg.


        • I attended school in Halifax. Actually for the last couple years the search has been on to buy some property in Nova Scotia with the plan to put the finish on life there. Mostly likely along La Baie Sainte-Marie, as there is rock with my name on it just waiting for me.


  3. My memory of May? Living in Germany as a child and the MayPole dances, Kinderfest in some of the small towns, the Black Forest and the spectacular regional wear with the women’s hats. Strange, that is what I always think of about May.

    Great facts about May Frank.


    • Maybe that’s where the May Pole dances here originated. Many German immigrants here. There were always May Day celebrations (May Fete) in the elementary schools here with May Poles. (The upper grades got to hold the ribbons and circle around while the littles watched. It was part of the rites of “graduation” for them. They dressed up in “church clothes” – many of the girls had their first (little) high heels or shoes without that strap across the foot.
      May Pole dances and May Fetes. That’s what I think of, too


  4. May is also the month in which my Sara was born, the month in which my brother was born, the month in which my father died. It’s also Mental Health Awareness month. Merry May, dear Frank!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  5. People used to put little baskets/bouquets of flowers people’s door step, ring the doorbell and then hide.
    Did they do May Pole dances where you are? They used to here at the elementary schools well into the 50’s.
    May May be full of mirth for all!


  6. I remember in elementary school we celebrated the May Crowning, it was quite the church event. Today I no longer go to church, would rather not be associated with the Roman Catholic Church but I still do believe in God.


  7. May and I have a love/hate relationship, Frank. When I was a kid, I could not wait for my birthday in May because I wanted to be older and now that I’m older, I’, overcome with my childhood wish … But I am having a very good birthday weekend with Milton, so this year’s month of May is starting out rather well.


  8. May – a truly lovely transitional month before the hotter days of summer. i love knowing May wants us to smile more! 🙂 tons of blessings to you, Frank!


  9. May is a wonderful month!
    We have lots of May bdays in the fam. In our household alone – there are 3.
    Talk about celebrating life! 🙂

    Happy May-


  10. My goodness! May has a whole host of “disease awareness” possibilities I think I know someone with each of the diseases–well, maybe not ALL, but close. It’s good to think of the people with the affliction, too. Maybe a little extra TLC to friends with illness. Thanks for the reminder!


  11. Frank, Loved this post.. May is my Merry Month as you know.. 🙂 and I guess you would not be surprised to know I have Lilies of the Valley in my front garden under the Rhodi’ bush .. my name too related to Lily.. I was unaware of all the mental disorders though being more prominent.. :-)…
    Enjoy your Merry Merry Month… I am. 😀


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