On a 2-fer Monday

For us in the northern hemisphere, spring has sprung. On the other hand, blogging has helped me realize there is another hemisphere that operates in the opposite direction. That is as a warm season is approaching one, it is leaving the other.

How was your weekend. Come on now — fess up! Ours included a dinner evening at good friends, an evening of ballroom, some shopping, and working around the new place.

This Week’s Celebrations

  • (Week) Cartoon Appreciation Week, Tourism Week, Drinking Water Week, Flexible Work Arrangement Week, Hug Holiday Week, Raisin Week, Post Card Week, Public Service Recognition Week, Astronomy Week, Red Me Week, Clear Air Week, Herb Week, Family Reading Week, Safe Kids Week, Jewish Heritage Week, Wildflower Week, Detect a Water Leak Week, Food Allergy Awareness Week, Nurses Week, Alcohol & Drug Related Birth Defects Awareness Week, Anxiety & Depression Week, Family Week, Dystonia Awareness Week, Be Kind to Animals Week, Children’s Mental Health Week
  • (Mon) Cinco de Mayo, Cartoonists Day, Totally Chipotle Day, Ferret Day, Chocolate Custard Day, Hoagie Day, Midwives Day, Melanoma Monday, Childhood Stroke Awareness Day, Library Legislation Day
  • (Tues) No Diet Day, Nurses Day, O. Henry Pun Day, Asthma Day, Crepes Suzette Day, Childhood Depression Awareness Day
  • (Wed) Great American Grump Out Day, Bike to School Day, Paste Up Day, Roast of Lamb Day, Occupational Safety & Health Day
  • (Thurs) No Socks Day, VE Day, Red Cross/Red Crescent Day, Have a Coke Day, Ovarian Cancer Day, Free Trade Day, Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, Coconut Cream Pie Day, Time of Remembrance & Reconciliation for Those Losing Lives during WW II, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

The decision for your Monday Morning Entertainment has me torn between Cinco de Mayo and Cartoon Appreciation Week. Given the dilemma, maybe it is best to provide two offerings for you.Β Β First, here’s one of my favorite Bugs Bunny scenes.


Secondly, a merengue is a great dance for Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy … and have a good week!

44 thoughts on “On a 2-fer Monday

  1. I didn’t do anything too fun this weekend, but I did get a lot of work done, so that’s good. I better not tell my husband it’s Totally Chipotle Day tomorrow. He’ll insist on it for dinner. It’s his fav.


  2. I had no idea there was such a thing as Cartoon Appreciation Week, Frank. It should start with a national holiday! Great Bugs Bunny clip. Milton and I saw a few Broadway plays (imagine that) including “Of Mice and Men” starring James Franco. New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley claimed that Franco played the role of George (Chris O’Dowd was Lennie) with a Yosemite Sam accent. That was such a cheap shot. Franco was very good in the part. Milton and I are loathing Brantley a little more every week.


  3. You can’t beat a Bugs Bunny cartoon – especially when he gets a ‘one-up’ on Sam!! I am amazed at how long that dog can dance for – she looks happy so I’m guessing it is as much fun for her [him?] as it is for us…….. My weekend started early, thanks for asking. Thursday night was Harness Racing, Friday, an evening with Kris Kristofferson, Saturday friends at home and Sunday I went to bed early absolutely exhausted! πŸ™‚


  4. When it comes to people I follow, my list is small, as is my list of followers. An intimate, rowdy kitchen part is more of my liking. A couple poets, a few writers, a splash of colour from a few painters, photographers, philosophers and or Irish. They live in several countries all over the globe. Need I say, your intro hit the spot dead on. We don’t do or at least shouldn’t, for the end product, we do to learn about ourselves and others, well at least for myself anyways.

    The beans on my weekend, the air was filled with ‘frick’n frack’n, frack’n frick’n’ when a plethora of plumbing disasters spilled into my weekend. On the upside I can know brag to being able to solder copper pipe to joint where the solder must flow upwards. Am glad to report nothing leaked.

    Thanks for Wild West Dance that was a memorable Bugs. Have a good week Frank, may the plumbing Gods smile on you, they seem to be on my butt for some reason.


  5. “Detect a water leak day” is just so funny to me. I hope it isn’t an omen that I’ll need to call a plumber! We had a very busy weekend, but then again, we’ve had a busy several weeks. I’ve had trouble being in three places at once, but hopefully this week will slow down just a bit. I’d like to be prepared for Coconut Cream Pie Day! πŸ™‚


    • Debra,
      The water leak thing seems a bit odd, then again, that’s why I like posting these! Here’s an idea for a future post … Breathing Lights with Coconut Cream Pie …


  6. Happy Cinco de Mayo, Frank! And OMG, it’s Hoagie Day too. I might have to wait until tomorrow for the hoagie, though, since tomorrow is No Diet Day. πŸ˜€

    I had a good weekend. Lots of hard labor outside on Friday and Saturday, and a lovely bike ride on Sunday.


  7. Every day is a “no socks” day for me, even in winter. πŸ™‚ Had a great walk along the beach yesterday (no socks), and been busy sorting out stuff ready for the move, even though it’s probably a couple of months away. I do like to be organized. That dancing dog is awesome. πŸ˜€


  8. Gosh I do not want to deal with any more water leaks! Good news: I have my bed back.

    Our weekend consisted of another drive to Quebec on Friday, arrive 9.5 hours later, move furniture from middle child’s apt to her brother’s new place. He will be living on the 4th floor of a brand new building with no elevator, hubby was exhausted. I take middle child grocery shopping & buy cheap beer for the eldest. Move the rest of middle child’s apt to trailer and back of van. Collapse with exhaustion. Saturday morning more errands. Finally start the drive home, with the addition of middle child’s dog and our dog that came along for the ride. Arrive home, empty trailer and van, trying to find somewhere in our house to put 4 yrs of stuff. (Middle child is living in her gf’s apt for 6 wks, when we return and bring her home.)

    If you are interested Frank, there are pictures of middle child’s dog & ours on instagram. http://instagram.com/catherine_alwaysaredhead#


  9. Happy Cinco de Mayo, Frank. That video of the dancing dog is amazing! We had a very busy weekend, but very productive. I got my spring vegetables planted, we went to our town’s Art walk which is the first Friday of every month, then to dinner at a friend’s on Saturday night. And Sunday was spent catching up with laundry, groceries, etc. I just want to know where do these weekends go? I blink and it’s Monday! Fortunately, I do enjoy my work!


  10. I cleaned house this weekend, even started the onerous job of carpet shampooing the upstairs in preparation for, “what am I going to do with this?”

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, which is a really big deal in Tejas!

    Loved the clips, love me some Bugs I must admit, this was a great one.


  11. YAY for flexible work arrangements (great bosses & awesome co-workers too)!
    Today is my flex week where I will be working from home tomorrow – Friday. πŸ™‚
    So nice to have a change of pace. I can open the windows on a nice day or work from the patio if it’s nice enough. And – I have Fenway to keep me company. πŸ™‚

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo Frank!


  12. Dear Frank,
    Thank you for all your suggestions and reminders.
    Week: I really need to focus on drinking a lot of water, or I’ll get sick and won’t be able to…
    Mon.Think about Childhood Stroke Awareness… I didn’t know that existed
    Tues. Think about Childhood Depression Awareness…. again how can that be?
    Wed. Protest Roast of Lamb Day… “Veggies unite”
    Thurs, Say a prayer during a Time of Remembrance & Reconciliation for Those Losing Lives during WW II
    Oh Frank! What a week. I really do need to drink a lot more water!
    Here’s a glass of H2O to you!


  13. That dog video really upset me – make a dog into a joke and put a shirt on the poor dog.
    Stupied people. *smile – Have a pleasant weekend .. and keep on dancing. *smile


  14. Oh my…. just loved the video of the dancing dog.. He obviously was having much Fun.. amazing how he retained the whole routine.. I think even I would be struggling… I used to get my left feet mixed up when I went to Zumba exercise classes LOL πŸ™‚

    My week has been Brill… Last evening a Family Meal out to celebrate my Birthday when all could get in a beautiful restaurant.. I tell you I am eeking out my May Day celebrations to the Max! Lol,,,

    Many thanks for that great share.. πŸ™‚ ..


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