On Satire Bits: Vol. 93

How has your week gone so far? I have various preparations to do in advance of upcoming projects around the new residence. With that in mind, we hope to reach an important milestone by week’s end that will lead us toward final completion of an area next week.

The streak of wonderful weather is great for golf. Too bad my game this week was not even close to the weather. Oh well … that’s golf … but hopefully I’ll be better next week.

Time for the mid-week collection of humor. As always, for those desiring an extra challenge, reshuffle any of the words below to develop a new headline. My “combo” is at the end. Have a good rest of the week.

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US currency finally archives universal suffrage

Increasing number of men pressured to accept realistic standards of female beauty

Woman tragically succumbs to natural hair color

Smooth operator also operates forklift

Married couple staying together for the sake of US divorce rate

Physician shoots off a few Adderall prescriptions to improve Yelp rating

New employee finally around long enough to be deemed incompetent

Couple keeps it interesting by bickering in different positions, rooms

Doctor recall average-looking sibling who inspired him to go into cosmetic surgery

Man trying to get out of executioner duty

My Combo: Executioner pressured to operate forklift